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    Steps on how to get my motorcycle license in California?

    I'm 16, almost 17 in a a couple of months, and I have my normal c class drivers license. I was wondering what I needed to do and how much it would be to get my motorcycle license because I have the money to buy myself one but was wondering about the license stuff. Is the process any different...
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    what type of motorcycle license do i need for a sports bike?

    i live in california and i've been told that there are two types of motorcycle license and i was wondering what license do i need for a yamaha R6 or a suzuki gsx
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    where to get boat driving license in hawaii?

    not sure where to start looking or taking a class any help?
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    Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a Dual sport bike?

    Dual sport bike meaning one of those on off road bikes. I'm asking because Ontario Canada is the worst for insurence. It will cost me 3500$ a year for a 96 mitsubishi eclipse. So I decided i'll get a bike instead because it's far cheaper. About 100$ a year. So do I need an motorcycle license or...
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    Is there a license required to hunt rabbits with a bow and arrow?

    I am 16 years old and am planning on getting this bow kit. I strictly hunt rabbits and would not attempt to harm any big game. I just want to know if there is anything (hunters license, hunters safety, ect...) required for hunting...
  6. C

    Any alternatives for transportation? can I ride a moped w/o a driver license?

    Im looking for alternatives to get to places I need to go and since I can't have my drivers license until I get my tickets paid off getting a car is not an option at the moment. I've been there done that with public transportation, I've grown to hate it especially since it takes an hour for me...
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    A car hit my car in a parking lot, and drove off but I have license plate...

    ...and pictures, what can I do? I was in a plaza going straight along the parking lot, when a van entering the plaza turned right as I passed by the entrance. The van hit my car on the front passenger door (very little) and mostly on the back passenger door. We pulled up on the side, and he...
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    Junior hunting license in PA?

    I am 16 and my birthday is March 20th, 1997. Can I legally hunt by myself since I am sixteen and have been doing it for two years anyhow, and will I be able to get a junior license for the next license year?
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    Do I need a hunting license?

    I'm 14 years old and I'm going to be duck hunting in Georgia in Virginia and I need to now if I need license
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    how to get chinese driver license without interview and test?

    i m holding uk driver license,want 2 buy a car and driving in beijing,try to convert my uk license to chinese driver license without interview and test,cos my chinese not so well.any agents can help me convert my uk license to chinese driver license fast and securely?
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    I'm on my green p's can I get my mr truck license?

    I live in Queensland Any help would help I can seem to find any info
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    How long does it take to get a UK driving license?

    I'm 22 so I gotta get my driving license soon before I'm too old. I've been busy with University and work for years, and never had the time or spare money to get a license when I was younger and I regret it still. However, I finish University in May and I have a full month off in June before...
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    can a license suspension affect get hired at dish network in indiana?

    I recently got a license suspension for a seat belt ticket i didnt pay for do you think that will affect my chances of getting hired its no longer suspended tho
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    What is the black american boy band? they had a driving license music video?

    there were about 4-5 guys they looked like 16-19 years old the youngest was so cute and this whole car garage thing was the music video i saw it in 2011
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    If i have a WA state hunting license does it transfer to other states?

    So can i take my WA state hunting license to say Oregon and hunt non-game animals there?(non game animals like rattle snake*legal to hunt* as well as other animals that i dont need a permit for) or do i need separate licenses per state that i plan to hunt in?
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    hi i want to work on android games but my mom suggested i see if i need a license?

    if so were do i go for the license
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    Porsche: New GT3 “Shifts Like No Other Car With A License Plate”

    What seemed to be overshadowed by the news of the GT3’s PDK transmission, was the fact that it’s not just a carryover from the Carrera S. It’s a new unit, and as Andreas Preuninger explains here, one that has more in common with the 911 GT3 Cup car than the current 997.
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    Personal Experiences and/or pointers for getting a license?

    I've had my permit since July of 2012 and I'm FINALLY going to get my license tomorrow. I'm so excited but I'm also very very nervous. I don't know why, i usually never get nervous over stuff like this, but I'm pretty scared. I know its different in all the states (I live in AZ) but I was...
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    Can I put aquamarine Eyes on my driver's license?

    My culture is very detail orientated and I am not looking to start an argument with the Drivers Licenses place but I would much prefer they but what my eyes truly are on my license than just what they think or a a limited answer that is not correct after all isn't it there job to but what your...
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    can you get a Forida license if your 17 without parents?

    I am 17 and i study in Florida without my parents and i need an driving license please help