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    Any ideas of a new Sci-fi book to read?

    Just finished reading Stephen King's under the Dome. In the novel, I really liked how everything was ordinary until some catalytic event (The Dome) changed everything but at the same time they didnt know what the Dome was. I guess I'm kind of looking for another Sci-fi Mystery type novel...
  2. K

    What are the best scifi movies involving astronauts and space travel in your opinion?

    i already seen apollo 13, and apollo 18. 13 was pretty good, 18 was disappointing. So tell me what your favorite scifi movies involving the topics of astronauts and space travel. a;so, please no kid movies, and dont mention any of the alien movies or Prometheus. As ive watched these numerous...
  3. C

    Muscles and weight in sci-fi?

    For example if a character is super strong and durable but his body only weights 176 lbs which any human could lift or tilt him but if he clenches his muscles in his body pushing downward does the resistance to his body changes ? Could in that case a human lift him or tilt him if he is pushing...
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    Working on a Sci-Fi novel, what do you think of the plot?

    I've started writing a science fiction novel,but I would like you to know your opinion on the story so far. I'll just give you a short summary of the story. "In the year 3013 mankind has achieved time-travel. Thanks to this new technology mankind has began repopulating the earth with extinct...
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    Can you recommend me a sci-fi book?

    Hey I love Skulduggery Pleasant, I am number four and the Gone books. Can you recommend me any sci-fi books? Especially ones where people have super natural/magical powers Thanks(:
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    Why do Christians focus on L Ron Hubbard being a sci-fi writer, when the Bible

    is written by goat herders? Goat herders that were savage and barbaric towars one anothger, just letting their thetans run lose. When have woman been burnt at the stake or people enslaved in the name of Scientology? Never. And if your bible is so morally right, why don't we still follow every...
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    What are some good sci-fi movies/tv shows?

    I've really gotten into science fiction lately, for example Doctor who. Does anyone know any good sci-fi movies or tv shows?
  8. Q

    Any good sci-fi tv shows like revolution, lost, falling skies, and walking dead?

    Also tell me how many season are there so far whether there are finish or still comming on
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    What sci-fi movie is this?

    My mom was watching this on television years ago. I know hardly anything about it, sorry. ^^' It was a sci-fi movie about men hiding in the woods. They were either rogue soldiers or aliens disguising themselves as human soldiers. In one shot, a real human soldier runs past a tree. The viewer...
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    Which sci-fi book am I thinking of? Tripods?

    We read it in middle school a long time ago. It is about a group of people who escaped from the alien "Tripods" that walked around in giant 3-legged machines and the people are trying to find shelter or something. The tripods know where they are constantly because of metal-plated tracking...
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    Should Quentin Tarantino do a sci-fi fantasy?

    Isn't it strange that one of the leading directors in Hollywood hasn't made a single movie in hollywood's pet sci-fi fantasy genre like 'Dark Knight', 'Man of Steel', 'Avengers' etc. Look at the wonders it did to Christopher Nolan. Do you think it's time that Tarantino should also venture...
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    Easy, Cheap Sci-fi cosplay? What's considered Sci-fi?

    A friend and I are going to the upcoming DragonCon in Atlanta Georgia and if possible I'd like to cosplay. I've been told it's kind of like a sci-fi convention(because before someone lied to me and told me it was an anime convention). The only problem is that I don't know too many sci-fi...
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    Good tv series that are worth watching preferably sci-fi?

    Hey im currently done watching every single episode released for supernatural , revolution and falling skies. I want a tv series that is either , a post apocalyptic world/a group of people trying to help other people just because they know they are doing the right thing. or anything similar to...
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    Fantasy or sci-fi, which one do you like better?

    What's your favorite movie from the one you pick?
  15. J

    PS3 Sci-Fi Games like the RaC series?

    I absolutely LOVED the RaC (Ratchet and Clank) Franchise, and as suggested during the release of RaC:A4O, it's sadly coming to a end, leaving it's mark with one final game that was ultimately a bigger let down than Sonic 06's controls and glitchy gameplay. And now that all I have is 3 RaC games...
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    How can I make my Sci-Fi novel more futuristic?

    I started writing my debut novel a couple months ago and it is a young adult science fiction novel. It does take place in the future but I tried to steer clear of the typical things used in other Sci-Fi novels like Hunger Games and Divergent. However my novel is turning out more like an...
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    Together, do Mass Effect, Star Wars, and Star Trek make up the "big three" in sci-fi?

    Together, do Mass Effect, Star Wars, and Star Trek make up the "big three" in sci-fi? There use to be a "big two" in sci-fi, but now it seems like Mass Effect has made it into the "big three", even having its own movie in production. Many people consider one of the other to be better than the...
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    I need help in starting a 2D animated sci-fi webseries?

    I'm looking for a cheap and affordable online animation company where they could do the work for me without me having to totally empty my pockets.
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    any good suggestion about a sci-fi movie in space about aliens possessing people?

    kinda like dead space but only its not a game but a movie.
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    Do you know any sci-fi novels about fairy?

    I just wish to know if there are any science fiction or science fantasy fictions about fairies.