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    Detroit Lions seem excited to give Reggie Bush the ball a lot this season

    When the games count, Calvin Johnson will return for the Detroit Lions, and Johnson will get many Matthew Stafford off-his-back-foot throws his way. But this preseason, with Johnson missing two game because of a bruised knee, it's becoming clear the Lions are also going to take advantage of...
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    Why do a lot of martial arts look sloppy?

    I saw online a video of military krav maga instructors and it looked perfect, but I saw on youtube a krav maga fighter and in the ring he did none of those moves and just went for half guards. And I saw a Muay Thai fighter just stand there and get hit and he fell. Whats up with this?
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    I'm noticing that a lot of car insurance companies are pushing for ETF why?

    They want the funds to come out of your account every month electronically. Which seems like to me that they are trying to make it hard for you to leave them when you find a better quote some place else. Do you think this is the case?
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    How to get a lot of hits on a YouTube video?

    See, I was just thinking. I kind of want to be famous. My friends say I'm a good singer, but I don't think I am.. I am sure I'm a good actress though. I'm not able to buy a flight a couple thousand miles away, and maybe not get an acting career.. So I though i would start out with singing. I do...
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    I need help fixing my Samsung Galaxy S4 Stock earphones, one side is a lot...

    ...louder than the other, any ideas? This never happened yesterday, it was working perfectly fine. I only use it for listening o to music. I store it in my pocket folded up. Only the right side has the problem, you can barely hear any audio on the right side. I never got it wet or anything.
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    A Lot of Cameras Are Going to Change in the Tiniest Way Possible

    If you use a Sony or Fujifilm camera or Nokia phone or anything like that, you may notice a slight difference in future editions of your favorite camera and phones. The iconic Carl Zeiss imprint on the camera lens will now be just ZEISS. I guess they were growing tired of non photogs asking who...
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    is a sci fi / fantasy / love story where the protagonist has a lot of psychosis an

    interesting idea? is it a story you would want to hear?
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    My little sisters toes peel a lot?

    Its been like that since she was a baby. It stops then comes back when its hot. I live in las vegas and the summer is brutal. Next week it will be all over 100º . The doctor never said it was bad. My question is what can she use on her feet. (Shes 10)
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    A car hit my car in a parking lot, and drove off but I have license plate...

    ...and pictures, what can I do? I was in a plaza going straight along the parking lot, when a van entering the plaza turned right as I passed by the entrance. The van hit my car on the front passenger door (very little) and mostly on the back passenger door. We pulled up on the side, and he...
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    ps2 games with a lot of action in them 10points asap looking for some right now?

    im looking for some ps2 games with a lot of action in it something like gears of wars on xbox 360 where theres war everywhere and u got to survive
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    Why are a lot of women wearing their pyjamas outdoors?

    Every time I go out walking I see young women wearing their pyjamas outdoors when they should be wearing proper outdoor street clothes. Did they forget to put on their clothes when they got up? They seem to be totally unconscious of this as if wearing their payjames outdoors was a new fashion...
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    What kind of generation in the mini ipad is used for a lot of games?

    Is it the8gb 16 gb or 32gb or 64?
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    Have you noticed that people who gossip a lot are really creepy?

    I never noticed that until I moved to a small town. Holey moley (°_O) Creepy like they are always staring at you, looking in your windows, looking at your computer screen behind you, stalking your Facebook, and yes always talking about you No you can't ask me a random non creepy question
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    Have I done a lot of damage to my lungs by smoking weed only?

    I started smoking weed late 2009 and have been smoking it daily,but I only smoked like 1 joint every 2 days,I can't smoke a full joint alone.I stopped for like 5 months and did the same thing again daily (1 joint every 2-3 days). I haven't coughed any bad mucus till today, but when I play sport...
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    My cat loves going outdoors but he wanders a lot?

    My kitty is a neutered male who is just about a year old and he absolutely loves going outside. If he can't go outside he'll wander around the house for hours moaning and crying. He wanders far away from our house and doesn't come back for long periods of time, and won't show up if we call him...
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    Report: There's Going to Be a Lot of Jony Ive in iOS 7

    With Jony Ive in the driver's seat for iOS 7, the scent of change is on the breeze. Change itself is inevitable, it's just a question of how much. And according to 9to5Mac's sources, the answer to that question is "a lot." Read more...
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    Are all girls really catty and do they really gossip a lot like they make them in TV?

    Where I live I'm the only teenage girl pretty much, everyone else are mostly guys (I'm not complaining ;] ) and I'm a television junkie and I noticed pretty much all girls in movies/shows are really mean to other girls and talk about each other behind their backs even if they're friends! Does...
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    Since bongs are "For Tobacco Use Only" in a lot of smoke shops, what do

    they claim a dab rig is for? Like what else would they say its for???
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    Summer camps near the California Bay Area that are not very active (not a lot of

    hiking and stuff..)? Me and my friend want to go to a Summer camp together (yes, we know it's a little late to plan out our summer...) but she isn't the most outdoors-y person. Neither of us really wanna go on a lot of hikes or go fishing or stuff like that...we don't mind swimming though ;-)...
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    Rebel Wilson Makes A Lot Of Fat Jokes, But It’s Still Body Shaming Even If It’s About

    I will be the first to tell you how much I love Rebel Wilson. I want to be her best friend. But I have a bone to pick with Rebs (just a little nickname for my BFF) after she hosted the MTV Movie Awards. She put on a great show, but why were there so many fat jokes? More » Rebel Wilson Makes A...