1. L

    Ex girlfriend wants to go hiking with me...should I?

    Ok my ex texted me today saying she misses me after she broke up with me for not trusting me think I'm cheating on her. She apologized for it and I asked her what you missed about me she said " you overall and your presence in my life" we only dated 2 months. Then she said lets hangout I said ok...
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    Is She the Best Girlfriend Ever or Just a Mirage?

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    Win McMurry Photos is the Girlfriend of Michael Phelps

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  4. F

    My family is going on vacation but my girlfriend cant go. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    I've been stressing about this all week because my girlfriend told me its ok if i go it was supposed to be me my mom my step dad and my brother the ones that went, at first i didnt want to go because of my girlfriend but after thinking i said i should spend time with my family and decided to go...
  5. C

    My girlfriend is making my lack of PDA a big deal. Is it?

    To me, it honestly feels unnatural to kiss in public and do too much besides holding her hand or holding her close to me when we are standing. But shes told me that she wants me to be more aggressive but how do you kiss someone in public if you are always walking, moving, and the times you do...
  6. S

    Girlfriend troubles, no PDA?

    My girlfriend and I have been seeing each other for about 6 months now. Now let me start out by saying we met in a college course and since then dates, are not only limited, but don't feel like dates. My first problem is our lack of time together, I hardly see her besides the class, maybe once...
  7. V

    Why is my girlfriend not interested in sex ?

    We've been very close. I've slept with her 2-3 times in our 1 month realtionship..but when I ask her about having sex with me she says that she would like to have it but she's scared about losing her virginity and rejects having sex ! Help me out !
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    George Hill has a Latina Girlfriend Named Samantha Garcia

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    Paul George’s Girlfriend is Named Carolina Ramirez and She’s from Colombia

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  10. R

    My girlfriend hated PDA. Help?

    My girlfriend absolutely DESPISES PDA! I've been trying to hold her hand in public, but she really just hates it. I also can't kiss her in public or put my arm around her without her becoming extremely uncomfortable. I know that she feels badly about this, but it is a little painful for me...
  11. J

    is it bad if i lay down on the ground with my girlfriend with slugs moving all over

    us? she keeps saying just to say but i am not sure cos is there any bad that can happen
  12. R

    How can I get my girlfriend to quit smoking?

    She started smoking 2 months ago but then she only had one every few days but know she is on 5 a day which isn't to much I know people who smoke more but I want her to quit before it becomes fully addicted to them. When she is around me she does not smoke because she knows I do not like it which...
  13. N

    Advice on girlfriend potentially traveling?

    First off, nothing is set in stone yet regarding this trip. My girlfriend and I have been together for four months. Last month my girlfriend went to Coachella. We were supposed to go together but the plan fell apart due to travel issues. At the last minute she found out that her cousins were...
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    Axelle Photos – Tony Parker’s Girlfriend

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    Is Keisha Kimball the Secret Girlfriend of Chris Brown?

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  16. G

    Guys (or girls) what do you want your girlfriend to cook for you?

    It'll be my first time cooking dinner for him and you know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. ;) He is Mexican but I am not so I won't try to make Mexican food. He likes any kind of food. Likes meat and veggies and most anything. Especially if he can add hot sauce to it lol...
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    Briana Pictures – New Dez Bryant Girlfriend

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    Pictures: Cressida Bonas Pics – Prince Harry’s Girlfriend

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    Playing With Fire Premiere Recap: Koch Brother Brings Girlfriend to Tears

    Playing with Fire is bringing the heat to E! The show features entrepreneurial bad boys the Koch Brothers, along with high-powered players in the New York culinary scene, like Julie Elkind,...
  20. J

    Girlfriend accusing me off cheating when I went on vacation.?

    Well basically girlfriend thinks I'm cheating, since I came back from my vacation without her. She keeps accusing me that I cheated with her and that I had sex with other girls, since I went on that vacation and I didn't, It's getting annoying now and we are in the final step of break up because...