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    Why do wrestlers think they are mma fighters.?

    So I'm a varsity wrestler at my highschool also a blue belt in bjj and I have competed in two ameture mma fights and 1 ameture muy Thai fight. When I see wrestlers at tournaments they all wear tapout and fight shorts. I always ask if they train mma. Half say yes and half say no. Then I ask the...
  2. C

    Question about mma and/or boxing?

    I want to train to fight so ill know how to defend myself. Also to get into shape. I was wondering if there are any trainers or places I can go to, to learn how to box or do mma. I would prefer boxing. I know it's a very good cardio excercise. I also don't want to be facing or trainin with other...
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    training for the mma?

    I have been doing martail arts since i was 8 years old I am now eighteen I have been in boxing, BJJ, TKD, karate and I have messed a round with a few other fighting styles. All of that sounds pretty good only one problem at 14 I started smoking on and off but I lost a family meber and started...
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    Aren't we all training doing MMA?

    Aren't we all doing MMA in a way? The origin of Karate is Okinawa but it has a mixture of Chinese art and other south east asia art too. This is a very good article. Sorry for my English. Thank you JW, one good answer so far.
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    what are MMA shorts made of?

    They are made up of stretchable fabric which expands. This type of fabric is useful in sprawling to avoid any take down. It gives you mobility when executing certain grappling. Some shorts have flex panels located around the groin area that gives the shorts a greater range of motion...
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    Please need ur help in mma!!!!?

    I want to compete in Egyptian fighting championship (EFC) and iwant to prepare for it so iam going to have martial arts background first im thinking to go for boxing - taekwondo - wrestling at the same time then i will go to a mma gym to lern knees . Elbows submissions ...etc . Do you think...
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    is 16 to old for mma?

    I want to start training in mma but all the ufc fighters start when there young I wrestle and do Brazilian jiu jitsu for 2 years But I don't want to waste my time on something that could never happen please help
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    Martial Arts Fitness Stats Test (MMA)?

    I'm currently training to be an MMA fighter. I'm now creating my own Character Stat Sheet, so I'll know which part I can improve on in my training to become better. So, I'm going to undergo some tests on myself and I broke it down into : Strengths, Speed, Cardio, Footwork, Focus, Balance...
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    Would it be smart to fight a black belt in taekwondo and a mma fighter who...

    ...also trained in boxing and bjj? i want to chanlenge my self so what i had in mind is that i would spar my friends at the same time one of them is a black belt in taekwondo and the other is a mma fighter who also trained in boxing and bjj so yeah but i have been in martial arts since i was 4...
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    Question about joining an MMA gym in the summer?

    I'm currently a junior in college. I live at school two hours away from my hometown. I plan on taking Muay Thai and MMA classes at a gym near my home over the summer. But once the Fall semester starts, I'll be going back to school and I won't get to train. Will the instructors be cool with...
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    can someone suggest a good soundtrack for a MMA promo video?

    It has to be upbeat and fast paced.
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    Mma tournaments for youth?

    I'm 13 and want to competein MMA are there any competitions for me in the US
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    does anyone know a mma site that has fights on it?

    I use to go to a site called TKOhub and was able to watch ufc fights the next day or strikeforce, bellator whatever like the FOX 7 fights would love to watch.... I know most fights are pulled pretty quick but does any have a site to watch MMA fights like the next day after the fights if you miss...
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    Best places for Mix Martial Arts (MMA) training in MUmbai?

    I have been training for MMA sometime back but stopped because of geographical relocating. Currently I'm in Mumbai and would like to start my Mix martial training-MMA again. Please list me the places where i can get best MMA training. Also please mention good trainers around. Feel free to...
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    What's the best MMA gym in charleston SC?

    I'll be moving there in about 7 months, which gyms focus on competing? I really just want to get in the ring...
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    Do you think GLORY will take over and move MMA out the spotlight in america?

    Since everybody loves a knockout in ANY sport, and GLORY kickboxing has the highest knock out percentages out of any organization and in my opinion a higher percentage of entertaining fights, do you think it will move UFC out the spotlight?
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    Is blocking a punch with your elbows considered dirty in mma?

    Today I was at MMA practice, and i learned a technique that my dad showed me and it's pretty affective, you have to put both hands in front of your face with both your forearms and elbows closed together, it's kind of like playin Peek-a-Boo except theres a space between your face and your hands...
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    TMA vs MMA? More correctly, combat sports vs non combat sports?

    Which is superior, state your reasons why, I want depth and substance people! As in the title some very old martial arts compete in full contact sports, some compete light contact, some don't. So what are your views on the differences. I want a mature discussion no hate please:) Furthermore! I...
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    I'm a boxer in training and I want to learn mma?

    By learning mma will it better my boxing skills like if I were in a boxing match will I have edge over my opponent?
  20. L

    Matt Thorton MMA pro fighter?

    So my coach told me tht come Monday I have to tell him Matt Thortons 5 fundamentals of fighting but I don't know anything about the guy or what the word means I googled it but tht didn't help much te definition is as confusing as te word so just please help!! People who know him or of him please...