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    Are Politics and sex related,And don't tell me to be quiet,Its late and I want

    to discuss it rationally? @No Mr.Bear. I mean what I say. Tell me everything.My mom is sleep. I think its so exciting to be a powerful influence.Get whatever you want.
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    Without knowing the politics (or history) behind it, does this make sense to you?

    From an ethnic Albanian point of view, the fact that the Albanian population in Macedonia constitutes such a significant portion of the entire population is grounds for demanding that the constitution be changed so as to make the Albanians a constituent nation, alongside the Macedonian, thereby...
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    Politics: Would you vote for Inspector Gadget for President?

    or for Peter Griffin?
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    Politics: Why exactly is Barack Obama a "thug," as some like to call him?

    Thus is a strong word. Gangbangers and drug dealers are thugs. Klansmen are thugs. Terrorists are thugs. A man who beats his family is a thug. You may dislike Obama's beliefs and policies, but how is he comparable to a criminal, considering that his foreign policy is almost identical to both...
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    The best Bipartisan humor in politics?

    Two guys are sitting around talking about politics. One of them asks the other, "So why are you a Democrat?" "Because my daddy and granddaddy were Democrats," was the man's reply. "What if your daddy and granddaddy were horse thieves?" "In that case, I guess I'd be a Republican." Bring it...
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    Why is Religion so influential in politics in the US?

    I mean the less religious states like Massachusetts and Maine are more to the left, and the more religious states like Mississippi and Alabama are more to the right. alan h - Not entirely, UKIP a very right wing party are full of Christians believing in "Family Values" , same with the Tories...
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    Got a poll-type question about politics, take two seconds to answer?

    Let's deifine liberal and conservative first between the question: Liberal: Environment needs protection at the cost of money, All war is bad, guns are unneeded and should be illegal, gays should have all the rights of hetero couples, etc... Conservative: Gays should not have the rights of...
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    Michael Pollan: GMO Labeling Brings Food Policy Into Politics

    Michael Pollan's new piece*in the New York Times magazine explains his position in favor of California's Proposition 37, which would require labeling on genetically modified foods (GMOs). *Pollan also participated in a IAmA session on Reddit, where he fielded a metric ton of user questions about...
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    what interesting topic can i use for comparative politics essay?

    i want a topic about comparative politics between two countries plz help :))) thank u
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    Women & Politics (September 2, 2012 - Part 2) - Sep 21,2012

    Part 2 of 3: Originally Aired September 2, 2012 Dianne Linderman talks about Obama and the evidence that proves his anti-American beliefs and lack of patriotism. Dianne also talks about womens role in politics, followed by a discussion related to the news story titled: “Navy Seal Author Rejects...
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    How can I call my mother and not discuss politics?

    Mom insists I call once a week; I'm 40 years old with a family 3 hours from her. If I don't call, she insists that I don't care about her, not concerned about her--blah blah (and my brother is much more caring than me). My brother is just needier than me. I do the same thing every week; the...
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    What happened to the days were you did not talk about politics, religion and sex?

    Get so tired of people forcing their political and religious views. They say 1 out of 5 relationships have had a falling out with friends /families because of opposite political views.
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    Which topic in US government and politics is interesting ?

    Which one is more interesting ? (Ap govt) A. The bureaucracy B. Economic policy in the American system C. Elections and campaigns
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    Have you noticed this trend in politics?

    I don't hate Republicans at all! But do they want such a small government? I feel like they're all, "The government needs out of my personal business. It's too big yada yada." YET when it comes to PERSONAL business like whether or not you can have an abortion/birth control/and gay marriage...
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    Why do Christians want to mix religion into politics? Does it not make America

    less free? Like with the US gay discrimination issue.
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    What celebrities have had a strong impact on politics, culture or the economy?

    I want to do a biography on someone well known.
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    What's the relationship between Religion, Economics and Politics? (see more detail)?

    How can we take the Bible's triangular relationship of Religion, Economics and Politics and translate it into today's terms?
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    Why have the conservative christians hijacked the politics section on Yahoo Answers?

    Did they all get outwitted here and go somewhere else to wallow in their ignorance?
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    Does there seem to be quite a bit of childish rant in the politics section?

    Both from the left and right or it could also be the left pretending to be right and vice versa. Some of these people need to just put away their crayons and sit in time out. @ Og please don't hold back tell us how you really feel
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    why do people on YouTube who are arguing about religion and politics say?

    I'm not going to respond to this, you are dumb AND the they DO respond!