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Not sure if this has gone to the correct person but if it hasn't can you pass it on to the relevent people. Thank you in advance for that.

Rather than spamming, which is never a good idea! we thought we would ask if it is possible to place a sticky on ideally the most popular section of the forum advertising our website and the product it sells. We hope this would be mutually beneficial to both of us.

We propose to pay yourselves £1 (approx $1.5) of each one sold. This would be paid on a weekly basis of paypal, cheque or whatever suits. Hopefully this would contribute to the upkeep of your site.

Our website is

We have negiotated an exclusive deal with FIFA (footbal/soccer) for purchasers to have their face displayed in the official 2014 World Cup Final Souvenir Programme. This will be seen by approx 700 million worldwide Television viewers.

We anticipate to be selling this over the next three years in blocks of four periods. As i said all we need is for you to display a sticky stating something like.

Visit this site below and if interested please purchase as it helps the upkeep of this site.

We are very genuine and are always open to suggestions and in this day and age feel this is the best way of getting to a lot of people and helping keep other very good sites running.

Kind Regards

David Loman


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