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    AND IM BACK YA'LL!!! - Sep 20,2012

    Alright guys and gals I know I have been off the air for a minute. Had a lot going on,but KRISTINA G and Myself are ready to spit some game at ya on 9/20. We are gonna find out what she has been up to in MIAMI. Wha whattttttttttttt. Are you ready for it? Do you wan it? Do you need it?? Your...
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    What do y'all think of females and sport bikes?

    I am thinking about getting a motorcycle as a second mode of transportation since my car costs a fortune in gas, and because I am about to be a freshmen at Vanderbilt and don't like the idea of parking my Camaro in a cramped campus all the time. I would really like to get a sport bike...
  3. Z

    my b$Tche$ vent. yall read this?

    99 problems and the bitches are one. I dnt get it. Girls say I'm gorgeous and I'm a legit dude(ie nice) minus this vent. But I've been ducked over so many times my attitude towards girls has become, 99 problems and a b$Tch ain't one. Ya dig? I'm officially supporting Anti-Women with baby...
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    Tina Turner Dead? Nope! Just a Twitter Death Hoax Y'All

    What's Twitter got to do with it? Tina Turner is the latest celeb to fall victim to the Twitterverse death hoax. On Saturday, Twitter was abuzz with tweets that the...
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    y'all there were 3 white guys taking a picture of a car with a "I Buddha"...

    y'all there were 3 white guys taking a picture of a car with a "I Buddha"... ...license plate outside the Buffet? today, what does it mean?
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    y'all i have intangible, non-credible, non-verifiable evidence that you have...

    ...Won a brand new My Little Pony? do you want to cash in or what?
  7. L

    Do y'all know that the cell phone, iPod, iPad, microwave, air plain and so on I

    made with coltan from Congo? People are being kill from the Congo American is behind those things happening in Africa, they are keeping it silent so no one can find out. They're giving weapon to kill people there so they can steal and keeping Congo poor go on YouTube y'all see
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    So y'all who argue against God by pointing to the diversity of religions?

    Why can't you contemplate that maybe I actually believe in my beliefs because I find them to be uniquely true and rational? I could point to atheists who later became religious, would you then say that since all former atheists do not agree with each other, thus atheism is stupid? I could point...
  9. D

    which one of yall mufuckkas reported Grizzy?

    yall some grimy a** n|G6as dawg... i cant log into my grizzy accout anymore cuz you faglords... F*C% all yall wackkkkassesssss
  10. F

    ooVoo chat if u a drake fan give ur username i wanna interact with yall?

    if u have a ooVoo and u are a drake fan give me ur user name so we can interact its team drizzy all day
  11. A

    Why do adults complain about their responsibility?? Ya'll lazy or somethin?

    I'd take responsibility & freedom any day over lack of responsibility & lack of freedom. I'm not lazy. Besides... being able to crack open a can of beer in the evening and not have to worry about it makes working all day almost seem worth it. Hahaha, funny, I'm already paying my parents bills...
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    Pcworld just said LG LW6500 is the #1 3D TV for 2011. What do yall think?

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    feed backof this plot? What do y'all think?

    My main character Darrah, (Female 26, black hair, vibrant green eyes, porcolin white skin) finds herself in a wooded area not knowing where she is how she got there. She has urges she cant help but follow. she kills a hare and drains it of blood. Feeling disgusted with herself, she wanders...
  14. B

    Any Demi fans??? have yall seen this picture lol?

  15. E

    Do y'all like this late 60's band..?

    Hi. Im like inlove with this band "Chicago" and I was wondering, do any of y'all like this band.? And put other bands back in the 80's or whatever. Please. I like Chicago, Journey, Bon Jovi, Richard Marox.? (plays "right here waiting for you") and AeroSmith, a few others that I cant think of.
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    what do yall think of my first rap performance?

  17. W

    What are 10 Hottest Celebrity Girls y'all know?

    List much as you can
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    here is a riddle for ya'll.....?

    A man was to be sentenced, and the judge told him, "You may make a statement. If it is true, I'll sentence you to four years in prison. If it is false, I'll sentence you to six years in prison." After the man made his statement, the judge decided to let him go free. What did the man say?
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    hey y'all im using Bittorrent and Finaltorrent is it ok? because i;m

    downloading things from demonoid!? this is what i have do you guys recommend any better ones?
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    funny riddle for y'all?

    there is a box there are clues to what is inside the box. -The item inside the box is not alive -it has many letters and it's opened my a lot of men - you probably put something of yours inside it a lot -your "Package" also can go in it ;)