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    Which films could you watch over and over again?

    Not your officially favourite films. You know that probably: There are films that you watch every time they are on TV, just because you never get tired of them. Which ones and why? For me that would be Mel Brooks' Spaceballs - waiting for all the quotations and punchlines to come. "I'm a Mawg...
  2. T

    Where can I watch these films??? Preferably free with no surveys please!?

    Archie's Final Project Chatroom Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind Sinister White Oleander The Dreamers Prozac Nation Dans Ma Peau (In My Skin) Downloading Nancy May Veronika Decides to Die Boy Interrupted The Royal Tenenbaums Igby Goes Down Valerie and Her Week of Wonders Sinister A Walk to...
  3. S

    i bought a logik 1080 22" tv/dvd player but i cannot play films that i had that

    are on a usb stick? someone said i should use a programme called freemake video convertor,but after installing this i now do not have a clue how to use it,i want to watch movies through a usb on this tv
  4. V

    Good sci fi films excluding those below?

    Star Trek (2008) Star War series (hated) Riddick Thanks!
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    Do you watch old Hollywood films?

    Iam a movie buff and i watch even the silent ones of Lilian Gish.I loved Mutiny on the bounty,Viva Zapata,On the waterfront,The jazz singer,Duck soup and flicks of Errol Flybb,Burt Lancaster etc etc...Do you like them too?
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    What's Up, Docs? Oscar Voting Reform for Documentaries, Foreign Films and More

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has introduced some Oscar voting reforms at the year's first membership meeting. According to the LA Times, in an attempt to increase...
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    What are your all time top 10 sci-fi films?

    Crikey, this was harder than I thought. Narrowing it down to 10 wasn't easy, but here I go. 1. Blade Runner 2. The Terminator 3. Alien 4. Star Wars 5. Children of Men 6. Mad Max 2 aka: The Road Warrior 7. The Matrix 8. Aliens 9. Close Encounters of the Third kind 10. Dune So what are yours?
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    POLL: Have you ever watched any surrealist or experimental films?

    I've been wanting to get around to finally watching all of "Begotten". I really want to find "Pig" too, but I can't find it anywhere. That one has Rozz Williams from Christian Death in it, which is awesome. I want to get more into that type of stuff. I'm so used to straightforward Horror, so the...
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    Do all Chinese films feature kungFu?

    I saw a serious historic movie about the Chinese civil war vs the imperial government system. Even that had one kungFu fight once. I know allot of Chinese immigrants here in Sydney and in Jakarta, and have NEVER met one who knows kungFu. I highly doubt that kungFu is as intrinsically centrical...
  10. T

    Good medieval, fantasy or sci-fi films?

    I've tried/seen Star Wars (hated), Star Trek (loved), LotR (loved), Hobbit (meh), Season of the Witch (loved), Pan's Labyrinth (loved), Black Death (loved) and others.
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    What are the best sci-fi films?

    what are your favorite Sci-fi films? i have a few favorites old and new, got any recommendations?
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    looking for some horror films to watch on Netflix instant.?

    So I like pretty much any kind of horror film. I am looking for something that has fair acting and that I wont sleep through. Please don't list anything that is popular or a cult classic, because I have seen them all. I want some stuff that not everyone you know would like or have heard of. If...
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    How many successful films did Hitchcock make?

    A fiend told me that the only commercially successful film he made in his career was Psycho, yet when I look him up everyone claims he is the most successful directors ever. Anyone study film or know how successful his films were both commercially and or critically? Cheers
  14. J

    what are some good films to watch in blue-ray?

    in terms of being visually stunning and therefore worth watching in HD? Thanks.
  15. L

    What classic Sci-Fi films would you recommend for me?

    From the 60s-80s.. not Star wars cause i seen them all already
  16. C

    Why would anyone buy DVD of films, it is not as though you would want to see it

    more than once? Like, you saw it in the cinema, there isn't exactly a need to buy a dvd so you can see it 10 times?
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    Why does the picture sometimes break up with blue ray 3d films on my computer but... fine on my ps3? I have a intel i7 2700k with on board intel hd 3000 graphics running power dvd 12.
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    Are time travel and all the gadgets we see in films real?

    There must be some truth to this. For example, when they do a film with time travel in it they still have to follow certain rules for it to make sense. If time travel wasnt real then they wouldnt have to do this. But they do. And if they dont there will be an uproar and scientists everywhere...
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    Please suggest some exciting English horror films ?

    I want to celebrate with my friends at home and we want to watch English horror films...pls some good horror movies ?
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    Jodie Foster speech- she giving up on films did she indicate?

    Thought i heard her say she wont be on the stage anymore. She retiring or something. ? ? ? thx