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    LG enV touch, both screens broken, need help?

    I have some old pictures saved on my LG enV touch, and I would like to transfer them to a memory card. The problem is, both of the screens on the phone are broken. I noticed that you can use the number keys to select menu items. If someone could just tell me which buttons to press to select all...
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    Does the LG enV Dare VX-9700 have a data plackage?

    Does the LG enV Dare VX-9700 have a data package?
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    Does the Verizon enV 2 require a data plan?

    So my current Verizon phone broke and it does not need a data plan. I have a enV 2 phone that I haven't used since August 2010. If I activate this phone, will it need a data plan?
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    Does Voxer work on an LG Env touch?

    I want to use it but i dont know if it works
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    How do I delete apps on my LG env touch?

    I want to get rid of the factory installed apps I do not use so I can free up some space. I always have to delete apps I want because it tells me I am low on space. I put everything I can on the SD card but not all apps will let me.
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    How to get ringtones on enV Touch?

    I have an enV touch and there is absolutely NO way to get new ringtones! I can't record something and set it as a ringtone, nor can you download ringtones, HELP??!! Appreciate any answers! (:
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    What is a phone similar to the LG EnV Touch?

    I wanted an env touch because of it full keyboard, touch screen, and great camera. The phone is a little older and difficult to find now, so I was wondering what good phones there are out that are similar to the env. Thanks for your help!
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    My LG env will not charge?

    I got my LG env (the first one) on October 15th this year and already it will not charge. what should i do??? is there a magic special way to make it charge?
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    I have an LG enV voyager The intrnal/extrnal screens are not functional. How do

    you move pics/vids to sd card? I have the LG enV Voyager (VX10000). I'm looking for a step by step procedure to move pictures/video from internal phone memory to the sd card blindly so I don't lose them all. The phone is fully funtional with exeption to the display. I can get as far as...
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    Do you have to have a data plan for the LG env touch?

    I am on verizon and I was thinking about going to the LG Env Touch. Would i have to get a data plan for it?
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    Hey i used a lg Env 3 charger on my BlackBerry storm and now its messed up?

    and when i woke up and tried to click on the a app it would highlight it but not go to it did the charger mess it up? also which do i need to by a new mother board or what? the Call, End, Menu and back button wont work either.
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    If I buy the LG enV through amazon, can I add it to Verizon plan?

    Hi, I want to buy a phone through phone and add it to my family plan. Will I be able to do this if there a "no contract"? Also, can I get this insured via Verizon even though I didn't purchase it through them? LG enV Touch VX11000 No Contract 3G QWERTY MP3 Camera Cell Phone Verizon - LG Thank...
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    I have an env touch phone in the USA with Verizon. I want to take it to

    Australia to use permanently? Can I have it unlocked and connected to an Australian network like Optus. Will it work? Does any one know? Thanks
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    lg env keyboard trouble?

    The buttons on the keyboard of my Env are sticking and I'm having to really mash them to get them to work, any suggestions on what I can do to fix it?
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    LG env touch, screen not responding?

    i bought an env touch a few days ago from a family member who upgraded to a new droid. phone sat in a shoebox for almost a year and is in almost brand new condition. went today to get service with verizon, and as soon as i get it activated, the touch screen stops working. not responding to my...
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    LG env 3 Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!?

    I love getting on the internet on ym phone but mostly just facebook. Can you use the internet on the LG env 3 Phone????
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    Which is better Lg enV touch or Motorola milestone?

    okay so i really like touch and keypad phones i also like big phones...i really like the fact that the enV touch has a flip keyboard because I'm not really that into sliding keypad... it would be really helpful if you answered these questions ...i want to know which phone is newer, which phone...
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    How to connect my bluetooth to my lg env 2?

    so my bf gave me his old motorola H350 bluetooth and i currently have an lg env2 how do i connect it all together and get it working helppp?!?!
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    do the enV touch and chocolate touch on verizon require a data plan?

    someone at verizon told me no.. and someone else said yes. then online people are saying they do. does anyone know for sure??
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    I'm on a alltel plan. Can I but a Verizon LG EnV touch on ebay and change my number

    to that phone? Would I have any problems????