1. A

    Why does it seem like some guys do these new trends that are stupid?

    like different styles walking around with their pants hanging down & their boxers showing, but now I see guys when they wear belts & leave them hanging down, & walking around with their shoes untied. I mean honestly do they think its attractive or something?
  2. L

    Stupid question: where is Roger Federer staying in New York?

    In what hotel?
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    I’m Living Proof: Hangovers Make You Stupid

    Scientific Breakthrough: Hangovers might make you stupid, from the scientists who discovered that water is wet. More » I’m Living Proof: Hangovers Make You Stupid is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental health &...
  4. L

    PDA is so stupid! How can i get away with it?

    PDA ( Personal Display of Affection). Okay guys, so im at this little summer camp thing my parents made me go to, well i met this beautiful girl, and me & her kinda have like a little thing together i guess. Well my question what do you guys think PDA is? and to what point do you think it would...
  5. D

    The tv show "Gossip Girl" is stupid!?

    My teen daughter loves Gossip Girl. I watched a few seasons, and i can't believe that 16 year olds are drinking in bars, the whole gossip girl website is classified as cyberbullying and stalkish behaviour, im surprised noone pressed harassment charges against The person running the website! And...
  6. D

    Would it be stupid of me to travel?

    Basically my husband was refused spouse visa and we appealed on 27th March 2013 I'm thinking of going to visit my husband in August/September My solicitor doesn't think it is a good idea as he thinks my court hearing date can be in August/September But does it take longer then 6 months for a...
  7. F

    survey, do you think tom cruise is stupid?

  8. S

    I feel like some of the people on this earth are too stupid to argue with?

    I do, I feel like creationists are ridiculous and butthurt religious freaks are retarded and I look at these cult induced groups and wonder how the hell we've come to survive as a species. I feel like I don't belong on this planet because I literally feel like I'm surrounded by retards.
  9. L

    I have to do a rant about why social sites like Facebook Twitter ect are stupid...?

    What points should I make? What should my first sentence be?
  10. K

    The Tumblr app on my iTouch is stupid?

    It won't let me make or reblog posts. It began a few days ago when I tried to post something, and when I refreshed my blog it didn't appear. It keeps happening everytime I try to post. I already have a Facebook, but not much is going on :( That's why I made a Tumblr.
  11. T

    Top Eleven free tokens without stupid surveys help?

    Hey guys, this question is like totally off my usual topic of relationships but, do any of you know cheats of how to get free tokens in the Facebook game Top Eleven Football Manager? Like I'm talking to stupid fake surveys and possibly no downloads? I need the tokens for next season but I'm...
  12. J

    Am I right to feel this way or am I just being stupid and insecure?

    My boyfriend is sooooo close with his sisters. He has told me that his ex girlfriend had a problem with it and it was like he had to get it off his chest when we first went on a date. Anyway I thought it is nice that he value his sisters and care about them. BUT now how I regret saying that -...
  13. C

    Just got a new box from dish network and the stupid thing wont let me...

    ...program my remotes...? Dumb thing has a stupid message on the tv and wont let me even program the remotes... I am ready to switch to Direct tv.... HELP
  14. M

    This stupid speed bump hit the bottom of my 2001 bmw 540i?

    Does anyone know what parts under the car are next to the front right tire? Right behind the tire....b/c when I was driving there was this loud grinding noise....and this thing is hanging off by my tire. Idk what it is. It's a flat metal square, maybe the lid/cover to something.
  15. T

    Am I the only one who found Annabel in Just Listen stupid?

    I know she was a nice girl and what happened was horrible but I didn't get why she didnt tell her parents and it was always like she couldn't stand up for herself
  16. P

    What kind of stupid movie turns an American Icon like Ab Lincoln into a...

    ...vampire hunter? I think this is a slap across the face for all Americans.
  17. A

    Split Ends Are The Reason You Can’t Get A Job, According To Very Stupid Survey

    Ladies, here's a tip from British department store Debenham's: Instead of wasting time trying to boost your resume with volunteer work and internships, what you really need to do is get thee to a nail salon. Because according to a survey of 2,000 people who had previously been in charge of...
  18. K

    You ppl probably get this a lot but... how do I get this stupid guy to

    like me?!? lol? Well there's this guy (obviously) and he's... well AWESOME lol. Hes suuuuper cute xD. And funny (VERY). And... idk if he likes me or not :/ How do you tell? Anyway.... the problem is i am sooooo shy around people im not already comfortable with. and around him... i get nervous...
  19. S

    My macbook pro hard drive is stupid?

    Say i have 30 Gigabytes free on my hard drive. Then i start a download that is 5 gigabytes. Before it really downloads much (like 50 megabytes) i cancel the download and delete the already downloaded data. After doing that, i go to check my hard drive space and theres only 25 gigabytes. I am...
  20. C

    Me and my bf argue way too much over stupid things?

    We're going out for 1 year and 8 months now. We've had 2 break ups. 1st one is only for a couple of days but the 2nd one was for a month. We got back together in March. These past couple of days we've just been arguing way too much and its driving me mad. Every time we argue he always brings up...