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    How to register divx and play divx videos on ps3?

    Step by step
  2. T

    Is there a way to trade FUT 13 Xbox players/coins with Ps3 ones?

    I have a very good Xbox fifa ultimate team squad, what can I do so I can move it to my Ps3 account? If it is not possible, are there people or websites who can buy my players and give me the coins back on my ps3 team? Thanks. If some scammers want to try to steal my account pretending they...
  3. V

    Why won't my pS3 play blue rays anymore?

    my ps3 stop playing blue rays tonight =(. i popped in a blue ray n nothing played, popped in a reg dvd n it played. tried resetting settings and when i didthe blue ray came up n when i switched the disks to another blue ray it stopped. i tried resetting my again but this time it completely...
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    Why dont blue ray movies work on my PS3?

    Blue ray games work but blue ray movies don't how can I fix this? ?
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    I have a new ps3 and im trying to bluetooth pair my samsung p1000 tablet to my ps3

    to send music,pics,vidz etc? Every time i scan for bluetooth devices it just keeps on scanning do i need to buy a bluetooth headset for my ps3 just to send my files
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    How do i record PS3 with an Telus Optik TV?

    I already have plugged in the HDMI cords but now what?
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    Is Downloading Movies From PS3 Divx Legal?

    I'm wondering if downloading movies from ps3 divx legal, because I don't wanna get in really big trouble for it???
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    Why wont my PS3 play blue ray movies bt it plays blueray games?

    Blue ray movies don't work at all normal DVDs work fine and my blue ray games like GTA 4 and NFS shit 2 unleashed works perfectly fine how can I fix this so I can watch blue ray movies
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    Is it ok to download videos from ps3 divx or will it harm the ps3?

    I was thinking to download a video but I stopped and think will it harm it or not?
  10. C

    trouble playing blue ray on PS3?

    I can't play the blue ray disk "identity thief" on my ps3(tried two different disks, both from Redbox). All other disks work fine. I have the latest software update for ps3. the disk loads the Universal title page with picture and sound then goes blank(both times same movie). Any advice?
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    Why won't my wireless ps3 controller work when I pair my bluetooth with my ps3?

    I've tried several different bluetooth and it does the same. I can pair them just fine but as soon as I do, the controller stops working. Turn the bluetooth off and the controller works again! Please help!
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    Does the wireless bluetooth work for ps3 both ways?

    I am wondering if the wireless headset for the ps3 works both ways lik a mic to talk in and lik a headset for example lik headphones
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    How can you remarry a ps3 blueray with a psp and what files do you need thanks.?

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    Need help with my PS3 SLIM blue ray laser lens & deck?

    The other day my PS3 SLIM stopped reading disks. I disassembled it and cleaned it (including the blue ray and dvd lens). I tried loading a disk with the top half of the case removed and i noticed that the disk doesn't spin at all. So, after lots of research, i've come to the conclusion that i...
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    is the data of your ps3 held on the blue ray disc drive?

    my ps3 doesn't read games and I need to replace the disc drive but I was wondering will I still have my data from games like cod and such
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    is the data of your ps3 held on the blue ray disc drive?

    my ps3 doesn't read games and I need to replace the disc drive but I was wondering will I still have my data from games like cod and such
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    Does PS3 run 3D Blue-Ray Movies?

    Sorry I am new to PS3, just bought one 1 month back and I wanted to know does it only run Blue-ray movies or it can even run 3D Blue-Ray Movies considering I do have a Sony 3D TV. BTW my ps3 is the ps3 slim 320gb version, NOT the new 500gb version
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    Can I use my Bluetooth capable Cell Phone as a PS3 mic?

    I have an LG 800g that is Bluetooth capable and I want to know if I can use the actual cell phone as a microphone for my PS3.
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    Does my blue ray reader lens in my PS3 need to be replaced or just cleaned?

    For some time now, my PS3 has not been wanting to read discs right away. You have to stand there for an hour taking the disc out and putting it back in before it'll finally read it. It acts like it tries to read it then it stops after a couple minutes as if it failed. It only does this with...
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    why doesnt my bluetooth device connect to my ps3?

    my device is called afterglow ap.3 bluetooth communicator for ps3. wheni try to connect it and press scan it takes to long for it to scan idk why it does that i NEED help i just bought it today