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    Puffin web browser help?

    Can someone help me get flash for this app by using this referral? If you do, you and me will both get flash http://www.puffinbrowser.com/flash/extend/?code=hmgkfzcigmema
  2. D

    is web xvid software safe?

    http://webxvid.com/ the site is 2013 - chrome says its malicious saftware ????
  3. P

    Why do web pages still tell me to download Divx web player when I had

    downloaded/installed i t already? Do I have to restart my computer?
  4. M

    how can i create a torrent web?

    i have a vBulletin license. i wanna create a torrent web at that license. is it legal to create a torrent and upload it at any torrent website like extratorrent.com or www.torrentcrazy.com etc and after that this torrent is added to my web? it means anyone who will download torrent from my web...
  5. M

    t-mobile web and data?

    for the individual line, do the 500mb or 500mb+2gb plans come with 4g [assuming you buy a 4g phone]? or do you have to have the unlimited 4g plan?
  6. D

    my emachines video webcam is not working and saying me that video web...

    ...camera.EXE- entry point not found? video web camera.EXE- entry point not found
  7. R

    Google web history on android phone?

    Is it possible to somehow disable the history from showing up? Using the web through my phone (which is always connected to my e-mail) I have noticed that when I sign into computers to check my history through my account, it does not show up. Is there something wrong with my phone? Why won't my...
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    Odin Lloyd Pictures Surface on Web, No Facebook Yet

    [No message]
  9. M

    how to recover my deleted chat history in yahoo web messenger ?

    i want to recover my chat history in web messenger.is there any way to do it ?
  10. K

    Can you recover deleted web page history on a droid 4 by motorola?

    If so how.
  11. S

    Pls give me a web url to download Bluetooth hacker for my android samsun alaxy min?

  12. C

    Where can I download a torrent of Spider-Man Web of Shadows Highly Compressed for PC?

    I have a program called uTorrent and I wanted to download a torrent of Spider-Man Web of Shadows Highly Compressed but couldn't find any. Can someone please help me? I just want the website of the torrent to download it. Must be Highly Compressed.
  13. J

    LG cosmos touch web browser?

    I have verizon prepaid and i still use the free internet trick. I wanted a LG cosmos touch and was wondering how advanced the browser is. And if you have or had the phone does the trick work on it?
  14. P

    Bluetooth on tablet Archos Arnavo for surfing the web via phone?

    I have a tablet Archos Arnova 7h G3, It has wifi but no G support. If I want to connect where there's no wifi, can I somehow connect it to a mobile phone using bluetooth? I mean the phone connects to the internet by the mobile network, and the data is sent by bluetooth to and from the tablet?
  15. S

    Replacement for DivX web player?

    DivX web player is broken for me (no video and continuous error sound is the only audio), despite being fully up to date and reinstalled several times. I have tried VLC and Quicktime, but neither will play .mkv and .avi videos meant for playback by DivX (VLC will, but it crashes shortly after)...
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    Good web site to buy a country club tour visor?

    Not titleist or mizuno or anything but one with a golf course on it
  17. G

    Amazon Web Services launches Australian technical support centre

    Company says Bigcommerce, Fairfax, Snapper, Suncorp join more than 14,000 customers across Australia and New Zealand using AWS Cloud services.
  18. V

    Anyone know of a portable bluetooth camera that can upload video to the web

    automatically? I need a wearable camera that attaches to 3g, wifi, or maybe bluetooth via a phone and records video directly to the phone or directly to the web. Anyone know of anything of the like?
  19. J

    Are there any good homo comic books or Web comics?

    Any suggestions for good webcomics or comic books with a gay/lesbian theme? It's especially hard for me to find a good lesbian comic. Usually most I find are just pornographic.
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    Google names New Zealand’s most web savvy towns

    Google has named New Zealand’s top eTowns- the towns and cities whose small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are outpacing those from other areas in embracing the web to grow their business.