1. B

    Are pokemon games only on the DS?

    Like the ones where you go on an adventure to become the pokemon master, like red and sapphire version
  2. E

    Pokémon Emerald- what's the best place to train my pokemon for the 7th gym?

    My pokemon are the following: Swampert-Lv.36 Altaria-Lv.35 Crobat-Lv.33 Gardevoir-Lv.34 Lairon-Lv.34 Gyarados-Lv.27 (Currently Exp. share-ing it)
  3. G

    Will a Nintendo 3DS Pokemon X/Y Bundle come to US?

    There have been more and more rumors stating that retailers have seen a blue and red 3DS bundled with Pokemon games X/Y. I'm not sure if I remember correctly but every main handheld pokemon game thus far has had Bundles attached ( or at least last generation anyway). Just wanted to know your...
  4. B

    Where to train my pokemon in pokemon leaf green?

    I'm getting my pokemon ready to fight the elite four but they're levels are only low 50s and need raising to level 60s at least I've been told but I don't know where to train them? I've been to all the town and the islands but I cant find anywhere that is a good match for my pokemon so I can...
  5. J

    What is your perfect Pokemon team and favorite Pokemon?

    I don't just mean like your strongest team but like Pokemon you like too mine 1.gengar(cause I love putting people to sleep and using curse) 2.infernape(cause he's a boss) 3.gyrados(even though he's flying type) 4.braviary 5.luxray 6.snorlax
  6. S

    Are there any mobile websites to watch every Pokemon episode on an Android phone?

    Has to be mobile and work on an Android. If not, any website at all.
  7. A

    How to stop my pokemon game on a gba embulator on an android from freezing?

    Well , I been playing a pokemon game on my android gba ebulator & everytime I get the same trainer to battle it freezes . How could I fix this problem without erasing the data ?
  8. J

    Handheld game in Japan like Pokemon?

    When i was a kid I had this handheld monster battling game. It was blue, and the screen was black and white, very pixelated. You shook it to level up your characters. I have no idea what it's called, pretty sure it came out between 1997 and 2000. All in Japanese. Please help me find what it's...
  9. A

    Does anyone still play pokemon pearl and willing to trade ?

    Really want a mew really bad
  10. G

    Does anyone want to trade Pokemon? Shiny for a Pikachu?

    I'm currently using Masuda Method and KNOW I will get a Shiny eventually. I'm willing to trade ANY shiny, you name it (in Black and White 2) for any level Pikachu. Just leave what Pokemon you want and give me two-three weeks or so and I should have TWO shinies of your Pokemon of choice and will...
  11. S

    10 POINTS!!!! Sites to download pokemon games for blackberry for free?

    I'm looking for sites on where I can download pokemon games for my blackberry phone..the games must be free with no subscription!!
  12. S

    10 POINTS!!!! Sites to download pokemon games for blackberry for free?

    I'm looking for sites on where I can download pokemon games for my blackberry phone..the games must be free with no subscription!!
  13. R

    Calling all pokemon fans?

    If ash were to get married who would he marry I think he would get married to misty or anabel (frontier brain) because misty and ash have a really good relationship with each other and misty knows she likes him as well but anabel actually after ash battles her she admits to her self she loves...
  14. D

    Where is the easiest plac to find a dsi and a Pokemon black 2 cheap (not including...

    ...online)? I neeeeeeed it for my son to finish his Pokemon collection but he still has to get x/y
  15. J

    Handheld Pokemon games?

    So for his birthday this year, I'd like to get my boyfriend a Pokemon game, but first I need to get him a handheld game "console". So first of all...which one should I go with, a DS or an older Gameboy or what? I'm just not sure where to start! (I didn't play many handhelds as a child, or even...
  16. C

    Should I get the Pokemon Black and white DVD sets?

    Ok I am a huge Pokemon fan I already have all of the Pokemon seasons up to season 13 plus movies and a few specials.I got them off of ioffer but I usually scratch up my discs so ioffer doesn't work for me.I want to buy all of the pokemon seasons on DVD box sets starting with Black and white and...
  17. M

    Action Replay DSi freezes when Pokemon Black 2 loads?

    After I press 'continue', it just freezes on me.
  18. B

    How do I connect to Nintendo WFC in Pokemon Diamond?

    Okay so I want to connect to the pokemon Global trading station, but can't. I have a nintendo dsi XL and I already have my internet setup, but when I tried connecting in pokemon diamond it said there was no compatible Access point in range. I tried clearing my internet settings and re-doing them...
  19. R

    Pokemon Leaf Green Daisy Oak's rating our Pokemon's happiness?

    I have a Pokemon Leaf Green game and i had a Seadra lvl 56 which i trained it alot since it was a little Horsea at lvl 8. I've won the Pokemon League and i'm currently on Six Island in the game, i found a Dragon Scale and traded it over other game to make it evolve into Kingdra lvl 56 only and...
  20. V

    Desmume Pokemon Black 2 Wifi Help? Nintendo Wi-Fi Error 52200?

    I'm on DeSmuME 0.9.7 (which purpose is for wifi, it's not the regular DeSmuME). I searched access point, got SoftAP (which is the connection I'm suppose to connect to), the connection works when I test it. So what I'm trying to do is use PokeGTS to try to receive the Pokemon I created. So I...