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    I have a 1996 Olympic Baseball signed by the entire Cuban Baseball team with a

    cuban flag on it how much is it? the baseball was given to me by the Cuban Baseball team. They won the Gold medal...My mother in law designes Olympic pins and she is from Columbia. When she met some of the Cuban Team she asked them for a sign ball from the Baseball Team for me becasue of my...
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    Fierce Five lend a hand with fellow Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson?s ?Dancing with the

    The Olympic gold-medal winning Fierce Five helped out a fellow Olympic gold medalist on Monday night, as the U.S. women's gymnastics team made an appearance during Shawn Johnson's "Dancing with the Stars" routine. Johnson and partner Derek Hough made it to the finals of the popular show's...
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    Video: Dog has some fun on one of Olympic Club?s greens

    Happy Thanksgiving! For your viewing pleasure on this glorious Turkey Day, we offer up a video of a Welsh Corgi going nuts on Olympic Club's Cliff Course. Most of us will never get a chance to play one of the most picturesque short courses on the planet, but this dog somehow snuck onto the...
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    Cheer for 2012 Olympic heroes

    The Olympics is finally drawing to a close so it's time to give a cheer for your favorite athlete. If you visit our athlete page (http://sports.yahoo.com/olympics/athletes.html) you can find all the Olympians and the latest news on their London performance. But more importantly you will find...
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    Scary Synchronized Swimmers, And Other Olympic Photo Memes: Hilarity, or Athlete Crue

    Digital cameras are a lot of fun to play with, especially when you're a photographer at the Olympics in London this year. Lightning-fast shutter speeds and laser-focus zoom has allowed for some pretty hilarious photo memes...unless you happen to think they're mean. More »Post from: Blisstree
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    Oscar Pistorius? Olympic run ends on a sour note

    Oscar Pistorius' Olympic run ended on a sour note. The South African who is the first amputee to compete in track and field at the Olympics didn't get a second chance to run. Though he was entered in the 4x400 relay, his teammate was injured before the baton was ever passed. In the opening...
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    Olympic men?s basketball quarterfinal preview: Matchups and players to watch in Wedne

    With the group stage in the rear view mirror, the men's basketball tournament at the 2012 Summer Olympics moves to the knockout stage on Wednesday, with eight teams vying for a slot in the tournament semifinals and a shot at leaving London with a medal. Let's take a look at the players and...
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    Fan in labor misses Jessica Ennis?s Olympic gold, names baby in her honor

    LONDON — Watching Great Britain star Jessica Ennis win gold in the heptathlon at the London Olympics would be an unforgettable moment for any U.K. fan. But Henry and Emily Lee had another unforgettable moment to attend to that night, rather than using their tickets to see Ennis at Olympic...
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    Wait, Olympic Swimmers Cheat…And Get Away With it?

    Olympic swimmer Cameron van der Burgh has not only been accused of cheating during the men's 100-meter breaststroke (which he "won" and set a world record), but he has admitted to it. What's worse than his cheating though is his attitude about the whole thing--and the fact that he's not the only...
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    8% Of Olympic Athletes Suffer Asthma; If They Can Play, So Can You

    According to records from the last five Olympic Games, 8% of Olympic athletes suffer from asthma, making it the most common chronic disease at the games. The data was collected by Australian researchers, who also found that athletes who suffer asthma often out-perform the competition. They're...
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    Afternoon Links: Behind-the-Scenes With Your Favorite Olympic Athletes

    • Your favorite Olympic athletes behind the scenes, courtesy of Twitter and Instagram. (FitSugar) • 9 lessons to learn from a divorce. (YourTango) • Downton Abbey went to the Olympics...and it's pretty adorable. (The Frisky) • Making friends after your twenties is harder than meeting a mate...
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    This Lego Olympic Park Is Just Like the Real Thing [Lego]

    If you're getting bored of technology making the Olympics worse, maybe it's time to give up and build your own version of the games out of Lego. Be warned though: if you do, Warren Elsmore has already done it better than you ever will. More »
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    Olympic Crushes: Swimmers Cameron van der Burgh and Camille Lacourt

    The Olympics may be about peace, camaraderie, sportsmanship and all that stuff. But the other thing they're good for? Alerting us Americans to the fine, fine athletic specimens that other countries boast. Case in point: South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh and France's Camille Lacourt. We'll...
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    Video: Olympic Bloopers and Fails

    We all love the Olympics. Even if you don’t like sports, everyone tunes in every four years to root on their country. If you say you don’t hope your country does well, you’re probably lying. However, the Olympics aren’t all about success. Failure is also a big part of the Olympics. Check out...
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    Chris Paul Preview – 2012 London Olympic Games

    The Americans are lucky to have who many consider to be the best point guard in the entire world: Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers. Although he’s relatively short, he oozes talent. He can pass, shoot, score and defend. He’s also a ferocious leader who absolutely hates to lose. In these...
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    Meatless Monday: 8 Vegetarian Recipes Fit For Olympic Athletes

    Although athletes like Michael Phelps have been known to load up on meat-heavy diets, and London's Olympic Village is filled with a hotly-contested menu of McDonald's burgers and fries, vegetarian and vegan athletes*do exist, even at the Olympics.*For today's Meatless Monday, we're taking a page...
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    U.S. Gymnast Jordyn Wieber Barred From Olympic Finals Despite 4th-Best Score

    Twenty-four women will compete for Olympic gold in this year's individual all-around gymnastic finals. But despite scoring higher than 21 of these women in the qualifying round, Team USA's*Jordyn Weiber will not be one of them. Is this fair? More »Post from: Blisstree
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    Paul McCartney Was Paid How Much for His Olympic Gig?!

    Being the famed musician Paul McCartney*is, the Olympics must have had to shell out the big bucks to get him to perform for the opening ceremony, right? You might be surprised at...
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    When was Olympic archery adulterated by the addition of all the gadgets?

    How well would these guys do with a bare bow? As things stand I cannot hold them the best in the world! Let's keep it simple and equal - Drop the gadgets!
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    How did the butterfly style of swimming originate and why is it an Olympic event?

    It seems like such an unnatural way to swim and takes so much more effort (in my opinion).