1. J

    Can I connect my Blue Ray console to watch movies on my Laptop?

    I have a Blue Ray console with the HDMI cable but I don't currently have a TV to connect it to. Can I somehow connect it to my Laptop to watch movies in it?
  2. M

    Should i wait for the next DS handheld console, or just buy the 3DS now?

    I have enough money for the 3DS but I don't want to waste my money on a 2 year old console and then have a new DS come out. I mainly want it for Pokemon X&Y, but i don't know how long the wait will be for the next DS. Any advice?
  3. A

    Can the Android Gaming Console "OUYA" Play Games From The Google Play Store?

    Can the Android Gaming Console "OUYA" Play Games From The Google Play Store? I was thinking about getting one cause a have 130$ in store credit at Gamestop and I wanted to know if it could play games/apps from the Google Play Store? I was planning on buying it to play The Amazing...
  4. M

    If I buy a ps Vita 3g/wifi handheld console do i HAVE to use the 3g?

    okay so im planning on buying a ps vita for several reasons however while hunting for a good deal i stumbled upon the "instant gaming" version that comes with 4 games, 1 year of playstation plus, and a 4gb memory card, however this version is a 3g/wifi version rather than the standard wifi...
  5. S

    How do I make a portable handheld video game console?

    Where do I buy the parts?I want to make a handheld and then put Linux on it and then play pc games and and emulate old consoles.I know it probably won't play the latest games though.I do not want or care about touchscreens btw.It isn't like a smartphone,more like a psp or ds or gameboy form...
  6. S

    Thinking about getting a handheld console?

    I been thinking about getting a 3DS or a psp or vita but I don't know if I would keep up with it but it does look like there's alot of good games for them but I haven't had a handheld since the gameboy color
  7. J

    Which gaming console to buy ps3 or Xbox for jailbreak and play?

    Hi folks , my goal is to play downloaded game in console, just single player only not online. I already own a gaming laptop for pc gaming. For exclusive console games I like to buy ps3 or Xbox 360 So which one is easy to jailbreak If i go for ps3 which one should I buy slim or super slim. Slim...
  8. B

    I'm making a wooden center console for a SUV what to use to keep it closed?

    I am going to be using the hinges out of the original center console, problem is I have no idea how to make it so that way it has a button like on the old one to open it and keep it closed when its shut, any ideas? It's the center console for a 95 Yukon
  9. C

    Which handheld console is better PS VITA OR NINTENDO 3DS xl?

    the question is simple please answer.
  10. D

    What Handheld Spin-off game's turned out better than their Console Counterparts?

    I'm trying to look around and see how many handheld spin-off's of games that were part of the same franchise but released as a spin-off turned out to be better than their console version brethren. Off the top of my head I can think of 2. The first being Resident Evil: Revelations which was a...
  11. H

    What handheld console?

    What is the best handheld console? Ps vita wii u 3ds or 3ds xl?
  12. G

    The Ouya Console Will Be Available at Best Buy For $100 in June

    The open source, Android-powered games console Ouya will, according to the company's CEO Julie Uhrman, be available from Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop for $100 as of June. More »
  13. J

    Should I buy a 3DS handheld game console or not?

    I am currently wondering if I should buy a 3DS, since it was released over 2 years ago. The main reason I am wanting to get a 3DS is because I am eager to play Pokemon X and Y. But, the biggest thing I'm concerned about, is if Nintendo will release a new handheld gaming console in the near future.
  14. K

    why is nintendo ds considered to be such a good Console?

    i meen the graphic are so crap compared to a psp.
  15. C

    was nintendo 64 the last console to use cartridges?

    squeakers please don't answer
  16. R

    which handheld console is the best Playstation Vista or Ninetendo Wii U?

    are ps3 games backwards compatible with the Vista which is my best option for a main christmas present for myself Playstation Vista Samsung Galaxy Note or Hp Envy laptop bare in mind i like playing games, listening to music, don't have friends to talk to online or can't talk to friends online
  17. O

    Does the DS console, without games, have a notepad feature?

    Can you write/draw stuff on the DS and save it? I am talking about any versions of the DS. It probably has a clock feature, I know that at least.
  18. T

    what is the best handheld console?

    i get very bored so it would be great if i had some decent entertainment
  19. A

    2006 Chrysler GTC convertible. Console lights do not light up.?

    (Where it says P, R, D,etc.) Do not light up at night, and I can't see which gear I'm in. (car is automatic).
  20. J

    Is it strange that PS2 is the greatest selling game console of all time yet PS3 is

    practically the opposite? I mean obviously Playstation 3 isn't the worst selling game console of all time. But ever since its release. Its obvious it wasn't doing very good on the video game market. But why? I mean one of the most attractive things I think people found to the Playstation 2 was...