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    Watch Peyton Manning singing Folsom Prison Blues because you need to (Video)

    Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is a man of many talents. He's a pretty good football player, a gifted pitchman, and even a conductor of the University of Tennessee's band. Did you know that the man can sing, too? Well, sort of. He showed off his singing skills at the Celebration of...
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    Peyton Manning Practical Joke on Eric Decker

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    Peyton Manning, stifling defense spur Broncos to 34-14 win over the Saints

    That Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was able to return from multiple neck surgeries just to play this season figures to make him a popular, if not unanimous choice for the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year. Manning's on-field performance has him squarely in the discussion for the NFL...
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    Peyton Manning shows the work still to be done in home opener

    Football isn't just a team game; it's also a game of communication and repetition. You can put a Hall of Fame quarterback together with a group of talented receivers, but until everyone's on the same page, individual pedigrees don't really matter. This was very evident in the Denver Broncos'...
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    Peyton Manning in a Bronco uniform is just fine with Philip Rivers

    It's near impossible to predict how the AFC West is going to shake out in 2012. The Broncos are led by a legend whose head is currently resting on a gigantic question mark, the Chargers seem philosophically opposed to fulfilling their potential, and almost nothing would be surprising from the...
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    Pete Carroll discovered that Peyton Manning does not like surprises

    It must be said that through the process that eventually landed him in Denver, Peyton Manning was about as un-Favre-like as a future Hall of Fame quarterback could. Far from #4's offseason attention jags, Manning went as under the radar as possible. He conducted a workout for the San Francisco...
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    John Fox confirms: Broncos will run their offense Peyton Manning?s way

    The Denver Broncos received a great deal of justified praise for scrapping their traditional NFL offense and going with an option-variety set of schemes once Tim Tebow took over. By bending to Tebow's strengths and limitations, John Fox's team won a playoff game after a 1-4 start in Fox's first...
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    Peyton Manning Picks Denver Broncos

    Peyton Manning is about to have a new home. The legend formerly of the Indianapolis Colts has decided what team he wants to play for next: the Denver Broncos. While the contract details still need to be hammered out, insiders expect that it will get done within a few days. For the Broncos, this...
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    What's your prediction on Peyton Mannings stats this season?

    Tds? Yds? Ints?
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    Do you think Peyton Manning will be traded to the Cowboys next year?

    Now their have been rumors saying that if the Colts get the first round draft pick that they would pick Andrew Luck, which everybody from espn saying that if it happens their would be a good chance Peyton Manning would want to be traded, and lets face it I think he would want to go to a team to...
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    whos better tom brady or drew brees or vick or rogers or peyton or eli manning?

    for me i think peyton and brady are the best but rogers is good to yeah you guys are right vick shouldent be on here and eli but Tom Brady is the best
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    Cam Newton breaks Peyton Manning’s first-game rookie passing yardage record

    On Sept. 6, 1998, the Indianapolis Colts welcomed the Miami Dolphins to what was then the RCA Dome to see their new quarterback, first overall pick Peyton Manning. At the end of the game, Manning had thrown 21 completions in 37 attempts for 302 yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions. It...
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    Totally unconfirmed report: Peyton Manning may need additional surgery

    When we say this report is "totally unconfirmed," what we mean is that A) the Colts have not confirmed anything, B) the player has not confirmed anything, and C) before Sunday night, I had not actually heard of the radio guy who broke the story. So this thing is just incredibly unconfirmed...
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    Serious question (not a QB rant). Could Peyton win a 5th MVP in 2011?

    The Colts played with 17 players on injured reserve. Despite throwing to rookie receivers, being supported by walk on players, and an aging offensive line. Despite being without Collie (amazing what this kid has accomplished off the bench), Clark and Gonzo. Despite having one of the worst...
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    If Jason Witten was pounding Eli do you think Peyton would help his brother or laugh?

    Or Kick him too??? They are close? Like... gay??? I had no idea! wow I didn't even know the Cowboys were in the playoffs or the Giants for that matter! I bet your a die hard fan! But they beat us huh? What were you smoking??? Giants suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Peyton even know it!
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    peyton manning or joe flacco this week for fantasy football?

    wanna know which one to put in for my team
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    Buy only $21.99 in nfl jerseys online store, super price and super quality as following: Features: 1. The front and back body is a newly developed diagonal pattern 2-tone flat tricot mesh 2. Body: 100% 5 oz nylon diamond back mesh 3. Sleeve: 100% 5 oz nylon dazzle mesh 4...
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    What do you think of peyton manning's whining about the new position of the refs?

    all the rule changes of the past several years have given the offenses more and more of an advantage. I'm glad a rule change has come along that begins to level the playing field. will manning's inability to rely on the quick snap gimmick hurt his stats this year, or will he quit whining and...
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    How much money did Peyton Manning make in his rookie season with the

    Indianapolis Colts? I'm seeking this information over a debate between Leaf and Russell (go figure, right?)
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    How much is my collectors edge Peyton Manning rookie card worth?

    I have searched but all the ones that look like mine have him set left where you cant see the football and you can see it in mine.