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    A car hit my car in a parking lot, and drove off but I have license plate...

    ...and pictures, what can I do? I was in a plaza going straight along the parking lot, when a van entering the plaza turned right as I passed by the entrance. The van hit my car on the front passenger door (very little) and mostly on the back passenger door. We pulled up on the side, and he...
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    Alternative parking around b ocean , Fort Lauderdale?

    We will be staying at b ocean hotel from may 3rd-7th. I've been debating on getting a rental but don't want to pay the $25 valet fee at the hotel. Are there in parking decks near the hotel that we can walk too that's cheaper? Could we get around town comfortably without a car? Any suggestions...
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    Parking lights don't work?

    Parking lights doesn't come on in the front on a 2000 Chevy Blazer. I changed the bulbs and they still don't come on, what can I do to fix it?
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    Need help parking my truck?

    Just got a 2012 F-150 and I'm nervous about parking it...before this I had a for Taurus....tmrw I drive to school...busy parking lot...any advice on how to make it smooth
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    The Parking Bureau taking pictures of car?

    Alright so i was talking to a nice lady (she has a handicap parking here) she uses cane and a walker, anyways she very nice. she told me that this parking officer was taking picture of her car. I was wondering if that even legal to do this is New hampshire. they said she hit the sing and they...
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    Tattle on Parking Jerks with This App to Publicly Shame Them [Video]

    Apparently there's a mild epidemic in Russia where drivers park anywhere they please, including sidewalks or anyplace they can fit their vehicles. So a Russian news website, The Village, has supposedly created an app that lets citizens tattle on these jerks. More »
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    Man beaten by four others in Dodger Stadium parking lot

    Another ugly incident reportedly occurred in the Dodger Stadium parking lots on Sunday night when four men pulled another man from his car and beat him over a minor fender-bender. The alleged attackers, who did not appear to have gang affiliations, were arrested and charged on suspicion of...
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    Parking at Bottom Lounge in Chicago?

    Im going to bottom lounge on a saturday and cant find anything on patking. Has anyone been there? Is it street parling, do they have a garage are there public garages near by or is there any valet? Its important so thanks
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    Honda Civic LX 2005? Both parking & drive lights are on, and my maintenance light...

    Honda Civic LX 2005? Both parking & drive lights are on, and my maintenance light... ...have been on for a week!? My maintenance light came on for a good two week now, and i read the manual to see whats up and it didn't really bother me since my car was running perfectly fine. Then I noticed it...
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    Reverse parking an SUV?

    Any tricks to help me find the "sweet spot" and reverse in one try (its a nissan murano)
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    why do my parking lights work but not my headlights on 1996 Chevrolet 1500?

    I changed the headlight switch and still have the same problem!! I've cheked fuses and bulbs, running lights quit working several months ago.
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    how to install parking sensors on a Renault modus?

    d..i.y instruction to fit reversing sensors to a Modus
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    where can I find a parking light for a 1998 ford louisville box truck?

    we have already tried our local junk yard. If you have a website I can find this on please post it. Thank you.
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    Why do they make parking spots so small nowadays, can barely fit my truck in them?

    The grocery store I work at remodeled the outside of the building and at the same time redesigned the parking lot. The spots are so small that I have to park where a sidewalk is at the front of a spot, then back my truck in letting the bed hang 3 feet over the sidewalk. If I just pull in...
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    Toyota carmy 1999 parking lights staying on?

    The instrument panel and front and back parking lights will not shut off.
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    Why do people complain about handycap parking so much?

    Obviously they need all the extra help they can get? But it seems like they are getting less popular..On campus our circle of friends has handicapped jokes, and last week when a disable kid pull up next to us he said he was going to bash their head in with a rock or something cause she doesn't...
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    My car was hit in a parking garage, I have witness testamonies and picture evidence.?

    Howdy, Unfortunitly my car was hit while parked in a parking garage where I live. A cleaning lady saw the whole incident and took pictures of the car while it was still next to mine. The apartment then called the cops, a sergeant came out and took down the statement from the cleaning lady...
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    Will rear (drum) brakes on 04 Dodge neon maladjust if parking brake cable detaches

    on one side only? As I thought about it, there was never a need to pop the cable out of that linkage which linked it to the rearward brake shoe. I heard somewhere that rear brakes self-adjust whenever the parking brake is applied and I don't see how that would be when I look at the whole...
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    Video: The most amazing, and insane, parking job you’ll ever see

    Don't you just hate it when Porsche drivers go and take up more than one space in a parking lot? Yeah, me too, but in this case, I'm inclined to make an exception: Don't worry about it, bro. My old man's a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix that. Not...
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    Is it a scam if a car's picture on craiglist is taken at some parking lot?

    Rob stop trying to put others down just to make yourself feel better