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    Emotions Identified Based On Brain Activity

    For the first time, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have identified which emotion a person is experiencing based on brain activity. The study, which will be published in the journal PLOS ONE, combines functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and machine learning to measure brain...
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    How do you work out enzyme activity of ALT from measured absobance values over time?

    I did a lab aimed to determine the Aspartate Aminotransferase activity in human plasma. We measured the absorbance of different concentrations of NADH and from this worked out the extinction coefficient of 5.713 (3dp) We also measured absorbance of a control sample and 2 patient samples. The...
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    answers to globe trekker spanish islands dvd activity packet?

    pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me...
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    Tracking Human Brain Activity Shows How The Brain Loses And Regains Consciousness

    Since the mid-1800s, doctors have used drugs to induce general anesthesia in patients undergoing surgery. Despite their widespread use, little is known about how these drugs create such a profound loss of consciousness. In a new study that tracked brain activity in human volunteers over a...
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    anyone know any apps for Android where you can capture the current activity on

    the screen.? Looking for one of these apps, where it creates a video file of what you're currently viewing.
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    did anyone think that paranormal activity movies were scary?

    I fell alseep on during all movies 1-4 well that should give u a veiwpoint on how I felt about the paranormal activity series lol. Was anyone actually scared?
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    Mental Illness Clues Revealed Via Facebook Activity

    Facebook activity could be an indicator for psychological health, and be used as tools by therapists and psychologists A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri and published in the journal Psychiatry Research, has revealed that social media profiles can provide insight...
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    Patterns Of Brain Activity Reveal Implicit Race Bias

    Racial stereotypes have been shown to have subtle and unintended consequences on how we treat members of different race groups. According to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, race bias also increases differences in the...
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    lately i think i been having premonitions & experiencing some ghostly activity..?

    a couple of days ago i was watching tv & i saw some show that reminded me of my friend & i started wondering what she was up to like less then 10mins later she texted me i that it was funny at firts cause i'm like huh what a coincident but then that same night i have a dream of my friend who i...
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    Tips on how to advertise my fundraising activity on facebook?

    I'm doing a sponsored row from London to Birmingham (150km) in order to raise money for something called World Challenge. I'm planning on advertising it to my friends (I have about 500) on Facebook. Does anyone have any tips? Should I make a page or an event? What should I include in it's...
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    when does paranormal activity 4 come out on DVD?!?

    I need to know.. thanks guys :)
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    Novel Forms Of Activity, Like Swimming, Linked To Development Of Motor Behaviors

    Scientists from the University of Leicester have hit upon unique forms of spinal nerve activity that shape output of nerve cell networks controlling motor behaviours. The breakthrough in the Department of Biology at the University of Leicester was announced in the journal Current Biology. The...
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    Sandy's Timelapse Shows Hurricane Activity From Dawn Till Dusk

    Everything from space looks beautiful, including the extremely dangerous hurricane Sandy. This video, made by Kevin Ward using images from NOAA and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, shows the frankenstorm over the Eastern Seaboard...
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    Higher Levels Of Activity, Lower BMI May Help To Protect Amish Children Against Type

    Old Order Amish children are much more physically active and three times less likely to be overweight than non-Amish children, which may provide them with some long-term protection against developing Type 2 diabetes, University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers report in the journal...
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    Should I go watch Paranormal Activity 4 with my friends?

    Ok so i'm 12 and my 12 year old friend and my 13 year old friend asked me if I wanted to go with them to see paranormal activity 4. I haven't seen 1, 2, or 3 but apparently you don't have to. We live in Australia and here it's rated M. That means we are aloud to go in by ourselves.... I was...
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    Inhibiting CaMKII Enzyme Activity Could Lead To New Therapies For Heart Disease

    University of Iowa researchers have previously shown that an enzyme called CaM kinase II plays a pivotal role in the death of heart cells following a heart attack or other conditions that damage or stress heart muscle. Loss of beating heart cells is generally permanent and leads to heart...
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    New fitness activity ideas?

    I do body weight exercises, rock climbing, cycling, weights, not really into team sports besides rugby, and I've never really tried individual sports. I enjoy martial arts, and crossfire style fitness. Any ideas on something new to get into? I was thinking gymnastics, swimming or capoeira
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    which Animation activity is the quicker and easier to make?Animated feature

    film or animated T.V series? i am curious to me out.
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    Children Can Increase Their Physical Activity By 'Exergaming'

    A study published in Pediatrics by researchers at the University of Montreal offers positive news for Wii-loving teenagers and their parents: games such as Wii Sports and Dance Dance Revolution can bring them closer to recommended physical activity levels. The study is the first of its kind...
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    Physical Activity Programs Not Reducing Childhood Obesity…Here’s Why

    We all know that childhood obesity is on the rise. And one would think that adding more sports and physical activity programs at school and after school would help reduce that. But according to a new study, it's not. In fact, not only are these programs failing to help kids maintain a healthy...