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    Jake Gyllenhaal Reads a Poem, Donates $5,000 to Mental-Health Care for Military Veter

    Jake Gyllenhaal is one heck of a guy. The Jarhead*star*both offered up his Great Gatsby-polished voice*and*opened up his wallet*tonight at the Headstrong...
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    Poll: Do you like my poem? It's called "Meet me at the ice cream truck"?

    Meet me at the ice cream truck I'll buy you an ice cream I'll whip out my drumstick that will make your eyes gleam Lick it up quick before it melts on the floor Gobble up the the dribbles or you won't get no more I had trouble coming up with an ending but think it turned out rather strong. i...
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    what are the main literary techniques used in the poem?

    You are the sunlight in my day, You are the moon I see far away. You are the tree I lean upon, You are the one that makes troubles be gone. You are the one who taught me life, How not to fight, and what is right. You are the words inside my song, You are my love, my life, my mom. You are the one...
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    Can someone analyze this Marvin Bell poem for me?

    1. About the Dead Man and Food The dead man likes chocolate, dark chocolate. The dead man remembers custard as it was, spumoni as it was, shave ice as it was. The dead man talks food with an active tongue, licks his fingers, takes seconds, but has moved on to salads. It's...
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    Can someone analyze this Marvin Bell poem for me?

    To an Adolescent Weeping Willow I don't know what you think you're doing, sweeping the ground. You do it so easily, backhanded, forehanded. You hardly bend. Really, you sway. What can it mean when a thing is so easy? I threw dirt on my father's floor. Not dirt, but a chopped green dirt which...
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    Poll: Ladies, do you like the poem I wrote for you...?

    Girl, your eyes sparkle like diamonds all shiny and bright, I'm gonna slip something in your drink and bang you tonight. <3
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    Thoughts on this "Julian Knaster" style poem?

    The Farmer ~Demetrius B. I fail to influenced by the absence of success or notoriety, or money, or intemperance or people much better than me or you, focused on no other purpose than that of seeing everyone a level below them, a step behind them; Sometimes I stop and wonder if those same...
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    Can someone give me an example of an introduction on the poem "Fire and Ice"

    Can someone give me an example of an introduction on the poem "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost? analytical essay.
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    Read my poem and say how's it.Any suggestions?

    For My Love’s Sake While attempting to know My soul – I met yours. Four eyes met; and two souls, Love came, and we were one. For thy love’s sake, I gave up my thirst for freedom. It was an eternal bondage; To which my heart gave in at last. Today those sleepless nights stand As memories of...
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    Quick trivia: Give me your favorite poem and state why.?

    I don't have a favorite poet. I'm expecting to have one after I hear from you.
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    What do u think of my poem Christians ?

    The bible is a book Which I have read And don't u dare look But my name is red
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    Tragedy befalls fishing expedition. Will you please read poem and find out if they...

    ...astert in the end? If you feel led to, please C.C and/or Comment on poem. Positive and negative c.c. are always welcome. This is one of three parts. The other two will be released later on in the day or at the latest on consecutive days. The poem is a re-post and minor edit of several...
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    What techniques does Pope use to weave humor into the poem The Rape of the Lock?

    What techniques does Pope use to weave humor into the poem The Rape of the Lock?
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    French- can you tell me if the lines in this poem are past, present of future?!!?

    Pull down to refresh Hello Anon 94 points (level 1) Ask Answer Discover Yahoo! Homework Help Your Open Question: Can you tell me if the lines of this song are present, past or future? C’est la belle nuit de noël La neige étend son manteau blanc Et les yeux levés vers le ciel A genoux, les...
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    Poem ideas to spark? Interesting topics?

    So ive come up with a few interesting possible titles to poems i may want to write- let me know what you think, and what you might think they would be about.. The Archeologly of Gender I Consume the Insect World The Mechanism of Luminosity Public Parallels The Nature of Pollination, Poverty...
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    Survey: hows it, my poem on (cyber) bullying?

    Rate and correct. PATHETIC HUMAN BEING You took no time at all before letting me fall and why should you even bother because what are you you are just a stranger so strong but i'm a fool to be wanting respect i have a story so long to never gain interest This is how it goes.. instead of living...
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    Is this a cliched line to use in a poem?

    'By a rose bush in the field of Nothing In the suburb of Nowhere, in the state of Something' More speciifically the nothing, nowhere, something bit
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    Is there humor in this? Is it dark and what make a poem Goth?

    I think the blood is gushing from my head. I'm feeling faint not sure, I might be dead. There isn't any pain just like I've heard sudden slice that severs no more words just shock that's left my eyes in open stare and disconnected feelings here and there.
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    Riddle poem what am I ...?

    I am with you I follow you your footsteps are my footsteps I fade away, in the sometimes but never in the dark I am still there you no I do not talk to you I'm silent and you cannot leave my side what am I ? NO NO NO LOL LOL LOL What Am I You all think it's my SHADOW But it should...
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    Related text for power, any movie, poem, Novel would help?

    I need 2 related texts about power, thanx