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    Simple game..

    Here is an interesting game for you guys, I hope you will like to take part in this game. Here I am going to ask a question, next poster have to reply it and ask the 2nd question according to his own choice the 3rd poster have to reply the second person and ask his own question. so, let's...
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    simple macro recorder

    AutoMe is a simple macro recorder tool which can be used to automate your repetitive computer tasks. You can use the Windows macro recorder software to record and replay mouse clicks and movements, keyboard key presses. Download the simple macro recorder program for free from...
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    Any simple bento recipe ideas to make for my boyfriend?

    I just got this bento box. :) oh, and I also bought heart egg molds so I'm thinking of putting heart boiled eggs in my bento. What else should I include in my bento? :)
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    Scientists Discover Simple Method For Testing Coma Patients

    Even experts can have a hard time determining the degree of consciousness that patients have following severe cranio-cerebral injuries. A team of researchers at the University of Liège in Belgium have discovered a new method for determining gradual degrees of consciousness. The major advantage...
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    Can someone share an extremely simple recipe for chocolate chip muffins?

    Homemade, and it has to be simple. Thank you! :)
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    I updated my Google playstore Into simple Android market v3!?!! please help!!?

    MY PHONE IS XPIRIA E WITH android 4.1 jellybean I thought That its another apps market ..Can i click on "Install updates" of android market ??!!! I want Playstore back
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    What are some simple ways to take care of an older car?

    I want to see how long I can keep a 92' honda accord running. It's got close to 290,000km. Any simple tips or anything in particular I should pay attention to in order to keep it running good? I do all the basics, like oil/filter and other general things. But are there other, possibly cost...
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    Banana Smoothies Simple recipes?

    Original recipes
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    Anyone up for a simple baseball trivia question?

    In the history of Major League Baseball, there have only ever been three triple headers. Of those triple headers, from only one of them both teams involved still exist with the same names today as they did then. Three simple trivia questions from this. -What were the two teams? -What was the...
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    I went over my data plan by one MB and one hundredth of mb, on Verizon, will I have to pay? How much will I have to pay? Please help
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    Can the blackberry z10 be turned into simple mobile an if so will any of...

    ...the apps be effected? Or will I not be able to use certain things ?
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    How to make a simple dc mobile charger?

    I want to make a mobile charger to charge my phone which requires max 4.2 V and 418 mA. I want to supply dc voltage of about 5-10V ( It can be less or more then that values, i don't really know exact voltage because I want to use a dynamo for input). The voltage can be very high due to high...
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    No cheating, can you answer this simple Dinosaur quiz?

    1. How many horns did Triceratops have? 2. True or false? The name dinosaur means ‘terrible lizard’. 3. Which came first, the Jurassic or Cretaceous Period? 4. Was Diplodocus a carnivore or herbivore? 5. True of false? Tyrannosaurus rex was the biggest dinosaur ever. 6. True or false? Iguanodon...
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    How would you rewrite this? (Just a short, simple paragraph!)?

    Something about this sounds... clunky? I'm not sure how to rewrite it, though. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks! _____________________ You are unique. You are talented. You have a bright future ahead of you. Whenever you start to think those depressing thoughts, just remember...
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    Simple question about a Judaism belief?

    In the Jewish religion, is there some sort of connection to someone far far back that makes everyone related? If yes, is the belief that all Jews are related or all people on the planet are related? Also in other religions, what's the beliefs with relations to each other?
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    3 simple accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln?

    What are 3 very simple accomplishments of abraham lincoln? im writing an essay of home and i want to write something very simple and easy and wont take long :P
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    Recipe: Raw Winterland Salad From New Cookbook Raw And Simple

    Need some winter raw recipes and inspiration? Check out Raw & Simple: Eat Well and Live Radiantly, a new cookbook by Los Angeles actress, model and musician Judita Wignall. More » Recipe: Raw Winterland Salad From New Cookbook Raw And Simple is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
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    Does blackberry bold 9000 work with the company SIMPLE MOBILE?

    I want to buy blackberry bold 9000 but don't I'd it's gonna work. The phone is unlock to all GSM NETWORKS
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    If I put a SIMple Mobile SIM Card in a Motorola Droid 2 Global , Will it work ?

    I'm really looking for a new phone , I have an HTC Cha Cha ... Any suggestions ????
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    Simple recipes to use tandoori masala spice on..?

    Today I just bought this Tandoori Masala spice thinking it was something else. What can I use this on and keep in mind the only other "Non-American" spice I have is curry. I have the common American spices in my home. ...........................................