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    Wireless Cameras is important too:)

    I guess, wireless camera is important also. It is very useful into your home because it can bring a sense of security in a number of situations. You may want to deter crime by monitoring your house or apartment remotely. You can also keep an eye on pets or children in your home while you are...
  2. R

    What's a good home WIRELESS theater system?

    I have a 50'' Samsung I had gotten last Christmas I was wondering what's a good brand of surround sound that's affordable wireless only
  3. G

    Does the iHome wireless Bluetooth Keyboard work with the Samsung Galaxy note 8.0?

    I have a Note 8.0 tablet and Whenever I type on it I can't use the symbols such as % or @. Is there a way to use those particular keys on that particular device as well as other Android devices? I have looked online and on YouTube and there are only Apple devices.
  4. Z

    My Telus Optik TV Wireless cable boxes are not working?

    We got Telus Optik TV about a month ago and it has been working great... Until tonight. I went to watch TV in my bedroom on one of the three wireless PVR receivers connected to my TV and when I turned it on I got a picture of my remote on screen with the word "Connect?" underneath it. I pressed...
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    Bluetooth Wireless Music Reciever for iHome ip90?

    today i got a bluetooth music reciever for my iHome ip90 (2010). i connected it to my iphone 4s and everything seems to be working, but there is no sound coming out of my ihome and i dont know what to do.
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    Why won't my wireless ps3 controller work when I pair my bluetooth with my ps3?

    I've tried several different bluetooth and it does the same. I can pair them just fine but as soon as I do, the controller stops working. Turn the bluetooth off and the controller works again! Please help!
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    Does the wireless bluetooth work for ps3 both ways?

    I am wondering if the wireless headset for the ps3 works both ways lik a mic to talk in and lik a headset for example lik headphones
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    Does the wireless bluetooth work for both?

    I am wondering if the wireless headset for the ps3 works both ways lik a mic to talk in and lik a headset for example lik headphones
  9. K

    My bose Wireless Bluetooth speaker?

    my wireless Bluetooth speaker is not working. everytime I click on the Bluetooth Speaker the light its always steady blinking slowly.. I tried holding the mute button for 10 seconds to reset it.. it didn't work.. I held the Bluetooth button to reset the list Of connected Devices So I turned it...
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    Is it possible to use a wireless modem with my blue ray player?

    I have a blue ray player that has an ethernet slot. Therefore I am wondering if it would be easier to run a cable to my router which is in another room or use a wireless modem to connect to my router in the other room. So I'm wondering if it is possible to connect a wireless modem to my Blu ray...
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    Im having trouble connecting my LG Tone wireless bluetooth headset to my...

    ...PC (windows vista 32bit)? Im having trouble connecting my LG Tone wireless bluetooth headset to my PC (windows vista 32bit) via a Rocketfish micro bluetooth adapter. I can get the adapter to find the headset and even tell it to connect but then after about 10seconds of it saying 'connecting'...
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    Does a wireless charging plate work with a nokia lumia 800?

    Do the charging plates only work with the newer models, e.g. 900, 920. Or will it work with my 800? Thankyou.
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    I need to buy wireless home theater. But i dont need Blue ray player

    because i already have SONY PS3 wich has? blue ray player. But sony sells wireless home theaters with blue ray players .Is there any solution for that?
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    What is the best xbox 360 wireless bluetooth surround sound gaming headset?

    I want this headset to be under $300 please and one huge thing is I don't want the voice chat to pick up everything (for example:I'm watching tv and talking with my friends I don't want them to hear it or when I'm playing I don't want them to hear my fan or as its called sonic silencers and I...
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    What bands will be at Warped Tour at cricket wireless?

    What's bands will for sure be at Van's Warped Tour at Cricket Wireles in Kansas on July 23, 3013?
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    My Sony DR-BTN200 Wireless headphones don't show up when searching for bluetooth.?

    I recently purchased a pair of DR-BTN200 wireless headphones and when I search for bluetooth while they are on they don't show up. I've tried this on my iPhone 5, Macbook and my friends Blackberry bold 9700.
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    What wireless (Bluetooth) earphones to purchase?

    I have an iPod with a messed up headphone jack and I am looking to get wireless (Bluetooth) earbuds for listening to music and such. What is a cheap brand that would suit my needs.
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    PS3 Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite?

    I have a couple questions about this headset but my main question is I heard that you can listen to your music wirelessly with this headset? With that headset, wireless music is possible? For truth? I can listen to my ipod touch without a cable coming from the ipod touch in my pocket all the...
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    LG Electronics NB3530A Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth?

    I need to know the exact length of the sound bar itself out of the box. I'm working on preparing my setup and need to know if I'm going to have enough room. Thx!
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    i want to add Bluetooth capability to my laptop? and increase wireless speed...

    ...(optional)? okay, so I bought this laptop about 4 months or so ago and I love it, but I wanted to pair my headset with it for playing SC2, but I realized that I did not have Bluetooth capability on this laptop, so I didn't get too mad, I just used a wired headset, but now for some reason I...