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    sport for fitness

    Hey.. Let me ask a question from all of you what do you think which sport is best option for gaining fitness..?? As far as i think football is best one.. share your opinion
  2. S

    Why does fitness give you confidence?

    I was always nerdy looking in high school but all that changed when i got into fitness. About a year later(after i got into fitness) i realised people were staring at me, looking twice, sometimes repeatedly. I started buying new clothes and keeping my hair short instead of it looking shaggy, i...
  3. B

    For varsity track sprinters what fitness program should I do? P90x or Insanity?

    I'm pretty lean. I don't have a six pack and I'm not "big." But I am in better shape than almost everyone in my sophomore class in high school. My best bet was for P90x since for sprinters in the OFF SEASON you want to do some intense cardio but at the same time do a lot of muscle building which...
  4. C

    Great Health and Fitness forums?

    Hey Team, I am after some great health and fitness forums please. Currently looking at joining - Seems good. Thanks in advanced, J.
  5. J

    Walking for fitness

    Health and fitness does not necessary mean doing an time of strenuous work out, or perspiration yourself out, walking is a useful practice for attaining fitness and reducing several diseases. It helps you in controlling obesity.
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    10 Fitness Bloggers You Should Be Following

    Instead of actually working out, I read about fitness and think really hard about all the exercise I would do if I felt like it. More » 10 Fitness Bloggers You Should Be Following is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on...
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    Where can I find a girl who is a bookworm but at the same time is into fitness?

    No drama queens No girls who lead on guys
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    Health and fitness questions!?

    I'm doing the "30 day squat challenge," and I want to know if it will actually work! I don't really have a butt so I thought maybe it would help! However I don't want it to make my thighs bigger! I have a little bit of a thigh gap but not really. I want to slim down, but I want to do it...
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    Military Special Operations Fitness?

    I am currently preparing to becoming a Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) or Special Tactics Officer (STO), which is a officer position of Para-rescue/ Combat Controllers.I was wondering if I would be a mistake to take mass gainer in order for muscle growth? I have seen built Navy Seals, SWCC, RECON...
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    Daily fitness plan for 14 year old?

    Needs to include: Run, push-ups, clap push-ups, pull ups, biceps curls, crunches, hanging leg raises, swimming. p.s I'm doing this to be in great shape for applying for the Royal Marines. If you want to add anything feel free. I have my diet sorted out too! thanks:)
  11. K

    Hotel with fitness centre in Chennai?

    Needs suggestions regarding best hotel to stay in Chennai with fitness centre.
  12. G

    what can someone do with your gym card number (LA fitness)?

    so i was at a parking place where u need validation and i told the guy working there i came from la fitness and he only spoke spanish but he wanted to get my la fitness card number and i didnt pay, so i read it to him on the back of my la fitness card, what could he do with that number?
  13. L

    best diet plan ? and fitness?

    want to lose weight and join the army but unfit i need to have plan to run for long ? i need to do 1.5mile under 14m my goal is about 9m 10m
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    I want a fitness friend?

    I have been trying to loose weight like there is no tomarrow and I am only making a dent in my diet :(. And my parents keep putting me down about my weight. I am a 155 lbs and am aiming to loose 50 or so. I am a 13 year old girl as well but luckily it's summer so I have time over summer break :D...
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    PLEASE HELP need advice with my fitness and eating!! thank you?

    I have started going back to the gym full time again and was wondering if anyone can gie me some advice? mon - 1hr cardio/body pump class tues - 1hr cardio wed - body attack class thur - 1hr pt session fri - 1hr cardio sat - 1hr cardio sun - group gym training then repeat i try and eat healthy...
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    I am currently doing the insanity fitness program and experiencing something odd,... this normal? READ? A bit about myself: Female 5,2" 110 lb I have recently started insanity and approximately 15 minutes into the workout, i experience the same pain as menstrual cramps. Is this normal? The pain is in my abdomen area. Thank you! Yes, that's exactly it! So do you think my...
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    Fitness testing preparation?

    I have fitness testing in 4 days. How should I prepare for it? Nutrition wise and running wise. It is a beep test.
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    Is Anytime Fitness at Baulkham Hills any good and does it have a pool?

    If you could include rates it would be good too thanks.
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    I have questions about fitness.. help?

    so im joining a jim tomorrow. and I rwally want to loose weight. but I also want to get semi toned. I don't want abs or anything like that I just want to loose weight and get a tight tummy. so my question is, what kind of things should I do? and how often? should I do the same things every...
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    Best certification program for personal fitness trainer?

    So,I'm currently planning what to do after high school... I want to do something totally new and exciting with my life. I am also trying to get fit. I thought about it, and I think becoming a personal trainer at a gym or something would be fun. I'm ready to commit to it, and I'll to any...