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    DVD Release: Cold War

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    Taco bell prank war help?

    Hi! I work at a Taco Bell and we have started a prank war. I need a good prank that wont interfere with our work but will be funny. we have already been putting stuff in each others drinks (lava sauce, salt, onions) but i need something good! I already have an idea to put something on one of...
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    Did the Japanese have their own atomic bomb program during World War 2, and were

    they prepared to utilize it? If so, how would they have deployed it? Could they also have had biological weapons?
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    Has America devised a recipe for Endless War while pretending humanitarian...

    ...concern for the Syrian people? I should give France and the UK some credit for their contributions I suppose.
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    can anyone identify this civil war boat?

    I'm trying to identify the white steam boat in the middle of the pic. This question is kind of a long shot but can anyone tell me the name of this particular boat or maybe link me to a another boat it may be based off of? Thanks :) http://scottmingus.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/img_0428.jpg
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    Should I trade The Last Of Us to get God of War: Saga?

    I really like god of war series but I never got the chance to beat any of 'em except chains of olympus…therefore I was thinking if I trade the last of us (I already beat the game btw) for god of war saga I get to play all gow games…that's the bright side…but on the other hand I really want to...
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    What was the anime about a war in the Middle East that came out before America...

    ...actually went to war with them? It was mentioned on some TV Tropes page about plots that were eerily similar to later events in the real world, most likely Harsher in Hindsight. However, I've been trying to find it there now and it just won't bloody show up. Does anybody have any clue what...
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    Sci Fi Fan, why do you say Amnesty=civil war?

    When it's clear that if a war broke out, you would be hiding in your basement @sci fi fan, you're pussy
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    what is the kids name in war of the buttons that goes on the round on the bike

    to see how mcuh money they got? from the stuff they were gatherig
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    World War Z Early Review Roundup: Critics Not All Horrified by Brad Pitt's Zombie Fil

    So, just how much of a freak show is World War Z? Brad Pitt*and Angelina Jolie have been busy hitting red carpets*all over Europe*on behalf of his latest film and they...
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    Chick with Interactive Map Tattoo Wins Tattoo War

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    Do you think it is likely that Microsoft will get involved in the handheld war?

    When I say war I mean Sony vs Nintendo
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    What is a more interesting topic? Korean war vs. Vietnam war?

    My partner and I are about to start a massive research project for history class. The topic has to be anything from 1945 to the present. We have already narrowed it down to two major events, the Vietnam war and the Korean war. However we do not know which one will be more interesting/easier to...
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    Can you help me find physical descriptions of Ares God of war?

    I have a test and i cant find anything...
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    Doesn't the existence of spies between two nations mean they're in a state of war?

    Everyday we hear of an American spy in Russia. How come the USA and Russia still? Why is such a thing taken very lightly? It's like the two countries mutually agree of having spies, unless they get caught.
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    Is YHWH a God of War like Mars and Ares?

    His followers claim he is a God of Love but is actions and behavior indicate that he is a War God. @Sola Scriptura- Which Lord? Lord YHWH? Lord Allah? Lord Zeus? Lord Apollo? Lord Odin? @potential discoveries- Of course I get upset, But do I let my anger guide me? No. I would never Murder anyone...
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    Are the Jews winning in their war against Christianity?

    The media, thanks to them is almost enterily anti-Christian. And the Ghetto culture financed by Jews has by and large been successful in corrupting the minds of our youth. Ghettoness and savagery is admired more than being polite and civilized. Helter Skelter is almost here. The Jews and their...
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    Bidding War for Sacramento Kings Continues

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    Why isnt lincoln called a war criminal?

    bush always called one
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    Watch Senators, Canadiens Game 3 line brawl a.k.a ?center ice war? (Fight Video)

    The nasty, tense series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators – from gruesome injuries to zoological taunts – finally exploded in the third period of Game 3, right after the host Senators took a 4-1 lead. Ladies and gents, we give you a Stanley Cup Playoffs line brawl...