1. N

    I need an achievement guide for the game DARK on Xbox 360?

    I know it's a smaller title and that it's hard to find anything about it, but I need a guide for the last 3 achievements that I need. I've tried Goggling it and looking, but all I can find is lists of the achievements, not a guide of how to get them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. T

    Is there a way to trade FUT 13 Xbox players/coins with Ps3 ones?

    I have a very good Xbox fifa ultimate team squad, what can I do so I can move it to my Ps3 account? If it is not possible, are there people or websites who can buy my players and give me the coins back on my ps3 team? Thanks. If some scammers want to try to steal my account pretending they...
  3. C

    How Can I Play A Torrent That Is In .Avi Format On My Xbox From A Dvd?

    I Downloaded A Torrent In .Avi And I'm Trying To Play It On My Xbox 360 From A Usb. It Won't Play And I Cannot Figure Out How To Get It To Play. In The Read Me It Says: To play this video you need to install the webXvid codec.Run the webxvid-setup.exe file and follow the installation...
  4. L

    Can I create an iso file from an xbox game dvd?

    I have an xbox game that's xdg3 that I want to burn as my xbox only plays backups how can I create an iso file from the game to burn
  5. I

    how i burn xbox game into dvd?will it work in xbox?

    i want to play games in Xbox downloaded from i burn it into dvd?will this dvd run in xbox?
  6. C

    Why does my Xbox 360 slim say play DVD when I have a game in?

    It has done this before but usually I just take the disc out and put it back in or restart and it works. But now almost every time I try to play a game it says play DVD and it takes a while to get the game to read. I have to take it out and put it back in multiple times. I haven't tinkered with...
  7. A

    Connecting xbox 360 with Samsung LED through HDMI and Sound System.?

    Greetings, I would like to tell you first that I am going to buy Samsung 32eh4000 LED Screen and will be playing X-Box 360 through HDMI cable. Also, I am planning to buy home theatre sound system and am willing to connect it with the screen. The only thing which is confusing me is that how do I...
  8. T

    Why does it only have violence in the rating info for gta 4 on xbox marketplace?

    Is it an edited version or just wrong?
  9. M

    Should I buy Black Ops 2 off the Xbox LIVE marketplace?

    Is it a bad idea? I want to get Black Ops 2 since it's 33% off in the marketplace.
  10. G

    How long will black ops 2 be 33% in the xbox live marketplace?

    Just wondering because i dont wanna buy 2 1600 ms points cards and they put the price back up to $59.99
  11. G

    If i buy black ops 2 from the xbox live marketplace will i still need the disc?

    Ok i have this problem with my disc tray. Everytime i put any game or movie in , it says "open tray" -.- .. So i was just wondering if i purchase black ops 2 from the xbox live marketplace will a disc still be required or what??
  12. L

    Any of my devices like xbox, iTouch ect.. can't connect to my home D-Link DIR-601

    wireless? i need help for my D-Link wireless router, it wont let me connect or give me the option to connect to it on my devices...
  13. J

    What is the best xbox 360 wireless bluetooth surround sound gaming headset?

    I want this headset to be under $300 please and one huge thing is I don't want the voice chat to pick up everything (for example:I'm watching tv and talking with my friends I don't want them to hear it or when I'm playing I don't want them to hear my fan or as its called sonic silencers and I...
  14. J

    How do I get a game I downloaded from the Xbox 360 marketplace onto my USB so I...

    ...can play it on my friends XBOX? I have a USB with my profile on it but I don't know how to get my game on the USB
  15. J

    Battlefield 3 Limited edition xbox 360 Does it contain previous patches?

    I'm planning on buying Battlefield 3 Limited edition the one with all the dlc and stuff. And i wanted to know if i buy the game will it have all the previous patches from before the limited edition came out on the disc already. I love battlefield 3 and i regretting selling but i had to because...
  16. F

    I bought the pet ghast in Minecraft Xbox Edition (in the XBox Marketplace)

    now how do I get it in the game? I paid the points in the Marketplace. Is there something I need to do to tame one or how do I find it?
  17. M

    How much would money would you get for a 4gb Xbox 360 slim to trade in?

    With 2 remotes, halo 4, halo 3, halo 3 odst, skyrim, mw3, batman arkhan city, lego lord of the rings and a headset to trade in at ebgames Australia
  18. A

    Can you split screen on borderlands 2 Xbox?

    Can I create multiple Characters on one Xbox account then split screen them? Like if I log onto my account then create two characters, can my brother log on as a Guest to my account then play with one of the characters I created on the same TV screen as I?
  19. Y

    Xbox Live Marketplace?

    Can i view the xbox live marketplace without having a live account? (I just want too see how much certain games are)
  20. O and offer of Free Xbox Live Points?

    Is there any way you could verify the offer from to give microsoft live points in return for signing up with (much akin to the $10 in eBay bucks for signing up with netflix)? I asked Xbox/Microsoft and all they could say is that it wasn't verified, and, unlike...