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    Bike's gone, is it a matter to take to the police?

    I forgot to put my bike away and left it outside the house overnight (stupid, I know) This morning, of course, it's gone Is this something to go to the police about or do I just accept that it's gone (probably to the nasty scrap metal men)
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    Size and Memory Both Matter in Quantum Computing

    With their promise of unimaginable speed and huge capacity, quantum computers stand to revolutionize the world of information processing. They have the potential to be vastly more powerful than our current digital devices, with the ability to solve important computational problems and simulate...
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    Clipper for iOS: Splice Together Mini-Movies in a Matter of Seconds

    One of the great things about Vine and now Instagram, too, is the ability to stop filming and pick up right where you left off. It has the effect of producing more dynamic, interesting clips than you would otherwise. But that's the problem—your're stuck to clips. With Clipper, though, you can...
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    Evening Cool-Down: Wearing A Bra To Bed Doesn’t Matter

    And 6 other bra myths debunked (HuffPost Women) The long-term cost of short-term stress (YouBeauty) 6 online gyms that make motivation a moot point (Well + Good NYC) A guide to healthy dining out (Intent) 10 essential back exercises for … More » Evening Cool-Down: Wearing A Bra To Bed Doesn’t...
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    Do the size of skateboard trucks matter for board size?

    My deck snapped. It was a 7.75 and I had trucks for size 7.75 boards. People have told me i should move up to an 8 but I don't know if this would affect how I skate cause of my trucks. People say 8 is better for parks and ramps, but I don't think a quarter inch would make a huge difference. What...
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    Does location matter when it comes to having a YouTube beauty/fashion channel?

    I live in Louisiana and will be living here for 3yrs because my husband is in the Airforce, but I will go back to NY in the summers to visit my family. I want to create a YouTube channel about beauty and fashion. Will people watch someone who doesn't live in NY or CA year round? Do they have to...
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    Does it matter what colour ipad mini i get?

    im getting an ipad mini for ma bday and i wanted to know if the colour matters
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    David Beckham Retires From Soccer, Which Doesn’t Matter Because That Was Never The Re

    While it’s totes adorbs that David Beckham felt the need to publicly retire from soccer today, it’s completely unnecessary. After all, it was never the soccer that made us care about him. More » David Beckham Retires From Soccer, Which Doesn’t Matter Because That Was Never The Reason We Liked...
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    can police detain and book on a fta warrant when responding to an unrelated matter?

    back on may 7th I had placed a call to local law enforcement to respond on home invasion at my private residence after quite a bit of time they arrived but did not come to my residence but requested I meet them outside which after I did I was simply asked what my name was said my name and was...
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    I can't make a decision about my hair color/style cause no matter what my

    mom doesn't approve? I have naturally blonde curly hair. When I was younger, it was wavy. When I got older, it turned light brown (looked red in pictures) and developed into this thick, massive bush. I do not like it but my mom always has and thinks it’s my best feature. I’m 19 now. I went...
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    Alarm on 1999 Chrysler Town and country wont go off no matter what?

    I have a 1999 Chrysler Town and Country minivan.I am having a problem where i cant even turn my car on because the factory alarm will not turn off even in the drivers door or the passangers or even the trunk. I have really tried eveything from battery to fuses and nothing. I have no one to...
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    does 2g 3g 4g matter with wifi? iphone?

    im on tmobile and if i get an iphone it will be 2g and thats slow, but if i just use wifi will it will it still be slow on my wifi? or does it matter?
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    My Toshiba Sattelite L455-S5000 just skip the bios screen no matter you try to... F2 key or not,? and then go direct to windows welcome screen, please help! Also F12 go to boot menu wont work, even F8, no F key will work if you try to go to bios set up screen or boot menu screen with this laptop! Please help!
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    Does size matter??????

    Im not sure if I should get either a King size bed or Quenn size I hav about 6 feet and 150 punds
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    Doping Regulations Are a Matter of Scientific Perspective

    A lot of people get very upset about doping in sport. They may well have a point—but maybe a little scientific perspective is required. Randal Monroe puts the issue well in the alt text of today's XKCD cartoon: More »
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    Whiten your teeth no matter what your budget is

    [No message]
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    Fun iPhone 4 games? Price don't matter?

    My best friends love to play games on my phone I've noticed their getting bored of the games I have, theyre both female, freshmen, and like sniper or shooting games like clear Vision, so can you help me out?
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    The Matter Of The Heart - Oct 25,2012

    Evangelist Gracie Praying With Out Ceasing Its Prayer TimePRAYING | DELIVERANCE | PEACE | PRAISE | COMMITTED More...
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    If the DVD that your copying, is a copy, does matter in the burning process?

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    The Matter Of The Heart - Sep 29,2012

    What.s The Matter? What.s Hindering You? Lets Talk About It!! Evangelist Gracie Spaight Prayer Time: 10:30Praying with out Ceasing | Asking | Beliveing | Cry Out | Rest In Him More...