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    new year countdown

    I am going to enjoy new year countdown new york with my friends and much exciting about it. I always enjoy this eve at home, but this time on my friend's recommendation make a plan to celebrate this day in New York because he told me that new year countdown is really fantastic and you should go...
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    Most Beautiful Month In The Year

    Ramadan is the name of the ninth month of the lunar calendar Ramadan is a very special month for the Muslims, as in it Muslims around the world perform various types of worship, the most important of them being fasting. This fasting of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, mandatory upon...
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    Where to Celebrate 2014 New Year eve?

    Wondering where people plan on celebrating new 2014 year? Personally, I will be celebrating at Toronto's popular club "The Guvernment" The Guvernment Entertainment Complex Toronto ? Magic NYE
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    Birthday Boy John Stamos Is E! News' Hottie of the Year!

    Congratulations, John Stamos!Our favorite TV uncle, who just recently turned 50 years old, was honored with a very special award from the ladies of E! News."Stamos, if...
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    I am going to pay $99 a year for this account, but I want to know how many...

    ...Iphones can be registered for OS b? How many Iphone's uDID can be registered under 1 Apple developers account? I am going to pay $99 a year for this account, but I want to know how many Iphones can be registered for OS betas, etc. What?
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    Download student of the year movie torrent?
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    Las Vegas 12 year old hit home runs in 11 straight at-bats

    Forget Alfonso Soriano's recent hot streak. Put him on the bench. He can't keep up with a 12 year old. As reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas native Trace Evans hit home runs in 11 consecutive official at-bats during a massive nationwide tournament held at the Cooperstown...
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    I'm a 14 year old Christian and can't escape from the feeling of evil presence.?

    I live in a large home and my whole family is religious I'm scared because I'm almost paralyzed by the presence of evil spirits. They will not leave I will say that Jesus shed his blood for me and I am saved i will feel better but soon again I feel scared the only way I feel the most I can...
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    What year is it for non believers of Christ?

    We all know the year is 2013 based on the Christian belief of Before Christ and after. But what about the religons that don't believe in Christ...... what year is it and do they still use 2013 for communications?
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    Can I switch my iPhone 4th generation to a Samsung S4. On a three year telus...

    ...contract? Okay so my brother got an iPhone 4 for Christmas in December 2011, he got the phone on a 3 year telus term contract. He got the iPhone 4S the year after and gave my his iPhone 4. I'm 14 and I pay for the phone. When my brother gave me the phone the back was cracked on it, I went to...
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    How much does an iphone 5 cost at T-mobile for a 2 year plan?

    They used to be $100 and i heard that the price raised but im not sure if its true.
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    WSJ: ARetina iPad Mini Is 'Likely' to Arrive This Year

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple suppliers have been gearing up their production lines in order to churn out a new iPad mini with a high-resolution display—and it could, apparently, arrive sometime this year. Read more...
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    More people learning how to restart a heart could save 100,000 lives per year across

    The very first 'European Restart a Heart Day'-to teach members of the public how to help restart the heart of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest-will be held this autumn, organised by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC). The initiative, which takes place on October 16, is aimed...
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    One of the World's Best A.I. Computers Is as Smart as a Four Year Old

    Computers are good at a lot of things. Thinking like a grown-up human being is not one of them. Not yet, at least. Read more...
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    Starter Dirtbike for a 14 year old?

    I'm 14 years old turning 15 in early December. I'm really interested in dirt biking and atving and such. Most of my family or friends do or know people who race them. I think I've come to my decision of a dirtbike after reading a small amount about each. I was wondering what kind of dirt bike I...
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    Daily fitness plan for 14 year old?

    Needs to include: Run, push-ups, clap push-ups, pull ups, biceps curls, crunches, hanging leg raises, swimming. p.s I'm doing this to be in great shape for applying for the Royal Marines. If you want to add anything feel free. I have my diet sorted out too! thanks:)
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    Ironically that in the same year that Roger Draper (LTA) is sacked.....a Scot wins

    Wimbledon? You couldn't make it up *The LTA had nothing to do with the development of AM
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    Can you trade your Verizon smartphone in a year early?!?

    I've had my Droid Bionic phone for a year and I really hate the Android system and want to get the iPhone 4 or 5 now..would I be able to upgrade a year early or have to pay full price?
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    What is the best gadget for my 9 year old son?

    My son is having a birthday in a couple of weeks, and he is desperate to have an iPod like a lot of his friends. I thought about a tablet but I know he'll want to take it to school so would like something smaller - I don't want a cellphone however. I don't know if an iPod touch is the way to...
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    my lg surround system wont play blue ray but will play dvd its 1 year old

    and it has 3d built? do i need to buy a cleaner.