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    How do I Unlock password protected PDF files in Windows 8

    When you got some PDF files, you may find these files can not be printed, copied or modified, or even be open. It mainly because these PDF files are encrypted by open password and owner password. Here I will show you how do I unlock these encrypted PDF files on Windows 8. Watch This Video...
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    [Windows] Makes iTunes Music Library Clean & Tidy on PC

    Unknown artist and albums, duplicate songs and missing artwork -- if these words describe your iTunes music library, have a try on Tunes Cleaner. Video Demo: Tunes Cleaner for PC > Clean up iTunes and external music folders smartly > Get album artwork for...
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    How to Flush DNS Cache in Windows Vista, 7, 8

    Frequently web connection problems can be traced to a corrupted DNS cache. Flushing this cache is an easy fix to many of these problems. This is how to flush the cache in Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Here is how to fix that corrupted DNS cache. 1. Click the Microsoft Vista Start logo in the...
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    Print Secured PDF - Remove Printing Restriction from PDF Files on Windows 8/7/Vista

    Want to print PDF files on your computer, but find some of them can not be print for the printing restriction? The easiest way to print restricted PDF files is to use PDF Password Remover. With it, you can print PDF files without any limitations. Watch Video:
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    Any better DVD and video player to replace Windows media player?

    As we all that every computer will have windows media player inside and does play many video formats.However,what i need is one kind that be able to play dvds movies also. Can you recommend a better player to replace Windows media player? Needs to be free, and as good as Media player. Media...
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    Unlock Secure PDF & Remove PDF Restrictions on Windows 8/7/Vista

    Watch Video Demo: Password Remover is an all-in-one solution to get rid of copy, print and edit restrictions from protected PDF files. Moreover, it enables you to remove the open password from encrypted PDF file as well. With it, you can unlock secure pdf...
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    Is there a Windows version of Gizmos and Gadgets?

    I know there's a DOS version, but using DOSbox is a hassle and I would prefer to have version that can run on Windows.
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    Will headphones that support bluetooth 2.1 work with a windows 8 computer that

    supports bluetooth 4.0? I am looking for wireless stereo headphones with bluetooth to connect to my computer/PS3. The headphones I am looking at support bluetooth 2.1, and my windows 8 computer supports 4.0. will this work? will this also work with my ps3? headphones...
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    WIndows 98/95 in Dosbox sound and hardware problem?

    I recently watched tutorials on how to install windows img file on dosbox. but there is problem. When i try opening some sound file it says me to install drivers from control panel, but when i try installing it, windows doesnt find the driver... is that because my img file is incomplete or...
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    How to View android 4 screen in windows 7 32 bit PC?

    Hi!, I have windows 7 32 bit laptop and an android 4 later version phone. i want to view my android screen as same as in mobile screen in my pc, that make windows 7 32 bit. So any one can help PlzZZ . Better if it is free Thanks
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    Windows activation problem?

    A few days ago a message came saying that I need to activate my windows ( My windows is pre installed). I downloaded Belarc Advisor and when I tried activating it an error code 0xC004F063 showed up. Please help!
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    [PDF Password Removal] Remove Open Password from Protected PDF files on Windows 8

    A PDF file with open password cannot be opened normally without authorizing. Every time you view the content of the PDF, you need to type the password. Are you getting tired of typing the password again and again? If so, here is an easy way to remove it. As long as you have known the open...
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    Programs on windows 8 starting up slow?

    I have a pc and its running on Windows 8. Everything was fast, until I scanned my pc with Windows Defender. Now ALL programs are starting up very slowly and when I go to a site on Google Chrome, pages are loading very slowly ! What do I need to do? Please help me.
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    [Remove PDF Password] Unlock password protected PDF Documents on Windows 8

    In daily life, it is very necessary to know how to unlock a PDF, because 90% of PDF files, especial these for business are password protected. To get the PDF content, edit or print PDF, users need to know how to unlock a PDF. Well, what you need is PDF Password Remover, a simple PDF Unlocker...
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    Why power dvd 13 ultra is not starting in windows 7 home basic?

    I installed power dvd 13 ultra.It installed fine but it didn't start.Give me a solution.It had worked fine the last time i had installed it.When i opened task manager the process starts and a millisecond letter it just ends itself.
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    Bittorrent recently installed freeze DHT waiting for log in in windows 8?

    i explain my problem: Bittorrent worked well when i had windows 7 installed. I formatted my hard drive and installed windows 8. i downloaded bitorrent . After installing it i open it BT freeze (don't respond )" DHT waiting to log in" is written. i tried many times always the same happens. What...
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    is iPhone OS compatible with Windows on my PC?

    Or would Android be better
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    Windows 8 installs on every user on the computer?

    When I install things, say Steam, on my computer it gets installed on my parents and my brothers users as well. This isn't a major problem, but it sure is annoying. Does anyone know a way to only install programs on a single user? P.S When I login on my steam account on my user, I also get...
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    can i install all gta, nfs and other good games in windows 7 or xp is better?

    can i install all gta, nfs and other good games in windows 7 or xp is better? i hv an laptop with gud enough configurations. just was wondering which would be a better os? please not 8! like i know for a lot of games u need higher RAM for vista and lesser for xp. is there something same with 7...
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    Is Mac better than windows? what does windows have that mac doesnt?

    I have dell pc with windows 7 & I want to buy a mac