1. L

    I was wondering if there is a way to find out what app is used on a picture?

    There's this picture editing I saw and I liked it and the person who's picture it is won't tell what app they used and I was wondering I if there is a way like an app or website that tells what app a person used to edit there picture please respond thank you (:
  2. J

    So I got a blackberry playbook and I was wondering if I could change the...

    ...OS to android? I don't really like the Blackberry OS because of the apps. Is there anyway where I could change it to android?
  3. V

    Im building a PC and I was wondering is a DVD drive the same as a dvd burner?

    This is the product I am looking at, will this read and write dvds, cds? This is the drive I wanna get http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827135204
  4. M

    I just got the iPad 4 brand new for school coming up and I'm wondering if

    32Gb is enough? My school is requiring that we get the new iPad for textbooks, documents, and other school related materials. Now for my own recreational use, I plan to buy a lot of books/novels, a couple hundred songs, a couple movies, and a lot of apps. Also, something weird is up with my...
  5. A

    I was wondering if t mobile is good in southern California ?

    I know t mobile is not the best cell phone company, but i wanted to know if this company has the following things, good reception, fast data, good sound quality, customer service and no hidden charges, i want a nice bill. Im planning to get the Iphone 4s and i wanted to know if this is the right...
  6. D

    I have an white 03 Mitsubishi Galant and was wondering what should I do to it?

    I have a cold air intake and a turbo and a hood scoop. I want to get something that will boost up the acceleration. I was wondering if there was a chip out there that would help with the acceleration. it is an automatic :( and there is a large gap between the second and third gear when I...
  7. S

    Hey, i was wondering whats the best course to learn defence?

    i was wondering if someone was to come and attack me what course would best teach me to know what to do in a attack situation- like Jujitsu or martial arts or kick boxing ? i think theres more and i don't know what the difference between them are, btw I'm a 17 year old girl. so what art would...
  8. M

    So I have an Iphone 4s 6.1.3 and was wondering is there a website to get...

    ...cydia without jailbreaking? Yeah so 6.1.3 probably not allot out there but maybe i can get some advice or help or something?
  9. A

    Wondering If You Should Try Acupuncture? New Research Sheds More Light On Why You Sho

    The idea of acupuncture has always terrified me. Thinking about somebody placing little needles all over my back gives me the heebie-jeebies, for lack of a better term. However, new research is here to answer my, "Why do acupuncture when you can do anything else?!" question. More » Wondering If...
  10. A

    Hay i have a evo 4g and i was wondering is there any place i could trade...

    ...it in for a galaxy s3 or iphone 4? I have Sprint is their anyvplace I could trade my EVO4g for a iPhone4s or a galaxy s3 please help I don't like this phone anymore
  11. F

    I bought a prepaid Verizon Wireless phone recently, was wondering if I can...

    ...transfer my existing Verizon number? I bought a prepaid Verizon Wireless phone recently, was wondering if I can transfer my existing Verizon number to my new prepaid phone. I had a contract plan with my number just wondering if I can transfer numbers and if so how?
  12. R

    I have the motorola xoom familt edition and i was wondering if i could disable

    the personal dictionary.? I want to be adle to automatically correct errors but the isn't possible if the word isn't in my personal dictionary and I really don't want to put every word in there. I really could use some help.
  13. C

    I have a Samsung WP38 home theater system but without the receiver. I'm wondering...

    ...where I can get it? Or is there another one I can substitute for it that will work with the wireless rear speakers?
  14. L

    I was wondering is all tar black?

    In Genesis 6, it talks about how God wanted Noah to cover the inside and outside of his ark with pitch/tar but the pictures all show just brown. Is that because the pictures are not accurate or what?
  15. D

    I'm gay and wondering if it would be a mistake to move to New Braunfels, TX?

    I like Texas; mostly for the nice weather, but I am gay and obvious.. Is new braunfels a poor choice for me? What would be the best san antonio suburb/ area of SA to live? (Or possibly Dallas)
  16. J

    I have a speech I have to make and I was wondering if you can tell me what...

    ...you think of it.? Everyone has at one point in their life had someone tell them that failure is not an option when in fact failure is the most available option at all times. But to fail in life is a choice as it is a choice to succeed. You can choose to fail by doing nothing or you can choose...
  17. S

    I've just been watching an ECW DVD I bought and i'm wondering, how the hell did...

    ...ECW ever go bust?!? All of the matches I've seen so far have combined striking, technical wrestling, high flying, mat wrestling, extreme wrestling and everything in between. If WWE was like this, their ratings would sky rocket over night!
  18. M

    I'm looking to buy my first sport bike and was wondering if anyone had some

    recommendations.? I'm 5'8 200lbs and I'm quite strong. Also I've be riding dirt bikes for a long time and learned how to ride on a shadow 500. However I haven't driven a sport bike before. What's would be good starter bike for me?
  19. S

    In the film excision, did they actually have sex? just wondering but does anyone

    know? Just wondering because it looked so real, and really gross, it was between adam (jeremy sumpter) and pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) its really bugging me now
  20. M

    im at the sand piper beacon and wondering if i can play this game with

    getng kick out lol? its called cooties xray vision and i was wondering if they would say somthing?