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    Car fans Tuners vs Muscles vs Exotics picture this scenario your trying to out run

    a nuke 1 minute head start? 1 minute head start nothing but straight road in a desert indiana Jones crystal skull nuke scene got me thinking this lol. I know most will probably pick Muscle in this situation because there known for there acceleration drag races are straight road races. Also tell...
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    Car Fans tuners vs muscles vs Exotics picture this Scenario your trying to...

    ...out run a nuke 30 second head start? 30 second head start nothing but straight road in a desert indiana Jones crystal skull nuke scene got me thinking this lol. I know most will probably pick Muscle in this situation because there known for there acceleration drag races are straight road...
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    Muscles and weight in sci-fi?

    For example if a character is super strong and durable but his body only weights 176 lbs which any human could lift or tilt him but if he clenches his muscles in his body pushing downward does the resistance to his body changes ? Could in that case a human lift him or tilt him if he is pushing...
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    Gene Thought To Make Heart Tissues Turns Out To Make Blood And Muscles As Well

    New research out of the Lillehei Heart Institute at the University of Minnesota shows that by turning on just a single gene, Mesp1, different cell types including the heart, blood and muscle can be created from stem cells. The study was published in the journal Cell Stem Cell. "Previous research...
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    Barefoot hiking and back muscles?

    I just did 2 miles on a trail with no shoes the other day. Most people know that your calves get a big workout, but my lower back is feeling it too. Is this common? Does walking barefoot strengthen your lower back?
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    can i develop muscles with low muscle tone?

    i have a condition where i have very low muscle tone and im wondering if i can develop muscle ??? soo does having low muscle tone prevent muscle from forming..????
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    The Stoner Channel: The Science of Smoke, Why Tan Buds Are Happy Buds, and MUSCLES! [

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    unable to flex muscles after workout?

    It has now been at least an hour since my last workout at the gym, and my biceps feel very weak. I can't flex my biceps at all (i can easily lift my arm, but when trying to flex my bicep, it just feels limp, and doesn't contract properly). This is my second week at the gym since i started again...
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    2013 Ford Explorer Sport muscles up with 350+ turbocharged horsepower

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    Can I work out/Bike if muscles are still sore?

    I started to work out last weekend. Since Thursday, I've been so sore in my shoulders, chest and forearms. Today it has gotten better, and almost not there, but can I work out now, or should I wait until it's completely healed? Also, what about the same about biking? If ride 20 miles in a day...
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    This Is Why You Should Work Out: Aging Muscles In Triathletes vs. Sedentary People

    The above images are quadriceps MRI scans of a 74-year-old sedentary man, and a 74-year-old male triathlete. The difference in muscle mass is astounding, and according to a new study, they're proof that you don't have to lose muscle mass as you age. Pretty good reason to work out, right? The...
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    Hurting muscles on arm?

    Today I was working out lifting weights doing curls I just started and after the work out when i hold my left arm out straight it looks like im flexing and it hurts alot
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    Mouse Model Shows That Generating Energy From Sugar Leads To Fitter Muscles And Incre

    Muscle performance and fitness are partly determined by how well your muscle cells use sugar as a fuel source. In turn, exercising improves the muscle's ability to take up sugars from the bloodstream and burn them for energy. On the flip side, conditions that reduce physical activity -- such as...
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    What muscles do you use to lift a bike?

    I currently work out my biceps every day and i still find bunny hopping on my bike troubling. It's probably just the way i'm doing it but i'm curious if lifting the bike is more focused on the triceps or another muscle which i'm not working out. Which muscles are primarily used when bunny...
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    How to get rid of tight neck/chest muscles?

    I had an anxiety attack a few days ago..went to ER they did tests and said I was fine. But I have tense neck muscles and shoulder muscles, that feels like its putting pressure down on my chest if I relax them.
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    Will biking a lot get you more leg muscles?

    The other day I was shaving and I've been biking a lot lately and my legs seems more toned and muscley feeling lol.
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    Bioengineers Reprogram Muscles To Combat Degeneration

    Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have turned back the clock on mature muscle tissue, coaxing it back to an earlier stem cell stage to form new muscle. Moreover, they showed in mice that the newly reprogrammed muscle stem cells could be used to help repair damaged tissue...
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    Study Explains Why Muscles Weaken With Age And Points To Possible Therapy

    Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have discovered the biological mechanism behind age-related loss of muscle strength and identified a drug that may help reverse this process. Their findings were published in the August 2 online edition of Cell Metabolism. As we grow older, our...
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    What is a good small machine or gadget for training your muscles at home?

    I want an alternative to the traditional bench and irons because I don't have enough room at home I need a small machine or whatever that does not take too much space
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    I would like to get bigger muscles?

    Does anyone know the quickest way to build more muscle without doing steroids?