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Would it be possible to ask for a link exchange with my Women & Shampoor & hair website

I will put your link on 2 of my sites in return for only just 1 link from your site. This is not a 3 way link exchange. I am simply offering you 2 links in exchange for 1 link from your site in the hope that you will find it worth while linking to me

Your link will be placed,

http://www.manwomanclothes.com/ (on the front page bottom of page)

in return I only need 1 link back from your links page cacheable by Google

Title : Shampoo Conditioner –haargel haarlak kleurspoeling

URL : http://www.hairworldshop.nl/

Description : Hairwoldshop.nl is the hair world shampoo & conditioner shop online for women, Kerastase, L'Oreal, American Crew, L'Anza, Orofluido

Thanks you so much
Luna yusma

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