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    Denzel Washington's Wife Turned Down His Marriage Proposal Twice--but Broadway Is Hap

    There are a lot of ladies out there who wouldn't dream of turning down Denzel Washington's advances.* But his wife did. Twice! The eventual two-time Oscar winner...
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    Should Anthony Weiner's Wife Have Forgiven Him? Our Experts Weigh In!

    Looks like Weiner strikes again. On Thursday's Live From E!, Ken Baker, Arlene Santana, and Kristin Dos Santos discussed the latest political controversy revolving around Anthony...
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    Ask EveryJoe Video: Help! I Got an STD After Cheating on My Wife

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    Why is everyone so jealous that Obama n wife is taking a vacation to ireland?

    Maybe those angry jealous people should have to clean up the mess of what a macaque monkey made, for 8 years, and be given no vacation or rest at all for 8 years. Lets see how well they would fair. What do u think is the reason they are so jealous that the airforce is giving the president's...
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    Jeanine Duncan, wife of legendary pitching coach Dave Duncan, dies after battle with

    When Dave Duncan elected to step away from his duties as St. Louis Cardinals pitching coach following their miraculous postseason run to the World Series championship in 2011, it wasn't to join his longtime colleague and friend Tony La Russa in retirement. As was always the cause for Duncan...
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    Valerie Cooke is Roy Hibbert’s Fiancee and Soon his Wife

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    When booking a honeymoon cruise, what last niame should my wife use?

    I know it needs to match her passport so not sure whne to change her name.
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    Wife douses husband with beer in Wrigley Field bleachers after he tries to protect he

    It started with a chivalrous act gone wrong, was followed by a beer bath and ended with a high-five. A couple caught the attention of baseball fans at Wrigley Field on Sunday and the ones watching at home on TV. Why? His-and-her beer baths! It happened when Chicago Cubs pitcher Travis Wood...
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    I just cheated on my wife while hiking the Appalachian trail, should I move to

    South Carolina? The Christian Republicans there seem to forgive and forget. What do you think? Maybe I can run for office too! http://www.theonion.com/articles/sc-voters-forgive-sanford-for-appalachian-trail-af,32354/ SC Voters Forgive Sanford For ‘Appalachian Trail’ Affair
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    if wife refuse to have sex with husband can husband can go to prostitute to

    fiulfil his needs in muslim? iam a muslim man working in muscate staying with wife and one daughter 1 years old my have has no interest to have sex with me form months can i go to prostitute to fillful my needs plase advice
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    Ask EveryJoe: Help! My Wife Talks in a Pirate Voice When She Climaxes

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    Could Glen Rogers really kill OJ Simpsons wife?

    This documentary claims he did
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    Will my wife have trouble cleaning my car if I trade in the coupe for an SUV?

    I'm worried she won't be able to reach the roof of an SUV.
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    Facebook Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Priscilla Enjoy Low-Key Hawaiian Vacati

    Mark Zuckerberg*may be a billionaire, but he apparently doesn't have to spend loads of cash to enjoy himself.* The man behind Facebook showed that he still appreciates the...
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    My wife is upset about this harmless prank I do when we travel?

    My wife and I travel a lot, especially now that we're retired. When we're on the road and we stop at gas station or a diner I take an enormous dump on the restroom floor or in the sink. I than proceed and urinate on the toilet paper rolls and utterly soak it. I always smirk at the next guy who...
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    Ask EveryJoe: Help! I Cheated on My Wife and Got Burnt

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    The song roger sings in the episode when stan's gives wife face from his butt cheeks?

    a black woman at office hurts stan's wife
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    American Dad: What is the song Roger sings in episode where Stan gives his wife

    face from his butt cheeks? the alien sings a little bit of the song
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    Ask EveryJoe: Help! My Wife Switches Positions Too Much

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    I have an arguement with my wife. she says that any electrical gadget made for

    220 volts can be used in a? country, where 110 volts are in vogue, without a conversion adopter. My arguement is it cannot be done and it can be used only with an adopter/ conversion electrical mechanism. can any body, throw light on this and say, who is correct. Gouraswamy krishna...