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    Can my husband take our 15yr old son without a passport out of the country...

    ...on a cruise without my consent l? cruise without my consent. Told my husband NO 3x. We live in the same house.
  2. L

    My husband and I bought a 2005 Regal boat recently and it waterlogged. Who...

    ...should be responsible? The boat surveyor said that the boat is in great shape with no concerns. When we tried to get the boat on the trailor it was too heavy. We now find out that the boat is water logged. Anybody have some thoughts on what we should do? Who should be responsible? We bought...
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    Evil Diane Staudte Killed Husband and Son with Antifreeze

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    Shannon Guess Richardson Frames Husband with Ricin, Fails

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    Wife douses husband with beer in Wrigley Field bleachers after he tries to protect he

    It started with a chivalrous act gone wrong, was followed by a beer bath and ended with a high-five. A couple caught the attention of baseball fans at Wrigley Field on Sunday and the ones watching at home on TV. Why? His-and-her beer baths! It happened when Chicago Cubs pitcher Travis Wood...
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    Kristin Sottosanti’s Face Slashed by Masked Husband

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    What did my husband do to his iPhone?

    He changed something. Before I could go to the most far left screen and type in part of a conversation we had had and bring up those messages. Now I can't link anything to keywords I type on, nothing through email or text messages at least.
  8. S

    if wife refuse to have sex with husband can husband can go to prostitute to

    fiulfil his needs in muslim? iam a muslim man working in muscate staying with wife and one daughter 1 years old my have has no interest to have sex with me form months can i go to prostitute to fillful my needs plase advice
  9. A

    my husband is stressed out and not interested in sex!!! please help!!!!?

    We are married for 10 months, and it is a love marriage... until 2 months of marriage everything was fine... but after that i don't know what happened to my husband he started avoiding making love with me and goes to sleep as soon as he finishes his dinner.. he is always stressed out with his...
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    I came to know that my husband is a gay what shall i do ?

    Hi Can any one help me ???????? its only 2 months after my marriage , but yesterday i came to know that my husband is gay. I am totally confused i don't know what to do ?
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    Anonymous Mom: An Open Letter To My Bipolar Husband

    You’re never going to stop being bipolar, and I’m never going to be able to wear a bikini without looking like a lumpy loaf of white bread. That’s how I see your problem, as just another part of you. You look past my weight, even appreciate it at times, and I spend very little of my day worrying...
  12. J

    Im 8 weeks pregnant now & my husband smokes weed.?

    I'm 8 weeks pregnant & 4 days will my baby come out sick cause my husband smokes weed ? I really want my baby go come out healthy . Thanks !
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    I just realized that since my husband has been playing a game on our iPad, the...

    ...image from the game is actually? burned into the screen. You can even see the image of the jewels from the game when the iPad is off. Is there any way to reverse image burn-in, on an iPad screen? Hoping so, I paid over $700 for it. :(
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    My husband won't give me any money? Says he has "none" but always has cigarettes

    My husband won't give me any money? Says he has "none" but always has cigarettes and beer!? I lost my job when i was pregnant about two years ago. I found a job where i could take our son with me (can't afford daycare and he is not going to pay for it!)He forbid me from taking the job!! Said he...
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    Should I ask my husband to turn off his phone on vacation?

    My husband is a music manager, so he has his phone with him constantly, emailing, texting, calling. In about 10 days we are taking a weekend vacation up the coast and I'm thinking of asking him to turn off his phone or let me be in charge of it for the duration of the trip so that we can have...
  16. C

    i'm under processing for a green card. how does my husband file the tax get the

    tax returns? what docs. that he needs???
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    Husband is on a snowmobile trip and went to a stip club. Should I be worried?

    My husband went on a 1 week snowmobile trip up in Northern Quebec this week with 11 other guys. He never really does this so I am happy he went. He is not the type of guy to ever go to bars without me, let alone to a stip club. We always said we would never go out without one another, however...
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    where can i find the video of Courtland Rogers,husband of Jenelle on MTV's...

    ...Teen Mom sniffing white powder? All over the internet there is news of a video that surfaced of Courland Rogers the husband of Jenelle Evans from MTV's hit show Teen Mom and he is sniffing a white powder that he now claims was baking soda and he did it and made the video to make money. I saw...
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    My husband has not received his 1099 from compy he drove truck for.Also did not

    get his last pay check? My husband worked for a company as an independent contractor. How are you Independent when they call all the shots and it's thier equipment. Not only that but by contract he was to be paid every Saturday. It has been 2 months and he never got his last check. I am being...
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    Does Hester ever announce to the public that Roger Chillingworth is her husband?

    I do know that she tells Dimmesdale, but what about the public?