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    Zoo Keeper IPhone Game Help?

    I have just brought Zoo Keeper Vs on iPhone. At first things were going great, but after the robo boss I keep loosing to other players! I get my points higher than them, but I still loose! Even one time I got 50 points and the opponent got 0, and still beat me! Tell me what I am doing wrong...
  2. M

    if i have a prepaid phone can i still get ringtones from phone zoo?

    i have a prepaid phone (yea i know it sucks) its an LG it doesnt flip or slide and i made phone zoo acount and i cant seem to get the verification text it sends me plzzzzz help oh and if i cant go on phone zoo can someone plz point me to a website where i can download rightton for free to my phone!
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    Android market game. Zoo story. How to get my door back?!?

    I just dowloaded the game Zoo story on my phone as a time killer and i mistakenly sold the door... Yeah dumb i know. It's a good time killer and now well it's not so much anymore. I can't find anywhere to get it back. I tried installing it and uninstalling it and and reinstalling it. That didn't...
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    Is zoo tycoon fun on the ds?

    Wanna know if it is worth buying because i took peoples opinion and bought mysims kingdom for the ds and it was crap.
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    Why animals should keep in zoo for human recreation?? Are we God of them?

    Why animals should keep in zoo for human recreation?? Are we God of them??
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    Why animals should keep in zoo for human recreation?? Are we God of them?

    Why animals should keep in zoo for human recreation?? Are we God of them??
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    Nationwide drivers paint with elephant at Zoo Atlanta

    Surely there's fun to be had in a story where Nationwide drivers paint alongside an elephant at Zoo Atlanta. This was a recent promotion to draw some attention to the Great Clips 300 at Atlanta Motor Speedway over Labor Day weekend. And be sure to check out how the artwork of Jason Leffler...
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    So, what's this about killing a wolf at the Minnesota Zoo?

    The Minnesota Zoo has been involved in a Mexican Gray Wolf breeding and reintroduction program for some time now. Last I checked, it was not going well .... they were not having mush success in getting the wolves to produce offspring. I think they had some puppies in 2003, but I'm not sure of...
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    How do I get Zoo story Neighbors?

    Who do i get Neighbors in the game Zoo Story? Something with Storm8 ID? My storm8 ID: Niaelie
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    I am interested in having a career with animals, could i make a nocturnal zoo *lol*?

    I just thought that would be pretty amazing. It could have all the animals that are always sleeping when you go there, so when you go theyll all be active and it would be fun. The zoo would be strictly for nocturnal animals and would be open at night only. Would that be possible? Thoughts on this?
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    How long does it take to travel by bus from Gadsden to the riverbanks zoo?

    Columbia, south Carolina related question.
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    San Diego Zoo okay when it rains?

    Im planning on going to the Zoo saturday but its supposed to rain. the website says its okay when it rains but does anyone have any first hand accounts if its any good? do all the animals go in hiding or do they still stay out?
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    What game is just like zoo tycoon for the iPad?

    I went to the app store and i typed in zoo tycoon but it didn't come up. I loved playing it on my Dell laptop, and so I wanted to see what there was for the iPad. I. Also lived marine mania. Thanks.
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    World of Zoo EUR MULTi8 NDS-BAHAMUT

    Category: Console-NDS Size: 26.6 MB Files: 15 (7 pars) Group: a.b.games.nintendods .NFO: View NFO Ext. Link: http://www.worldofzoo.com/ Posted: Mon December 6th 08:17:47 UTC Download NZB
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    i heard this song at roger williams zoo does anyone know what it is?

    i went to the jack o lantern spectacular last month at the roger williams zoo in providence ri, going through part of the event was a song it had a kind of techno beat and just laughter. there were no words just laughter and it repeated over and over and the laughter would change tone and pitch...
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    World of Zoo PAL WII-iCON

    Category: Console-Wii Size: 4.86 GB Files: 110 (14 pars) Group: a.b.games.wii .NFO: View NFO Posted: Sun October 31st 12:32:47 UTC Download NZB
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    A Torrent for Zoo tycoon 2 Marine Mania?

    Just so you know i do actually have a disk for it but its to scratched up to use...so i did pay for it...kinda Anyway if possible could you give me a direct link to a particular torrent not the website
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    British NSS Criticizes Creationist Zoo

    The National Secular Society of Britain has weighed in on the problem of bringing Welsh students to the Noah's Ark Zoo Farm where they can learn about how Jesus rode a Dinosaur. Read the rest of this post... | Read the comments on this post... More...
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    Zoo Tycoon 2 Torrent help?

    So I found a good torrent and its done downloading and now its seeding. When I click on it to try to open it all that come up is a folder with some files in it. My question is, how do I open the torrent to actually play the game? Thanks!
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    Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) to be used by Auckland Zoo

    The global wildlife conservation community is going online, with 18 prominent zoos and aquariums leading the way.