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    Is this the end of the line for Roger Federer? 31 years old, loses in the

    2nd round at Wimbledon? Was it just a fluke, or should he retire?
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    LMFAO?s Redfoo plays in U.S. Open qualifier, borrows shoes, loses

    Tennis! They'll let anyone on the court, if only for a couple sets! Stefan Gordy, better known as Redfoo of LMFAO, entered a U.S. Open sectional qualifier and, well ... it didn't go so well. At the Chamisal Tennis Club in Salinas, Calif., Gordy played Scott Gray, a California state champion...
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    What to do after a guy loses interest?

    This guy I met said he liked me in febuary and I said I kind of liked him back. From there nothing really happend. He's kind of shy when it comes to girls (first relationship), he respects them, and wouldn't do anything to be mean to anyone. Before we would text each other like everyday. Usually...
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    Senators? Jean-Gabriel Pageau scores first playoff goal, loses tooth in the process (

    Ottawa Senators rookie Jean-Gabriel Pageau scored twice in nine regular season games and was pointless through the first two in their series against the Montreal Canadiens. With Game 3 knotted at one early in the second period, Pageau broke the tie with his first NHL playoff goal. It was a goal...
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    Roger Federer loses to Tomas Berdych for the second time in a row?

    Does this seem to worry anyone? Personally, I think the match was his. He sort of gave it away, but at the same time it didn't look worrying to me because at least he had the chances there. In a major he's not going to let those go. Do you think he's just holding back for the Majors or he is...
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    Novartis Loses In Patent Court Ruling, India

    India's Supreme Court turned down Novartis' patent bid for an updated version of Glivec (imatinib mesylate), its blockbusting leukemia medication, saying that the updated compound "did not satisfy the test of novelty or inventiveness" required by the country's legislation. The ruling means that...
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    Tracking Human Brain Activity Shows How The Brain Loses And Regains Consciousness

    Since the mid-1800s, doctors have used drugs to induce general anesthesia in patients undergoing surgery. Despite their widespread use, little is known about how these drugs create such a profound loss of consciousness. In a new study that tracked brain activity in human volunteers over a...
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    Does Bluetooth loses connectivity in tunnels and underground?

    I was thinking of getting myself a pair of Bluetooth headphones and I was curious if they lose connectivity with the devise when I go underground or in to tunnels. Reason being is that I have to travel a lot by train. Thanks
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    What celebrities have had tragic loses in their life?

    I don't mean to dwell on sadness. I just noticed that at the Oscars everyone I was looking at had some kind of lose that we tend to think is unusual. I have had my own so I don't & I know many others have had these. I was telling my husband that Catherine Zada-Jones is married to Micheal...
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    UFC on Fox 6 results: Demetrious Johnson retains title, ?Rampage? loses in Octagon fi

    CHICAGO -- The UFC's stop in the Windy City had two great knockouts, a champion holding onto his belt, and the last fight of a one-time champ. Despite a strong start by John Dodson, Demetrious Johnson held onto his championship belt with a unanimous decision. The judges saw it 48-47, 49-46...
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    SEC comings and goings: Aaron Murray to return to Georgia, LSU loses three linemen to

    The SEC race will be interesting again next season, and count Georgia as one of the prime contenders. The Bulldogs, who came so close to knocking off Alabama in the SEC Championship Game and playing for a national title on Monday, will have quarterback Aaron Murray back for another season...
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    Funny Typo: “WVU Loses Bowel”

    [No message]
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    Melvin Guillard survives Jamie Varner slam but loses UFC 155 bout

    Melvin Guillard and Jamie Varner staked a late claim to the UFC 155 Fight of the Night bonus with a bout that ended in a split decision. Varner won it on the judges' cards, 30-27, 27-30, 29-28. Varner gained an edge early in the bout by tagging Guillard in the first round. Guillard showed good...
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    Gobal Malaria Battle Loses Steam

    The massive progress in the fight against malaria achieved over the last decade could stall because of lack of money, according to the World Malaria Report 2012, issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). The authors explained that over the last ten years, countries where malaria is endemic...
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    Georgia loses when time runs out, and second guessing can begin

    When the Bulldogs are slogging through the Chick-fil-A Bowl, or whatever not-in-the-BCS bowl takes them, Georgia fans, players and coaches will replay in their heads the SEC Championship Game from the moment Alec Ogletree scored his enormous touchdown. Georgia blocked a field goal, it took an...
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    Kevin Love Returns, Minnesota Loses

    The Minnesota Timberwolves got great news on Wednesday night when Kevin Love returned to the lineup. Although Love had a great game, the T’Wolves lost by the final score of 101-94 against the Denver Nuggets. Love finished the contest with 34 points, 14 rebounds, two assists, two steals and a...
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    Tennessee executes a fake FG for a touchdown in overtime, but still loses

    Tennessee didn't beat Missouri Saturday, but it did have one gutsy call that could have proven the difference. In the second overtime — the teams played four overtimes with Mizzou winning 51-48 — Tennessee lined up for a field goal, but holder Tyler Drummer took the snap and ran it in for a...
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    Does Fertility Improve If A Woman Loses Weight? No

    While losing weight does not improve a woman's fertility, her sexual function does, say Penn State College of Medicine researchers, who reported their findings in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Richard Legro, M.D. explained that obese women have problems ovulating, which...
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    NFL Sunday Recap: Tom Brady Passes Felix Baumgartner, Loses Game

    Skydiving daredevil Felix Baumgartner leapt into the science and internet record books Sunday, riding a balloon 24 miles up, skydiving back down faster than the speed of sound and breaking...
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    Matt Schaub loses piece of ear on illegal hit

    During the Houston Texans' win over the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Houston quarterback Matt Schaub was on the wrong end of a devastating and illegal hit by Broncos defender Joe Mays. How devastating? He lost part of his earlobe on the play. Watch the play. Schaub laid on the ground for a...