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    Father's Day: Find Out How Stars Are Celebrating Their Proud Papas!

    How are celebs celebrating Father's Day this weekend? "I hope she has something planned," superhot Hollywood dad Eric Dane told us of wife Rebecca Gayheart. "Hopefully I...
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    Poll: Would your parents be proud of you if you managed to log onto YA from a Zenith?

    television made in 1981?
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    Cheerful women are not associated with leadership qualities — but proud ones are

    To increase their share of leadership positions, women are expected to tick a range of boxes – usually demonstrating improved negotiation skills, networking strengths and the ability to develop a strategic career ladder. “But even these skills are not enough,” maintains Professor Isabell Welpe...
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    I am an American woman and I am proud?

    that I am born and raised here. My gripe is that lately I have felt unwelcome in my own country. Last time I felt that way I had the opportunity to travel abroad twice. And it seemed to help. That option is unavailable until the summer. What can I do until...
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    I am proud of you all for defending my right to have a handheld device that

    is designed to kill people? I am proud of you all, for defending the severly outdated Second Amendment from people who wish to desecrate it like Liberals or People with Morals -Tea Party Conservative Patriot
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    I am proud to be part of the LGBT even though I am just a guy who is sexual outdoors?

    Someday I hope when I am doing someone outdoors you guys will accept me into your culture Ty.
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    Have you ever met a christian who was quite proud of the fact he disrespected

    another religion? A righteous man who from this area brags about the disrespect he showed muslims in their own country when he was over there working for a contractor. I wonder why no one shot him? Perhaps because most muslims are peaceful just as most christians are.
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    who is proud of roger federer?

    I love roger to the death. although he is getting old, he stilll plays great and in his prime he is the best player ever! hope to see him winning more titles ahead.
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    NRHH: How many tickets (getting reported) did you recieve from Da Proud Homo Thug

    Report Police and his clones? Ugh :-/ It's annoying. Especially the clones now that supposed to be his brother and sister I think one day. I didn't even do anything, even he used to drive the LGBT section crazy. BQ: Why do a lot of people like to diss the Wii game system so much or some of you...
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    Proud Pop David Beckham Announces Baby Girl's Name!

    Ready to find out Posh Spice Jr.'s official name? Following the birth of his and Victoria Beckham's daughter Sunday, David Beckham hit Facebook to share the name of his first...
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    Poll: I am not proud of my race?

    I do not like being black. Is this a common feeling?
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    What do you think about this picture of the rumored imfamous Proud Asian Guy? He is very imfamous on the western cosplayers community because he is spearheading the anti western cosplayers movement including on the net. Many of the racist western cosplayers said he is not Asian and he is ugly, disgusting, etc so do you agree : - He is...
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    I dreamed that I had a pet elephant. I was very proud of this elephant. It loved... very much and would get...? ...very sad when ever I had to leave. Because of it's sadness it would spray me with a tidal wave a water when ever I was leaving to try and get me to stay. What does this mean?
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    If God exists, do you think he's proud of us, or do you think he laughs at our folly?

    If I was a God, I would probably die laughing at what we've done to the earth: It's like one giant politically correct circus/chain of malls with dangerous nukes to break things up. Perhaps that's why he no longer chooses to intercede, because he's laughed himself into a coma?
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    proud owner of new 2010 dodge charger sxt 3.5 liter 5000 miles so far -- i have?

    finally figured out that there is a change in performance of the transmission with great acceleration in all gears first thing in morning with cold engine, then a sudden drop off in torque and acceleration in 2nd and 3rd gears after driving anywhere from 3---15 miles. Is this the torque...
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    The Saddest Part Of The Whole iPhone 4 Antenna Fiasco Is How Proud Steve Jobs Was Whe

    Apple's iPhone 4 Antennagate rolls on, with the question now, What is Apple going to do about this? Is it going to let it blow over? More »
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    Question for guys--are you proud to introduce your friends to your friend w/benefits?

    I'm just average looking. I have a great personality & I'm smart. I'm just a friend w/benefits. Are guys embarrased to have their male friends meet their friend w/benefits and why? Thanks.
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    Is it possible to love someone but not proud of them? I loved my bf but is

    I feel like, if you really loved him, all that stuff wouldn't matter and you would be proud to introduce him to any and everyone. So I think you should reevaluate your feelings for him. Also, if you don't love him, don't just settle because you don't think you can do any better or you are scared...
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    Does your religion make u proud?

    Or are you embarrassed by it? Does it make you feel good, your faith?? Which, do you think is the most acceptable religion??
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    We Filipinos, are we suppose to be proud of being # 1 service provider for blue

    collar jobs around the world? Is that sign inferiority?