1. B

    Good places to hike around Denver, Colorado?

    I will be visiting Denver in about a week. Where are some great hiking trails and nature walks not to far from Denver? Thanks!
  2. C

    If I'm going on a 3 day hike what is a good small fishing pole?

    I'm looking for something worth my money but that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.
  3. E

    What would i take with me on a hike of the appalechians?

    After i graduate high school i plan on taking a hike from maine to georgia that will take about 9 months. i will be going with one of my other friends and we've both got enough experience to survive in the wild, but this isn't supposed to be hardcore camping. what sort of things should i bring...
  4. E

    Survivalists: i am going on a hike across the apalechians(sorry forgot correct

    spelling) after i graduate? I am a freshman in high school and I'm just getting into prepping and trying to eventually become a skilled survialist. I'm going to drive to maine a few days after graduation and hike down to georgia along the apalechians. what would i need. obviously food and water...
  5. D

    Does the punter hike the ball?

    Ok so I have a lot of football knowledge and I know I sound like an idiot asking this but... For the Punt the punter hikes the ball correct? I am going to be punter for this team not high school and I honestly have never heard hike from a punter but I wanted to know thanks "Snap" the ball
  6. R

    Hike in Marin, CA: Park your car, hike to the beach, take a shuttle back to your...

    ...car.? Someone mentioned to me a while back about a hike in Marin, CA where you start hiking where you park your car, hike a few miles to the beach or coast. and then can take a shuttle back to the parking lot. Can anyone give me more details about this place? Like where is the parking lot...
  7. J

    Is he being rude? How do I get him to take a hike?

    This guy is seriously starting to annoy me. I told him I wasn't interested, so he asked to be friends. I let it be known that I didn't want to be in a developing "friend" relationship (by ignoring the request), and he tried to bribe me. I ignored his bribe, and now he's annoying my classmate by...
  8. G

    Senators Are Trying to Rush Through a Massive Online Sales Tax Hike

    A band of pro-tax Senators are attempting to rush through policy that would see online sales tax being paid even in states that don't have sales tax. More »
  9. M

    What pants to wear on a hike?

    Tomorrow I am going on a very steep and long (15 miles!) hike, what should I wear besides hiking boots? Thank you!
  10. I

    What to wear on a "hike "?

    So its Louisiana. We don't have mountains. A hike means a walk. But it is seven miles long. The other girls are wearing sweat pants, t -shirts, and converse. I'm not convinced this is the best clothing. Any suggestions?
  11. P

    Why price hike of petrol is effective from midnight always?

    Why price hike of petrol is effective from midnight always? Why always midnight is preferable?
  12. A

    Obama $9 Minimum Wage hike?

    Last I have heard this still remains a proposal, or has it been made official yet? If not, do you think this will happen? If so, what month/year will this be in place by?
  13. X

    what to wear on a hike?

    what to wear on a hike but looking good too (im a girl FYI)
  14. J

    where in california can i hike and shoot without restrictions?

    I like being outdoors and camping but i want to find a place in Southern California where i can set up camp wherever i want, shoot at targets when i want, and pretty much be alone in the woods without firearms and fire restrictions essentially. anyone know of an area where that can happen?
  15. N

    What is meant by nudge on hike?

    I got a message from a number It shows an icon of the hand with a pointing finger... The notification says ______ nudged you
  16. M

    Poll: Would anybody like to go for a hike?

    Might as well go hiking since I live in Colorado. Mountains are very gorgeous
  17. E

    Should I hike Mount Hood?

    I am 14 and I got into hiking a year ago, I hiked Mount Elbert easily, but now I want to do something a little more challenging. I heard Mount Hood was a good mountain to hike, but I don't want to go up there and realize I under estimated the mountain. Even though I'm 14, I'm in great physical...
  18. G

    gold rates hike doubt?

    on which basis gold rates are fixed is there any relation between share markets sen-sex and nifty or american dollar value shall we pre conclude the fluctuation's
  19. B

    Does anyone else feel like this? Like on a hike to Mt. Everest, and...?

    ...1000 steps to greatness, but always 1 step toward falling to your death? I promise that I will only self-pity for the next 10 minutes, but lately, I have become very uncertain in my life (mid-20s). These are uncharted waters. Although I was supposed to go for a PhD, I'm finishing up with my...
  20. T

    How do I confront this female friend who told me to take a hike in the midst...

    ...of an evening? This broad who is friend of mine is in country periodically and practically giving it away with the IOIs She asked me to stay with her at her hotel She said I would be sexy in bed She invited me to her hotel to show her vacation photos As mentioned, I didnt bang her- why is a...