1. H

    International Driving: Stockholm, Sweden-Perth, Australia?

    I am planning a sort of 'rally' or international trip for my future beginning in Stockholm, Sweden and finally ending in Perth, Western Australia. I have done plenty of research concerning similar trips, such as the London-Sydney rally and the Mongol Rally. I am needing further advice though...
  2. E

    do i have to be a certain age when driving with a Bluetooth in my ear if i...

    ...already have a drivers license? on my iphone i have earphones that look like the mp3 player earphones but with a mic that i can talk.. if a cop sees me with those earphones on can i get a ticket?
  3. L

    How do you know how many hours you've spent driving?

    Haha this sounds like a dumb question I know, but I'm getting my temps in a few months and going to drivers ed and before drivers ed it's required that I get around 50 hours of driving time with at least 10 of night time driving so how exactly do I know how much time I've spent driving altogether
  4. V

    Have to pick up driving permit the next day?

    I took my permit test today and I passed however the system went down for drivers licenses and permits and they could only tell us if we passed and couldnt tell us when the system would be back on or give us our permits till the system was up again. I had gotten a ride from my dad and he couldnt...
  5. J

    can someone please help me with this riddle????? PLEASE. its driving me crazy!?

    If a man is willing to risk it all including his pride before his fall, what is he?
  6. R

    Do truck driving companies pay for your hotel stays?

    I completely forgot about the bed in the back, lol..
  7. N

    Why is driving a KFC truck in Atlanta the most dangerous job in the world?

    I dont understand, someone told me this, I just pretended to laugh.
  8. S

    where to get boat driving license in hawaii?

    not sure where to start looking or taking a class any help?
  9. G

    To the men: Would you consider driving a minivan as your daily driver? Or, would you

    opt for the SUV? Let's say, you have a large family, for example.
  10. G

    Can driving over these humps on the road damage car(pictures included)?

    I was driving less than 10mph in 2nd gear and I noticed when going over these humps my car was bouncing up and down and it felt like I was sitting on a rock.I'm a bit worried if I damaged the car and I was maybe going at 1-10mph Picture: http://i36.tinypic.com/notrud.png
  11. L

    Should those driving a 10 mpg Full Size SUV do Americas future a favor and switch...

    ...to something getting...? Something getting twice the miles per gallon?
  12. M

    i was driving my fathers car and i accidentally ran a red light and it...

    ...took me a picture? i was trying to beat the yellow light but when i passed it it took me a picture but the car is under my fathers name is there any way i can fight it?
  13. B

    What type of car do you picture a girl like this driving?

    A short brunette cute 16 year old girl. what type of car do you picture a girl like this driving? no jeeps or volkswagons
  14. V

    Video: Driving The Nürburgring In An F1 Car

    We mentioned a few weeks back that Mercedes was loaning seven-time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher an F1 car to lap the notorious Nürburgring Nordschleife. Now we have video of that incredible event, with Schumi heading out on track behind an A45 AMG, a CLA45 AMG, an SLS AMG Black Series...
  15. V

    Beautiful Evan Bard Dead After Drunk Driving Accident

    [No message]
  16. S

    16 year old driving manual jeep wrangler, HELP!?

    So for the past year, I have been searching for a car for myself because my parents said if I funded around 1/2 of my car they would pay the rest. I have finally raised around $3,000 I really like the Jeep Wranglers because you can find them cheap and they really don't age at all. I was born in...
  17. J

    Is driving a car like biking a bike that you never forget?

    i started driving lessons last year and did about 15ish lessons..i was quite nervous as left it quite late im 23 and had no experience at all. i also had a young baby and found it hard to concentrate from tiredness. i ended up quiting before christmas because my driving teacher just kept...
  18. I

    Driving a chevrolet camaro?

    Is it different from driving a normal car? Haha. Im only 18 and my first car is a volvo and im planning to get a 2013 chevy camaro 2ls as a graduation gift. You think i got this? I havent had the chance to test drive it yet. You think ill like it? volvo to camaro? ;)
  19. B

    Driving a new semi truck with no plate or insurance?

    I just bought a semi truck and want to know if I can drive it home about 10 miles away with no plate or insurance. I can use the old plate but its not under my name. I don't know if I can drive it or no
  20. michele

    my jeep is driving rough and stalling out, sometimes it wont crank at all?

    we have tried the fuel filter and checked the spark plugs. it will still drive fine but all of a sudden it may just start stalling out and cut off and you cant crank it for a while when it does this. could this be a sensor.my jeep is a 2000 Cherokee Laredo 4.0.