Why Are Most american women (90%) Pure Trash?

Mar 8, 2009
i've traveled the world, and nowhere on this planet will you find such fat, ugly, ignorant, and classless hags with an unbelievable sense of entitlement. perhaps that's why the usa has one of the highest divorce rates.

these two sites confirm my observations:


I'm sure you don't have to be a world traveler to figure that out. American women want it all whether they are deserving or not. Selfish bitches!!
american women are pure trash!

they will fuck over, take your money and kill their babies just to go party!
They are not only pure trash an very ugly, they are pure evil!
the song..."american woman" stay away from me?
there...just stay away from amwrican women if u don't want to end up crazy!
they should have their heads shaven and sent to starve in Siberia!
i agree with all these males who hate american women, they as bad as russian/ukrainian women, gold diggers and tramps, i know for i've dated several of them in my life and i literally told them to go to hell. i'm happily married now to a women from the middle east who's very traditional and i love and respect her immensely. we've been married going on 14 yrs. god send her to me. i won't reveal my identity for security reasons.