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    How To Stay Bullish When You’re Depressed

    My freshman year in college, I became severely depressed. At the time, I was interested in writing fiction, and I had this idea that being depressed would make my work more profound. There may be some truth to this, or at least some correlation — many great artists have had serious mental...
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    I get depressed when alone after I smoke?

    When I smoke I'm happy as hell but once I'm by myself I get very depressed. The usual things I experience while high are extreme self doubt, feelings of inadequacy, and excessive thoughts of opportunities that passed me by.
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    depressed after my mini vacation?

    why do i feel depressed after coming back from my vacation with friends? my home feels lonely and i just want to go out and have fun again but dont have anyone to just call up. where and why am i getting these feelings? everything i do is making me feel sad
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    I need someone to talk to... I've been depressed and very demotivated... help?

    In a bad part in life right now. I am 17 and a junior in high school and I've been missing school and constantly sad and can't find motivation to do anything... i think i have depression... I cry randomly (and i rarely cried before) and I don't have any interest in the things i used to enjoy...
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    Depressed? See The Heart Doctor (Or Perhaps A Psychocardiologist)

    If you're suffering from depression, it's highly unlikely you'd see a cardiologist about it—but maybe you should. Some 30% to 50% of clinically depressed individuals are also likely to develop cardiovascular disease, according to psychiatrist Angelos Halaris. And*60% of heart disease patients...
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    I'm so depressed what can I do to get out of it?

    I wake up in the morning and hate the fact that I woke up to this life. I hate my job, I hate my girlfriend, I hate me, I'm hating the world right now. I feel like I can't take it anymore and I know that if I look for a new job or new girlfriend then it might help but if I let either one of...
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    Is Food Withdrawal During A Diet Causing You To Be Depressed?

    Do you ever feel unhappy or more sensitive to stress when you're on a diet? Does it feel like things that would not normally bother you are suddenly impacting your mood a little bit more than usual? Because I always have when dieting, and I was extremely unpleasant to be around because of it...
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    I'm depressed and suicidal?

    I'm 20 years old and I live at home. I work part time and I enjoy my job because i work with children but it's the same old same old, I'm overweight and have binge eating disorder. ive been anorexic in the past and it's like i either binge or starve, ive tried to find a medium but i have a...
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    Is it normal to get depressed on vacation?

    Is there a disorder that may follow up with this, whenever I go on vacation I get super depressed. I spend my days & night in the hotel rooms, crying my eyes out & thinking about killing myself. When I get back home, I'm fine. But for those two weeks, I'm just completely depressed. is it normal...
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    Gender Stereotypes Influence Public Perceptions Of Depressed People

    The ability to correctly identify signs of depression depends on the gender of both the identifier and the person with depression, as well as individual psychological differences, according to research published by Viren Swami from the University of Westminster, UK. The author presented study...
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    Can dogs get depressed and want to kill them selfs?

    but they cant because they have paws
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    How depressed were you today when you realized you forgot to get your free

    Doritos Locos Taco at Taco Bell? I'm kicking myself! Steal a base, steal a taco...unless you have a bad memory!!!
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    Why am I so depressed after this particular night?

    on saturday night i went to a bar with a new friend. we got pretty drunk and she really seemed to like me a lot, saying how much she loved me, that we should be best friends and thought we were soul mates, hugging me and at one point kissing me on the lips. this was even before we were really...
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    Adolescent Girls More Likely To Be Depressed Than Boys

    In the past year, the percentage of girls aged 12 and 15 years who experienced a major depressive episode has tripled from 5.1% to 15.2%, according to a report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The report, which is based on combined data from the 2008 to...
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    Why am i so bad at dealing with stuff and get depressed easily?

    All my life since i can remember at about 11 i have had periods of depression. Sometimes it comes on because of understandable reasons, like my parents splitting up, being in a bad car accident, moving house away from my mum, pets dying, boyfriend troubles, losing a job and other stuff...
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    depressed & everytime i tlk to my bff about it she basically tells me to quit...

    ...whining and get over it? But yet she still wants to tell me about her problems and i help her. I'm very depressed and have no friends. Teen parent, no guy will ever want me. 5'6 & 142lbs, too fat. :/ diets suck. Idk what to do anymore.
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    Am I crazy to actually be depressed about having dreamed about..?

    ...having a baby only to wake up to find he never existed? i dreamed last night i had a little boy (i think it's because i'm paranoid i might be pregnant, i'm 20 so.. would not be good) and he was so perfect. he had HUGE medium brown eyes and a full head of dark brown hair, literally the...
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    In that lovesick depressed mood lol?

    You know how right after a breakup you listen to those songs that make you cry all night long. Well yeah I've listen to almost like everyone on YouTube. Lbs. Anyways.... do you know some more? Or any?
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    Muslims how can you be depressed when ?

    Allah has made such promises full of hope for you : " Indeed Allah's friends will have no fear nor will they will be grieved " " Do not despair nor be grieved you will be successful if you are really Muslims " " After every difficulty there is easiness. " " Tell My slaves I am near to...
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    Why does my boyfriend feel depressed half a minute before orgasm?

    We get into a passionate love making, but right about when he starts nearing orgasm, he says he feels very depressed. He has to fight the depression and then when the orgasm actually comes, he feels fine again. What is this?