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    Post smoking weight gain correlates with nicotine dependence, serum lipid levels

    Smokers with more severe nicotine dependence are more likely to gain weight when they try to quit, according to research published in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Koji Hasegawa and colleagues from Kyoto Medical Center, Japan. Even with nicotine replacement therapy, individuals can gain...
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    My girl friend is 115Kg weight now..How to reduce her weight..Want to know

    through exercise and diet plan? Please share ur exp and advice....
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    which is cheapest good light weight gadget which supports in MS Excel 2003 in India?

    I am a starting a business with almost very less budget Hence the gadget should be very low priced. I want to display MS Excel sheet to people travelling from one place to another. Hence it should a light weight gadget Because For display purpose, it will be better if we have as bigger a screen...
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    Will I gain weight by doing this?

    I'm 15 , 5 ft 3 , 7 st 4 I have been crash dieting for the last month and a half but recently went down really bad to 400 calories a day but anyways I want to get out of this as I haven't been doing this for very long and haven't lost any muscle but have gained muscle will my metabolism take...
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    Andrew Dixon Reveals Incredible ‘Weight Loss’ While Exposing Manipulative Weight Loss

    As somebody who’s fallen for the fad diet and exercise routines time and time again, I have to admit that I’m one of those people that advertising was created for. If you show me an image of chips, I want chips; show me an image of wine, I want wine; show me an image of a toned body running ten...
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    Jason Sudeikis Says Weight Loss Is From Banging Olivia Wilde & BBQ-Sauceless Pizza

    Jason Sudeikis Says Weight Loss Is From Banging Olivia Wilde & BBQ-Sauceless Pizza Losing weight is no easy task, even for celebrities -- though I suppose a personal trainer, access to incredible gyms and a team of nutritionists might help. But those delightful perks of fame are apparently not...
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    In order to lose 1-2 pounds a week what should I do? I have a elliptical machine and I was going to workout 6 days a week, I plan to use it 60 minuets a day but instead of running straight 60 minuets, I plan on using it for 30 minuets then stop and lift weights for about 30 minuets , then get on...
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    How can I lose weight fast?

    I'm 13 years old and I'm overweight. Like a lot. I'm 220 pounds. I started getting overweight when I was about 10. I thought I'd grow out of it. I've gained 60 pounds in 3 years. I'm a female and I'm 5'9. I'm desperate to lose weight. Please no hateful responses. I'm going to my hometown next...
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    How can I fix the weight limit on a bmx bike or to improve weight capacity?

    I recently bought a 20" BMX bike. The tires get low when I get on it. Is there anything I can do so that it increase it's weight capacity ? I'm 13 weighing at about 180-190 pound's and standing at 5'9.
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    What are some middle weight sports bikes like the honda cbr500r or ninja 650...?

    I want to know about other sports bikes such as the ones mentioned in the title. I'm looking for something in the 400-700cc range. I'm looking for bikes that have the sports bike look to them so please don't mention any others (such as dirt bikes). A list of bikes and the companies that make...
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    Muscles and weight in sci-fi?

    For example if a character is super strong and durable but his body only weights 176 lbs which any human could lift or tilt him but if he clenches his muscles in his body pushing downward does the resistance to his body changes ? Could in that case a human lift him or tilt him if he is pushing...
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    Im female 5'2 310lbs 20 years old I want to join the gym how much weight could

    i lose int in two months? I was abused as a child and I let my weight get out of control. I also have PCOS which cause me to gain weight. I have tried to lose weight in the past but really haven't stuck to it. I have an event coming up at the end of August and was wondering how much weight could...
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    What is the best age to start serious weight lifting or bodybuilding?

    I'm a junior in highschool and most of my friends have been working out already at the gym, I havent really work out and I have to start until I'm 18 because I'm taking a medication right now. is 18 or 19 a good age to start? or is it a little old?
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    Is running, biking, or jumping on trampoline best for losing weight?

    I am trying to lose weight and thigh fat (dont judge) , i am planning on doing one of those for 1 hr each day, or i can do all three for twenty min if that is better, and please have 2 answers on which one i should do and should i do all three because in case i dont want to do all three.
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    Which dvd workout is easy and effective to loose weight?

    I got the diet cover but I'm looking for a workout that isn't too hard but effective. I'm plaining to get Turbo Jam but I'm not sure.
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    How can I lose my weight I weigh 289 PDA and I am a mother of 3?

    I don't wanna take pills
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    Does a good weight lifting workout make you a good basketball shooter?

    I never feel good shooting the basketball I am always fading, shooting to long or short I practice everyday I'm just not feeling the form. I'm only a good shooter when I'm hot what should I do? I put in the practice I do try to shoot how I like or or try copying another players form what am I...
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    How can I help a severely obese cat lose weight?

    My aging parents have been freely feeding their 10 year old cat to the point where she has become morbidly obese. She has begun urinating and defecating all over their house, and they are planning on taking her to a shelter, where she will almost certainly be euthanized. They are aging and...
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    Age-Related Vision Loss May Be Related To Low Birth Weight

    Medical researchers at the University of Alberta recently published their findings that rats with restricted growth in the womb, causing low birth weights when born, were most susceptible to developing age-related vision loss, compared to their normal weight counterparts. The research team...
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    Study: Watching Television Can Help You Lose Weight?

    Despite the sedentary lifestyle blamed on the post-modern pervasiveness of televisions, the old 'idiot box' could actually potentially sort of aid in weight loss in its own way. More » Study: Watching Television Can Help You Lose Weight? is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living...