1. J

    How can I make my mum change the food she feeds her dogs?

    My mum has a Dalmation and a lurcher (greyhound, saluki, whippet, bedlington terrier cross) who have always been fed cheap dog food. A few months ago the lurcher (8years) lost a lot of weight, she was taken to the vets, nothing was wrong that they could find and my mum took her back to get...
  2. A

    How should I persuade my mum to get me an iphone 4?

    I,'ve been asking my mum AND dad to get me an Iphone 4, not an iphone 5 because it's to expensive. My mum says maybe but my dad says no every time. What should I do?
  3. P

    why does my mum talk over me?

    Every time I try tell her something she disagrees with doesn't like she yells over me and never wants to hear what I have to say, I'm not trying to start an argument or anything and it's not like I'm saying 'OMG mum I thinks its a great idea if I go smoke weed at school!' It's frustrating and I...
  4. T

    any suggestions... need an easy to use stylish mobile for my mum?

    so my mums mobile is broken and she needs a new one, i am planning on buying her one for christmas. shes in her 50's and not great with new contraptions, so it will have to be easy to use, shes not into touch screen, and all she uses her mobile for is calls and texts, maybe pictures and videos...
  5. H

    how can i persuade my mum to get me a ps3?

    basically i really want a ps3, as i did have a nintendo wii but it broke, and im not able to fix it, as a result i am left with nothing and really want to play games with my friends. Christmas is coming up, and i already have had a laptop, because it was needed for school i didnt really want...
  6. E

    My mum keeps telling my dad bad things about dog. Think she wants me to give up on

    buying dogs..? And she said she wants to bring me to the pet shops and see
  7. C

    my mum keeps arguing with me about donating blood, can anyone shed some light?

    Well first off im 18 so i wont be needing her permission or anything about donating. Honestly, i dont even know where to start with this. I have tried speaking to her nicely about what her reservations are about my choice of donating but often this just results in tears on my part and my mother...
  8. R

    is my mum right, once a girl get's married, all she's interested in is, her new

    husband and babies? anything below that, like work, friendships, doesn't really have much importance or relevance on her life, because they only life she want's, is the life with her new husband. my mum doesn't have alot of friends, are some girls like this, once their married, all they need is...
  9. M

    What should I buy Mum for her 50th?

    My Mum is going to be 50 in May and I'm thinking about a present for her.. I have about £100. She has a rare joint and heart condition so she gets tired very easily and doesn't get out much although on a good day she may go out for a meal, for example. Basically I don't want to get her...
  10. D

    Today my mum played baseball with another boy...?

    I'm 25 she met him on collage i dotn want a new dad i went a new mum bcuz mine has others
  11. H

    how to make my mum let me have my guinea pigs in my room? and is it weird...

    ...having guinea pigs in your room? im gonna buy and then make a c&c cage. By weird i mean like gross by having them in ur room like to they make it smell ( my guinea pigs haven't been in the house b4), and if ur guinea pigs are in ur room do u get changed in there? and how do i make my mum let...
  12. G

    Young modeling? how do i talk to my mum? ?

    I'm only 13 but really want to have a go at modeling, I know and am totally aware its hard work but I'm willing to put in the effort needed. The only thing is, I've been at a private school all my life, so kinda feel bad asking, but obviously I need my mums permission, but its awkward asking, I...
  13. L

    I used to listen to an audio book in the car with my mum on the way to school?

    I think it was australian, or at least it was set in australia. it was about a bunch of animals that lived in a gully and they collected and stored some sort of coloured leaves (?) and i can't for the life of me remember what it was called. does anyone have any hints or ideas?
  14. B

    on neighbours what happened to tashes mum?

    why does micheal keep seeing her did she drown or something
  15. B

    if i give up self harming i dont have to tell my mum that i ever did?

    if i give up cutting my wrists before my mum finds out i don't have to tell her, Right?
  16. H

    Parents arguing constantly - dad thinks mum is cheating...?

    My dad lost his job a few years ago, has struggled to find much work since, and has since lost his confidence and has become paranoid. He can't hold down a job because he's very opinionated, plus he's getting older and doesn't have much work to show for it. He constantly argues with my mum over...
  17. L

    What is the best prezzie to buy my mum for her birthday?

    Just looking for gift ideas ... want to buy something really unique and special for a special mum
  18. C

    I'm male 12 parents broke up mum meet a guy and tonight I heard them

    kissing and doing it I'm scared what I do? Help
  19. L

    My Mum doesn't want a relationship with me anymore?

    I am 27 years old. My Mum has always been kind of bipolar in the sense that one day she's happy and loving and the other she transforms in an angry person who just lashes out at me, criticises me and says horrible things ("You've always been a disappointment", "I never liked your presents"...
  20. E

    My mum and dad got me a hamster but i am not sure what to call it my hamster is

    ginger and white? My hamster is ginger and white. And she has got big ears. Well i was thinking about get two Drawf hamsters but the lady in the pet shop said the Syrian Hamsters are more better to tame. So i had picked the one came to me and the lady at the pet shop. She is always running mad...