1. C

    Chevy, toyota, gmc, and ford?

    Which truck is the best and why?
  2. B

    Help with 04 gmc sierra?

    Alright guys I need some major help, I have a 04 gmc Sierra 4.8l with cai,true dual,high flow cats,new injectors and rails,new plugs,wires,knock sensors,mass air flow sensor,crankshaft sensor,o2 sensors. And sometimes when I really put my foot in the pedal it takes a long time for it to pick up...
  3. Marcos1

    1999 GMC Jimmy a/c pressure problem?

    When we got the car the system was empty, we put 18oz of r-134a into it and it started working again and held a pressure of 35 on the low side port. This season I put more in because the system takes 1lb 18oz, I put a 22oz can in when it was 85 degrees out and the pressure wouldn't go any higher...
  4. C

    Pittman arm nut on a GMC?

    I have a 1994 GMC half ton. Truck 350 5.7.What size is the Pittman Arm Nut?
  5. P

    2005 GMC Envoy XL, A good all-season SUV Tire.?

    Michelin, Yokohama or Bridgestone. Which one is the best.
  6. R

    I put 18" wheels on my new 4x4 GMC sierra and have only a 17 inch spare?

    will this work if i get a flat,or will it cause a problem? Tire size is LT 275-65R18 and spare is P265-65R17 this is a new truck and came from the dealer like that,what should i do!
  7. R

    I have a 1993 gmc k1500 and I rebuilt the trans?

    it still feels like its slipping and but if I put it to the floor when it start to slip it will grab and go with no slip and I notice that the torque converter isn't looking up and it has me stumped
  8. J

    Is the GMC Denali 6061 Series a good bike?

    I'm pretty new to road bikes I mostly ride heavy moutain bikes like road bikes I have a Raleigh 20m tensile steel frame. The bike is being sold for $175 used but in great condition is it worth the price? Or is the bike junk and should I consider something else?
  9. C

    what is my 2002 gmc 1 ton (8.1 v8) vans mpg rating?

    my van is; 2002 savanah,1 ton,(3500) 8.1 v8 gas, single wheel, i cant find mpg rating and i looked online 45 mins...plz someone tell me what can i expect.ive never owned that big a v8 in a van. it will be used as a plumbing van. the owners manual is gone, so i have no idea what its rated at. thanks.
  10. M

    I have a 1997 GMC suburban the stop light will not work?

    I replaced the bulb and still not working , check the fuses and they are good can someone tell me what else it could be please
  11. K

    how big is the gas tank on a 1987 GMC s15 pickup truck?

    I have a 1987 GMC s15 and am trying to figure out if my gas mileage is right. What is the original size of the gas tank on the regular cab s15.
  12. J

    why does my 1990 GMC 1500 pickup fuel pump still run after truck is shut off?

    In my 1990 GMC 1500 pickup truck the fuel pump still runs even after we shut the truck off.Does anyone know why this could be happening? Any educated guesses would be great.
  13. G

    My 2004 GMC Envoy Oil light and RPM needle doesn't work.?

    Does that mean I have to buy a whole new panel? And if yes, Is it expensive?
  14. J

    Needs some advice about a possible first truck (1986 GMC Jimmy Full Size)?

    I have a line on a 86 Full size GMC Jimmy that was originally a diesel, but the owner before this one pulled it and replaced it with a chevy 350 small block. Its Automatic and a 4x4, it has 140k miles on the chassis, unknown miles on the engine and trans, and the only thing that's wrong with it...
  15. H

    Value of 88 GMC with 305?

    Having trouble finding a good value for this old truck. Good but not great body condition. 305 engine in great shape. Runs a great. GMC 1500 regular cab with bench seat. Seat needs replacing or re done. AC cold.
  16. J

    86 GMC Suburban question?

    Are the third row seats in an 86 Suburban removable?
  17. D

    I have a 92 gmc truck. my radio memory wire is hooked up but it will not...

    ...remember when I turn my truck off? My fuses are good.
  18. S

    Lost something under GMC Yukon passenger seat?

    Any way to get it out? I tried to grab it with my hand, but only pushed it back further. Now I have no idea where it is at.
  19. N

    how do you drop the transmission pan on a 1994 GMC Sonoma?

    im trying to drop my transmission pan i have it all unbolted but my exhaust is in the way and the bolds are to tight to get the exhaust off. my pan is literally a centimeter away from being lose from the exhaust. any tips will help
  20. T

    1990 gmc 10 bolt rear end backlash?

    I have a 90 model GMC suburban with 275,000 miles, with the drive shaft off and diff cover off for inspection and oil change, it has about .5 inch left right movement (backlash I believe its called) when I turn the pinion where it bolts to the u joint. is this acceptable, and is there any easy...