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    do u use blue ray disc and blue ray writer to back up data?

    i use dvds and i have'nt seen anyone use blank blue ray disc or blue ray writer.i;ve just seen blue ray movie discs at malls
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    Are u Americans using blue ray discs and blue ray writers to backup data?

    Are u Americans using blue ray discs and blue ray writers to backup data? its been a long time here in India since it was launched ,i can see only blue ray movie discs at we still use dvd writers and dvds for backup
  3. L

    Where can you find Blue Bell Dessert Trio Ice Cream in Indiana?

    I live in the Indianapolis area and this ice cream is not where I have previously gotten it. I really miss it, I was wondering if anyone knew where you could purchase it. Thank you.
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    will samsung BD-F5900 blue ray work with lg cinema 3d tv?

    i want to buy samsung BD-F5900 3d wifi blue ray player . in it's description it says "Combine with a 3D TV and 3D active shutter glasses to view the latest Hollywood 3D titles. 3D TV, Active glasses and content required." and lg uses passive cinema 3d so glasses don't have shutters . would...
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    a question about blue ray players?

    Hi i need help setting up my blue ray player to the internet, it only uses ethernet cable but the problem there is quite simple. My modem is all the way down in the basement and the blue ray player is on the second floor, not possible to get i dunno how long ethernet cable running through the...
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    Are u Americans using blue ray discs and blue ray writers to backup data?

    where's here? (Just curios) here in America (at least in my community) we still use dvd too and dvd writers too . blue ray is nice but i dont see much people using it. even the blue ray writers, i never seen one.
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    Can't play a blue ray disc on my Panasonic tv via acer laptop?

    I have an acer aspire 5740 and it does include a blue ray disc drive but whenever I go to play the DVD using Acer Arcade Deluxe, it comes up with The program can't start because MSVCR71.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. Help please
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    Why won't my pS3 play blue rays anymore?

    my ps3 stop playing blue rays tonight =(. i popped in a blue ray n nothing played, popped in a reg dvd n it played. tried resetting settings and when i didthe blue ray came up n when i switched the disks to another blue ray it stopped. i tried resetting my again but this time it completely...
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    how to connect a blue ray dvd player to a large screen hd tv?

    mitsubishi 1080 hd tv
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    How do you switch from numbers to the letters on a Panasonic blue ray remote?

    My 6 year old logged us out of Netflix. Not the computer, I mean on our tv. The member sign in screen displays but no keyboard to enter the email n password in. On the remote the number keys show letters above them. How do you switch to the letters? The manual doesn't state how to do this...
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    Why is Blue Ray in Widescreen?

    My TV is a 39" Samsung 1080p. Why are there two black stripes when Im watching Blue Ray at the top and bottom like it's widescreen? Can this be changed?
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    my 2009 lg blue ray dvd player is always stateing no disc, can someone tell me why?

    every time I insert a dvd movie, r, cd, into my disc tray on my 2009 lg dvd player, it says no disc, y?
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    Difference between blue ray and dvd player in laptop?

    i am going to buy a laptop. i have 2 choices with almost same specifications but difference is in there player 1 have blue-ray player and 2nd has dvd player. I love to watch movies so please tell me which is good and why? Thanks.
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    Can I play blue ray DVDs on the MacBook Pro?

    I'm not sure what iOS it is but I bought it from best buy this spring Thanks in advance
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    Info on Blue Ray player?

    We just dropped our cable and got the Netflix and Hulu Plus for our main t.v. Now I am wondering how to get the Netflix and Hulu on the other t.v.s in our house. Someone told me a blue ray player but I have no idea where to start. The main t.v. we got it through the Xbox. Do I have to have a...
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    Why dont blue ray movies work on my PS3?

    Blue ray games work but blue ray movies don't how can I fix this? ?
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    Why wont my PS3 play blue ray movies bt it plays blueray games?

    Blue ray movies don't work at all normal DVDs work fine and my blue ray games like GTA 4 and NFS shit 2 unleashed works perfectly fine how can I fix this so I can watch blue ray movies
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    How do I fix my Blue Ray Player?

    So today I decided to watch King of Queens on my Blue Ray player and all was fine, so then I went to do a little grocery shopping and when I came back my tv said that the video signal cable is not connected and the Blue Ray home screen wont show up and the Blue Ray player is on. So what do I do...
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    Dvd blue ray players w/ wifi?...?

    Today i decided i want to buy a DVD blue ray player, but haven't a clue about them except that it gives a great picture. When i went online about them they were listed w/ wifi. WHAT IS THE WIFI FOR PLEASE? And Is a DVD & a blue ray the same thing? In other words, can i play DVD movies on just a...
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    What brand of router to link computer to laptops and blue ray dvd player?

    I have Comcast internet and cable services. I have an Asus desktop computer and want to get a router to run a couple of laptops and also to be able to watch Netflix, etc. on my TV via a blue ray dvd player. What would be a good router for this?