1. J

    Can I download the Zune Software onto my Samsung Google Chrome Laptop?

    I just need to know the information for my mp3 player. I want to download the software on my laptop but I don't know how. Can anyone please explain?
  2. M

    Best Method to Remove DRM Protected Movies from iTunes, Amazon, Zune, BBC iPlayer

    Tired of copy protections that keep you from sharing music and video downloaded or purchased from iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, Zune Marketplace, etc.? With DRM Media Converter, you can easily enjoy these movies, TV shows and music on your iPad, iPhone, HTC, PSP...
  3. A

    How to Rip and Convert DVD to ZUNE with DVD to ZUNE Ripper?

    I am a ZUNE user. And I want to watch my DVD movies on ZUNE. How to convert DVD to ZUNE?
  4. L

    Is anyone having issues downloading tv shows from the Zune Marketplace?

    I keep getting an error message.
  5. L

    Is anyone having issues downloading tv shows from the Zune Marketplace?

    I keep getting an error message.
  6. S

    Is Zune Marketplace Shutting Down?

    I know they stopped making Zune Hardware in 2011, but they marketplace was still available and music was still downloadable. Now the entire Zune website is gone and the zune.net redirects you and tells you that zune music is now xbox music. Does that mean my zune hardware is no longer going to...
  7. L

    Zune playlist and songs volume (nokia lumia 800) ?

    Hey all , i got 2 questions , first one is: I got like 10 folders which are all somewhat different genres , and moods that i like to listen music too , they all got 40 + songs. My question is , How can i make them all in separate playlists without much effort ? I mean , when i transfer 1 folder...
  8. M

    What is a reasonable price to sell my first gen Zune for?

    Looking to sell it on craigslist, it is red, and its a 4GB Thanks :)
  9. N

    Breaking bad, dish network, and zune?

    Sunday is the breaking bad season 5 premier and I have dish network so i cant watch it on normal TV. But i can eatch the live stream on AMC.com. i want to know if i can watch it live on zune if i stream it on xboxlive.
  10. I

    Zune marketplace acting up- anyone else experiencing this?

    Zune marketplace acting up- anyone else experiencing this? Ok, I have a music pass account. but for the past two days, the marketplace hasn't been recognizing my pass- I.e I cannot download anything. I tried ending and re-starting my subscription, but then I get this error message "Transaction...
  11. H

    best movies on zune marketplace?

    want to watch a good movie on my xbox
  12. R

    Unable to download any song in Zune Marketplace?

    The "song credit available" screen appears but the "use credit" and "download" buttons remain disabled. I renewed my subscription and that didn't work. Usually when this screen appears the buttons are disabled for only a few seconds. How do I fix this?
  13. I

    can you not buy music off zune marketplace on the xbox 360?

    ive been trying to buy a album on the zune market from my 360 for the past 30 minutes but it seems you cant
  14. U

    xbox live marketplace zune?

    this is a complicated question so bare with me i have two accounts on account A i am downloading a movie from zune if i go on account B will the movie still download on account A even if i play a game thats not online E.G Skyrim? OR Will i have to stay on account A until it downloads
  15. D

    How much is fight club on the zune marketplace?

    I have a windows phone and want to put it on there, but how much does it cost? Regular one and HD, im wondering about Microsoft points more than actual dollars
  16. M

    can you download music straight to a zune without the zune marketplace?

    like can download music from sites like mp3skull and other straight to a zune trying to figure out before next week how about zune hd
  17. A

    what zune marketplace films can i buy for 300 Microsoft Points?

    I want to buy a zune movie (download and keep not stream rental) but i can not find any i can purchase for 300 msp can any one tell me or recomend to me a film which i can purchase for keeps at this price
  18. L

    Is something up with the Zune Marketplace?

    I have Zune pass and I am currently unable to play songs in the marketplace (I get an error saying I can't play the protected file) but I am able to download them and listen to them after downloading (all my other Zune pass music works as well). I just can't play songs in the marketplace which...
  19. I

    How did Zune get my account info?

    I just installed Zune for the first time on a brand new desktop, and when I went to the store to set everything up so that I could purchase songs, etc., I was already signed in. Here's the catch; My account name was my Xbox Live Gamertag "RagedMILKISGOOD" from two years ago. ...Umm WTF?
  20. K

    Does the Zune HD marketplace require a contract?

    I want one for my birthday but my parents are concerned that if they buy me one they will have to keep paying the $15 a month for any period of time. Can the marketplace thing be cancelled at any time?