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    Famous Opera Houses around the world

    Let me share some names of famous and interesting Opera Houses around the world. I am a big fan to see historical and interesting places around the world. The names are; Sydney Opera House Teatro alla Scala Royal Opera House, London Palais Garnier Metropolitan Opera House Hungarian State Opera House
  2. Z

    Beautiful Valleys in the World

    Valleys are main visitor desirability for travell in the world. In the World there is lots of Valleys. I am a tourist and I have visited many interesting and attractive Valleys. Here I want to share some valley names. Semuc Champey: Guatemala Valley of the Moon: Chile La Gran Sabana: Venezuela...
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    This Is the World's Most Accurate Clock

    Need the time? How about to the closest hundred trillionth of a second? No problem! Because this, officially now the world's most accurate clock, can tell the time more accurately than any other device ever has. Read more...
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    What technologies we need in future world?

    Electronics & Communications, Information Technology, Tele Communications, Social
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    Beats & Eats: The World Wide Premier - Jul 30,2013

    CLNS Radio will be in unchartered air-waves come Monday evening at 9 pm, EST. Network personality, Ty Ray, will be joined by the co-founder of CLNS Radio, Nick Gelso, for the premier of Beats & Eats. As a first for CLNS, its newest program to the air-waves will not revolve around sports; instead...
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    Who thinks an apocalypse would be better than the current world?

    Not like the bible but something different. Zombie, ice age, etc..
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    Truth behind the world?
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    Travel the World with These Interactive 8-Bit City Maps

    Do you ever wish you lived in a video game? But not like a fancy Xbox game or anything like that. Do you ever wish you lived in Legend of Zelda except with all the comforts of home? If yes, then Brett Camper's 8-bit city maps are for you. Read more...
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    The connection in The world is my oyster?

    I know the meaning of this saying, but what is the connection between me and oysters? And what is it about oysters that make them so desirable you want your world to resemble them?
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    Mrs. Carter Show or Diamonds World Tour?

    Sorry to pit Beyonce and Rihanna against one another but they're performing here in New Zealand around the same time and I can only go to one. Which one should I go to? I'm torn.
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    One of the World's Best A.I. Computers Is as Smart as a Four Year Old

    Computers are good at a lot of things. Thinking like a grown-up human being is not one of them. Not yet, at least. Read more...
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    World's Smallest Political Quiz?

    Should goods & services be provided at the barrel of a gun?
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    Did the Japanese have their own atomic bomb program during World War 2, and were

    they prepared to utilize it? If so, how would they have deployed it? Could they also have had biological weapons?
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    If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

    What do you like about this country? What is your favourite foods from this country and why? Would you take family or friends to this country or just go by yourself? What would you do there most of the time? I know there are quite a few questions but I need to have different opinions for my...
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    Is SNSD's 2013 World Tour going to be released on DVD?

    Girls' Generation's World Tour was this year and I was wondering if they were going to make a DVD like they did with the First Asia Tour and the Japan Tour?
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    Can You Please Help Me With My World History Quiz ?

    Pleassse im just asking once ! i know i needed to study and i will ... NEXT TIME , but i need you guys help , Seriously What building became a symbol in France of King Louis XVI's lavish lifestyle and power? The Louvre Buckingham Palace The Eiffel Tower The Palace of Versailles 9.09...
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    It’s World UFO Day: Alien Space Junk Gallery

    Greetings Earthlings! World UFO day is upon us again. We celebrate today to commemorate the "alleged" UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico 1947. More » It’s World UFO Day: Alien Space Junk Gallery is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes...
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    Why is driving a KFC truck in Atlanta the most dangerous job in the world?

    I dont understand, someone told me this, I just pretended to laugh.
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    Good games from blackberry app world?

    Their is fall down which i personally find quite good what others?
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    What if the characters in Gossip Girl were put in a Game of Thrones world?

    king's landing would be the upper east side. winterfell would be brooklyn. cersei would be blair and daenerys or margaery would be serena. etc.