How to delete post?



how can i delete a post i made from the forum? Also why does everyone's I.P get displayed in this section of the forum? Thanks
Im a fun loving bubbly girl,i work long hours during the week and love chilling out at night then pa.
Im Actually 17 ppl i just fort u had to b 18 to join =P.

When ones shopping bag splits on the high street, you would expect a movie style moment where a hand.
I know myself,i am kinda ok with myself, non judgemental, outspoken,thoughtful, enquiring, intellige.
Love travel.
Up for having some no-strings fun!.
I Have an adul.
Well I'M 19, so I'M still undecided in what I want to do career wise.
I am mummy to two gorgeous children of 7 and 10, who are the centre of my life.