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    Why would a random person be taking pictures of my car number plate ?

    My neighbour saw them taking photos .I have not been involved in any incidents or accidents .What are they up to ? Not normal ! Thanks x. bog standard plate , elderly car & haven't "dinged" anyone !
  2. M

    Does a wireless charging plate work with a nokia lumia 800?

    Do the charging plates only work with the newer models, e.g. 900, 920. Or will it work with my 800? Thankyou.
  3. J

    Surfer licence plate idea?

    I want to buy a personalized number plate, and its really hard to come up with good ideas since pretty much everything is taken. Im a surfer and a girl, and i love hawaii and the spirit of it. Here is some things i thought of, but obviously they are all taken :( It has to be 7 letters/numbers...
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    Does anyone have a radio code for my 55 plate Nissan Micra factory fitted

    stereo? BP538753302358 & 7645387318? Does anyone have a radio code for my 55 plate Nissan Micra factory fitted stereo? BP538753302358 & 7645387318
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    A car hit my car in a parking lot, and drove off but I have license plate...

    ...and pictures, what can I do? I was in a plaza going straight along the parking lot, when a van entering the plaza turned right as I passed by the entrance. The van hit my car on the front passenger door (very little) and mostly on the back passenger door. We pulled up on the side, and he...
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    Driving a new semi truck with no plate or insurance?

    I just bought a semi truck and want to know if I can drive it home about 10 miles away with no plate or insurance. I can use the old plate but its not under my name. I don't know if I can drive it or no
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    citroen relay van 08 plate?

    The speedo only reads in km does anyone know how to change it to miles?
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    How to transfer plates from one car to another if the plate is from a different...

    ...state? I'm trying to purchase a car from NJ. I live in Philadelphia. I'm wondering, how could I switch my PA plates over to a new car while in NJ. I don't want new plates or NJ plates. I want to switch my plate to the new car and drive home legally.
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    Please help with a Physics Parallel Plate Capacitor/Electron travel problem!?

    Two 6.0 cm diameter (circular) electrodes are spaced 5.0 mm apart and charged. The charge on the positive plate is +1nC and the charge on the negative plate is -1nC. An electron is released from rest at the surface of the negative electrode. (assume the space between the electrodes is a...
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    How can I fit an oil sandwich plate to a Citroen C2?

    I want to fit an oil sandwich plate to my C2 for my oil pressure and temp gauges but cannot find one suitable. My filter is the same as the one in the video and as you can see I would need a huge threaded plate for it to work! Has anyone got any ideas on how I could do it? I dont really want to...
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    im thinking of buying a Citroen c2, 2007 plate diesel engine with full

    service history? but it has done 110,000 miles and its only 1400 engine , is this a good buy.
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    License Plate Law question?

    I want to know if there are any laws about displaying the rear plate on a vehicle upside down, specifically in Hawaii if possible I have plates that read "I Derp" and I would love to place them upside down as a Gag. I am aware that license plates and proper license plating is VERY VERY...
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    can i make license plate from california just for gift?

    i'm going back to my contry and i was woundering if i can make license plate from california and have my friend's name on it and it's just for gift to him,, can i do that
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    can a newspaper print a picture of my car showing my number plate?

    hello a local newspaper has printed a picture of my Sports car (or as they call it a race car) the story has nothing to do with me or my car (i think they have picked it becouse it stands out so much) the story is about a so called bad road (very close to where i live) and they are calling it...
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    I seen a suv with license plate totwb on it what does it stand for ?

    I seen a suv that had totwb on its plates what does it stand for
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    Yadier Molina injured in violent home plate collision, benches later warned after Car

    A scary scene played out at PNC Park on Tuesday night as St. Louis Cardinals All-Star and Gold Glove catcher Yadier Molina was forced from the game with what was later diagnosed as upper back, shoulder and neck strains*after a*violent high-speed collision with Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman...
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    And This Is Why Meat Sucks: Video Shows Sick, Abused Cows That End Up On Your Plate

    Yes, this is a photo of a California slaughterhouse worker stepping on a cow's muzzle to try to suffocate him. It's part of the shocking video that the USDA received about this slaughterhouse showing abused--and possibly sick--cows that may be ending up on your plate. More »Post from: Blisstree
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    2006 Chrysler GTC. Has no place in front for a vanity plate. No screw openings.?

    Is there some kind of an adapter I can buy at an auto store or maybe a Chrysler dealer so I can put my vanity plate on the front of my 2006 Chrysler? Thank you.
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    License Plate made of Sticker?

    Hey Guys, I know this may sound a little crazy, but i tried surfing the web with no useful info. My question is, is it legal to make an exact copy of your front license plate into a weather proof Sticker? I was just wondering, because alot of people are complaining with the steel plate, it...
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    what is the plate under the intake manifold on my 1971 chrysler 383?

    its rusted and i need a new one but i dont know what it is called