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    Airbus A350 XWB First Flight Video: The Dreamliner's Nightmare Is Real

    What you're looking at here is history; the triumph of seven years of design and engineering. Today, the Airbus A350 XWB completed its first flight. Here's the video of the mammoth taking to the skies: Read more...
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    Every Dad’s Worst Nightmare

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    can the game boy card for the nightmare before christmas tim burton game

    boy advance slot into my ds? becouse I know I have a slot for a game boy in my fds, but could it be for a game boy advance too? as in saying could you put that card in my gameboy slot. sorry for my mistake on fds it was suppsed to be ds.
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    I had a terrifying nightmare. What does it mean?

    I haven't had a nightmare in years but tonight I had one and now because of it, I cannot sleep and I'm super scared and paranoid to fall back asleep. Anyway, I live in a very wooded area and I had a dream that I was walking with my best friend through the woods to get home. We started hearing...
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    Escaping London Olympic Opening Ceremony: Not a travel nightmare

    LONDON — At around 12:15 a.m. London time, the Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony was still ongoing. A few volunteers and cast members from the massive performance made their way through the queue at Stratford International Station, located near the Westfield Shopping Centre and the Olympic Village...
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    Resetting my password on iphone is a nightmare?

    This all started because some loser had nothing better to do than hack my att account. So, I had to go into ATT and change my password which means I had to change it on all my devices with a mail browser. On my iphone, when I try to change my password, it tries to verify and then tells me that...
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    Bed Bath & Beyond Is Apparently A Nuclear Nightmare

    I'm not sure how we haven't heard about this yet, but it seems that*Bed Bath & Beyond (and a lot of other companies) are pedaling, among other things, radiation. As in, nuclear waste. More »Post from: Blisstree
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    Nightmare about my boyfriend leaving me for a guy?

    I'm a girl, and I keep having nightmares about my boyfriend of almost 3 years leaving me for a guy. It starts with him ignoring me for a long time, and I begin to get depressed and wonder what was going on. Then I go on to the internet and I see one of his online profiles, and his style changed...
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    Dream? Premonition? Nightmare? What is your IMMEDIATE response to this poem?

    A dream swollen face, eyes red drunk again I jerked his face with my hand said horrible things shaming him evil and hatred dripped from his eyes it was over his fight our battles my dream
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    Have You Ever Had A Nightmare...?

    So scary, that you couldn't or didn't want to go back to sleep?
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    What does this nightmare mean?

    I am a 17 year old male and still in high school. Although this may not sound scary, it was extremely scary to me. I had a dream I was sleeping in my room. I was asleep, yet I could still see. It was kinda like sleeping with my eyes open and I could still see. So I'm laying there, and this...
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    Awful reoccurring nightmare about me step dad abusing me?

    I constantly have a dream where my step dad is abusing me.... He's never actually hit me before, but he yells and cusses at me a lot, blames things on me, and threatens to hit me.... I wake up in the middle of the night with the shit scared out of me!!! Please help!! I'm 14 btw
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    Nightmare fuel: Zdeno Chara dressed as a rabbit

    You don't have to be Buffy's*Anya Jenkins to find this terrifying: it's Zdeno Chara dressed like a seven-foot-tall pink bunny rabbit. Here he is, flanked by his Boston Bruins teammates during a Halloween-themed visit to the Children's Hospital that somehow turned into*a reenactment of the...
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    The Skeptical Movement as a Dysfunctional Corporation with a Nightmare HR Problem

    Just an idea ... not entirely work safe ... below the fold. Read the rest of this post... | Read the comments on this post...
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    my recurring nightmare?

    I've been having a recurring nightmare for about 2 weeks. Its affecting my sleep and I can't figure out the meaning. Basically I'm sitting in my college class when a VA tech situation starts to happen. Everyone starts screaming for me to do something or to stop him. I leave to try to stop him. I...
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    i had a nightmare one of my friends from high school became a prostitute?...

    ...i havent seen her forever?!? Im in college now, but she left a year before high school graduation. I had just gotten back from study abroad so was out of it...she said she was moving to hawaii, but didnt say why. I remember she seemed like she was pretending she was happy, but I thought i saw...
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    nightmare notes on bells (xylophone)?

    im reallyexcited to start working on the song then i realize ohhh...NO NOTES :( if anybody would be soo kind as to help me figure out the notes for the whole song i would love you :))) THNX <3
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    Does A7X play Save Me at the Nightmare After Christmas Tour?

    It's killing me! I have to see it!
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    has anybody played undead nightmare online for ps3 or xbox?

    have u had the legendary up like perstige if yes, what horses do you unlock trust me i ve tried looking it in the internet but no luck, oh if u have ps3 input ur online id so tat we can play if u dont mind or get mine its A_G_-R-T-2 ok ps3 only ok.
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    Has anyone noticed the house in the Lunesta commercial is the nightmare on

    elm street house? kinda creepy yet funny?