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    I Need Help Finding this Bluetooth?

    I have a bluetooth, which I use to listen to music. However, I can't seem to pause the music without touching the phone. I need a one-sided bluetooth that has the ability to pause music without touching the phone. Is there such a device?
  2. K

    i need help finding items on mincraft pe using an android galexy s2?

    I just got mincraft pe on my android galexy s2 after having the demo for about a month. I cant really find any resources other then the obvious wood, dirt, and sand. I've found flint and thats about it. Help?
  3. L

    Help finding a title/author for a book?

    I read this book a couple of years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. It is a teenage fiction book. It's basic synopsis is that two siblings have parents who are archeologists or something similar and they go missing on an expedition. Years later, their children accidentally open a portal...
  4. L

    I need help finding a link to this picture?

    I had a picture for my desktop background and my computer crashed and i lost all my data. Luckily i had a screenshot of my desktop on my backup here: Please can anyone find the background picture, it is very important to me.
  5. R

    I need help finding 3 certain dvd's please?

    I'm looking for a download for the DVD's... Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana ~Nanji, Ware wa Zennou no Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana ~Shi to byoudou no tsumi no naka they are by DiO Distraught Overlord, they are maxi-singles that came with dvd's and im looking for the dvd parts, and...
  6. J


    i need help finding a torrent its a album called "The Collection vol 2" By "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony" please help
  7. M

    I need help finding a book.?

    Hi, so my girlfriend's birthday is coming up soon and I want to get her a few books. (She reads A LOT, and also writes poetry). She's read book like Fallen and Across the Universe She...
  8. A

    Game like Finding Teddy for Android?

    So I loooooooved the game Finding Teddy for Android, and I was wondering if there was any other Android game apps similar to Finding Teddy. I love the whole pixelated design and look. I also like adventure/mystery games. Any recommendations...
  9. D

    I need help finding a good sports bike?

    I want a sports bike.. Aka crotch rocket. I'm 19, I'm 5"11 and weight 120 lbs. I want to spend 1500-2500 for it, and I want a used one. I also want a bike that positions the rider like a racing position.. So I guess the handle bars are lower and your legs are positioned inward. Unfortunately I...
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    i need help finding a commercial i saw the other day, i think its like a... one or a clothing one? it starts with 3 black guys dressed in white singing a sort of r and b song and there are woman i think trying on different clothes..please help me find this commercial
  11. J

    Need help finding some "dark/sci-fi" adjectives?

    I'm wanting to find as many interesting dark/horror or dark/sci-fi adjectives as I can but I haven't found a good reference on google and my only other option is to trawl through a dictionary. Thematically all that is required is for the word to have a certain hint of darkness or mystery in it...
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    Charles Ramsey’s 9-1-1 Call to Police After Finding Amanda Berry

    [No message]
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    Men Who Feel Body Shame Are Less Hopeful About Finding Love

    In a woman's world, it's been explicitly clear how much of an impact media messages, body shaming and size (really, detail) obsession (thigh gaps, for example) has on our body image and feelings of self worth. As a subject of discussion, men and body-shame is not greatly prevalent. I'm going to...
  14. M

    Help finding a sci-fi manga?

    I remember reading a manga trilogy a while back and I'd like to read it again, but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. It was three books, the main character was a human named Castiel (he was adopted by an alien race similar to humans). He was a general of some sort and forms a...
  15. R

    Audiophiles: I need help finding headphones that are loud enough for use on a plane.?

    The last time I went on vacation, my wife and I could barely hear the movie we were watching in our ear-bud style headphones. They were not very high-end headphones. I've been considering buying a headphone amplifier, or I might just get some better headphones, but I want to be sure they are...
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    Gwyneth Paltrow On Using Botox & Finding The “Balance Between Cigarettes And Tofu”

    Gwyneth Paltrow On Using Botox & Finding The “Balance Between Cigarettes And Tofu” Gwyneth Paltrow is out stumping hard for her new cookbook, It’s All Good, a collection of recipes featuring dust, twigs and cookies you can only think about. As part of her campaign, she’s got a rather ethereal...
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    30 By 30: Finding A Gym Buddy Worked Wonders For My Workout Motivation

    I am the most social person I know. I love people, I love friends, I love activities. I don’t like missing out on things—and the gym is the number one reason I miss out. Which is why I've recruited ... a gym buddy. Well, another one. And it's the best. More » 30 By 30: Finding A Gym Buddy...
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    I need helping finding an anime?

    It was about a depressed boy that goes and tries to become a show-guy. The head of the place recognized his talent and tries to train him. He lives in a small room with two other people trying to become one as well, one guy was a chubby guy and the other a playboy. I read the first two chapters...
  19. S

    Can anyone help me with finding the title of a book about a boy who was...

    ...found guilty in a murder? This book is about a boy who when he was young accidentally killed another boy with fire(i believe with matches) although he did not kill him he was found guilty of murder and was sent to a juvenile detention center he got out on bail at 16 or 18 and moved to a town...
  20. B

    I need help finding common discussion topics with a girl I'm interested in?

    She studies English Literature, I study Law... She likes pop music, movies, Hollywood gossip, travelling, I like politics, economics, etc. I'm also interested in travels, movies and music, but I can't "keep up" with her and I feel like I'm boring, as she despises politics, economics, philosophy...